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Will you vote for Nick?

Cleggmania rules on the TV - but will it make you switch to Lib-Dem?

Published on April 29th 2010.

Will you vote for Nick?

THOSE Leader Debates eh? Suddenly as if by magic, two becomes three.

Nick Clegg, if you believe the hype, has beaten Gordon Brown and David Cameron over the two debates we've had so far. "The other one", ridiculed at Prime Minister's Questions is being seen in a whole new light. He has displayed sang froid when necessary but a bit of passion too. From the joker in the pack he's become the man with all the aces in his favour.

On policy, aside from his wacky zonal immigration plan, many papers say he has probably winged it with his talk on constitutional reform, banking, the economy, education and health. With his pay rises for the lower ranks of the Armed Services he might also have won out on defence.

Critics, like Labour's Alastair Campbell, say the manufactured "Cleggmania" in the right-wing press is just a way of deflecting attention away from their own boy, David Cameron, and his dismal performance on what has become the Thursday night X-Factor.

For the Leaders Debates have many detractors, it is said they are no more than a personality contest. Yes, which is why Margaret Thatcher would have no truck with them.

But are they being a bit naive? Isn't politics all about charisma?

Think Obama, think Blair rather than Brown. When Churchill 110 years ago campaigned for Parliament in Oldham, he would get a 1,500 capacity crowd to turn up regularly to the main theatre to listen to him. His rivals got a couple of hundred. Shouldn't we want our leaders to be 'big' characters? Aren't the best people to run the country always so?

Clegg might be a long way from that level of charisma, but his perceived success is placing doubt in the minds of long-standing voters of Labour and the

My brain's the biggest - lookTories. While all bets are off on hell freezing over before Tories achieve any prominence in Merseyside, it could yet be a different story with the Labour/Lib Dem split, but are we just looking at "Cameron Lite" (and in turn is Cameron merely Blair Lite)?

As we all know, if Clegg can get more people to move that X they've always placed in the Labour box, based on what people have heard from him or a whim, then we could be in for interesting times.

Forget the local elections which have kept the Lib Dems in power by a thread in Liverpool, and look at the bigger picture for a moment.

Will you swap your vote based on the personality of one individual? Or, for you, is voting a political party into power a matter of life or death (literally, if you look at our recent foreign policy) that needs to be considered with utmost gravitas? Or, is it the sincerity of your constituency candidate that gets your endorsement.

Whatever it is, vote, vote on the home page.

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12 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

SocialistApril 27th 2010.

As a socialist, I have no idea who to vote for. Can somebody please help?

MerseymikeApril 27th 2010.

I'd never vote purely on personality - Clegg appears to me to be essentially a moderate Tory, and I want something more towards the left to support

MerseymikeApril 27th 2010.

I'd never vote purely on personality - Clegg appears to me to be essentially a moderate Tory, and I want something more towards the left to support

MerseymikeApril 27th 2010.

I'd never vote purely on personality - Clegg appears to me to be essentially a moderate Tory, and I want something more towards the left to support

WagApril 27th 2010.

There is a school of thought that Liverpool has been largely ignored by the Labour government because of its Lib Dem rule (ie Storey) over 10 years. Now we are faced with the prospect of a Lib Dem government and a Labour Council, so therefore nothing will change except there will be two sets of inexperienced hands

AndyApril 27th 2010.

Liverpool has been totally transformed over the last ten years - no local council is perfect, but the stuff that Storey and the Lib Dems have presided over for the city is pretty evident. Council tax cut, public services vastly improved, Capital of Culture, huge private investment, vastly improved reputation, huge amount of jobs created.... I'm pretty impressed and thanks to Clegg and Cable will be switching my vote from labour to the libdems. Just my opinion though!

Kronstadt1921April 27th 2010.

I'll be spoiling my ballot paper instead of voting for the 'least worst' option and legitimising our arrogant, power-hungry, careerist political elite.

AnonymousApril 27th 2010.

What jobs created?

Charlotte StreetApril 27th 2010.

It seems to me that Clegg and Cable need to take the Dettol and a wire brush to the extremities of their party.

kenny proudApril 27th 2010.

I cannot vote for Clegg because that would be a vote for Colin Eldridge, and no way is my tax going to fund his job.

vote GreenApril 27th 2010.

Socialist says..“ As a socialist, I have no idea who to vote for.If you live in Croxteth there is a Socialist candidate Kai Anderson. Otherwise vote Green there is a candidate in EVERY ward (unlike the Lib Dems and Liberals) The Greens want a living wage of £8.10, build Council Housing, oppose NHS Privatisation, create 1 million Green jobs. http://www.greenparty.org.uk/

Trending topicsApril 27th 2010.

Nick Clegg praised Thatcher in an article in the Spectator. He will not get my vote.

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