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Will you vote?

To vote or not to vote, that is the vote

Published on April 7th 2010.

Will you vote?

It's that time again. Now that the General Election has been called for Thursday 6 May, residents have only until 5pm on Tuesday 20 April, to ensure they are on the electoral register. Local Elections are also taking place on May 6, but you will not be able to vote in either election unless you're on the electoral register.

That is of course if you want to vote.

Perhaps you're one of the 48.1 per cent of people in Liverpool's Riverside who didn't vote in the last General Election. You might be so disillusioned with all of our political parties that you refuse to support any of them. Abstinence from voting in this situation can be seen as a protest vote – it's a refusal to back a party that doesn't speak for you or address your concerns. A no-vote may be an invisible vote but at least you know you haven't compromised your beliefs, right?

Or perhaps it's all a done deal. Suppose you like David Cameron. OK, bear with us, this is hypothetical. What's the point of turning out to mark your X next to a Conservative candidate? You live in Liverpool remember. Hell will freeze over before you get your Tory. Unless you move.

Or perhaps you're just disorganised. You forgot to register. You registered but you're on holiday and haven't arranged a postal vote. You registered, you're in the country, but when it came to it, you'd rather go home and watch them voting in EastEnders than make that trek to the polling station after work.

Or would you move mountains in order to vote? For you voting is one of the fundamental processes in the development of a healthy democracy and we're lucky that we're able to have our say. Think of people around the world who are silenced by tyrannical dictatorships. They would if they could, but they can't. You can. People who don't vote disgust you.

If you want to vote in this election then make sure that you are registered by no later than 20th April. If you want to vote by post then e-mail elections@liverpool.gov.uk and we sill send you an application form. Return your application as soon as possible but by no later than 5pm on 20th April.

Will you be voting this year?

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17 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Sorry but no I won'tApril 7th 2010.

I will not be voting. I do not like my MP, although mine is a Labour person and I vote Labour. On a personal level, my MP is completely bent and self serving and I cannot vote to keep this person in two homes, the one here being lavish on taxpayers money.

AnonymousApril 7th 2010.

Stop trying to skew the vote you baastards

AnonymousApril 7th 2010.

Don't forget the tory hell when you are sitting there farting on the sofa. Askyer mam

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

New Labour isn't Labour. They're not about redistribution of wealth which was the entire premise for the establishment of the party in the first place. All they've done for the past decade or more is borrow more and more without any thought of repaying except by further borrowing. I wouldn't mind if the other lot showed any signs of competence but they just grumble on aimlessly. I despair.

Let George Do ItApril 7th 2010.

So you're going to self-righteously sit on your hands like the yanks did in 1939, 1940 and 1941 and let the Nazis take full advantage?

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

Which Nazis are those? The general public is far less tolerant of immigrants, homosexuals and crime than our legislators - if we had referendums on the matters which concern ordinary people we'd have public floggings, hangings and legalised hate. The main parties are mendacious and inept but hardly Fascist.

American in LiverpoolApril 7th 2010.

I wish I could vote. I've lived here 4 years but can't have a say. Understandable in terms of national and international legislation, but I want to feel a part of it, you know? Want to get swept away in the arguments and debates, rather than meekly hiding under the "why bother?" banner.

Broken BritainApril 7th 2010.

I'm sure there's an entire swathe of people in Liverpool who would let you have their votes because they certainly cannot be arsed themselves. This is why the Lib Dems always get in, which in turn is the reason why the city has been snubbed by the Labour government for so long.

JoanApril 7th 2010.

Of course I will be voting! I can't even imagine the level of brain-numbing apathy needed not to vote - oh, and not voting is in no way a "vote of no confidence", it's just slack. If you don't like the parties on offer, then start one! be an activist, stand as an independent - DO SOMETHING - but certainly don't just sit there like a chump and the spend the next five years whining because you don't like whoever gets in.Oh, and also, I don't want to hear even one more berk telling me "it's time for a change" in a droney I-can't-think-for-myself way! The only change I want to see in Riverside is that people get off their a*ses and go and VOTE!

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

Ok Let George, it is a shame that the BNP achieved a seat in Europe but what does that say about the alternatives? If I want a savvy, competent MP who will represent the informed wishes of the majority of her/his constituents, what can I do? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. I'll be "represented" by a wet-behind-the-ears idealist who's never had a proper job in her life and knows and cares nothing of the life and circmstances of me and my neighbours. She'll face opponents who know they have no chance of being elected, sent by parties which have bigger fish to fry. I recently saw that someone I know joined a Facebook group called "I've Never Voted Tory and Never Will" - this is the standard of informed debate around here and that's why we end up with the absolute rubbish representing us in Dale St, Westminster and Brussels. There are no marginal seats round here, my vote will be wasted whether I cast it or not.

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

p.s. I did vote in the European poll because I wanted to oppose Griffin who might not have been a shoo-in like the Gordon and Mandy Chorus Line we have this time.

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

I did. This election isn't the same as the Euro one.

Let George Do ItApril 7th 2010.

No, but you could help keep a "wet behind the ears" dogmatist who's never had a proper job in his life (i.e., Cameron) out of No.10.

Can't and won'tApril 7th 2010.

I cannot bring myself to vote. I DO NOT LIKE the candidates. Where does that leave me?

Old MoneyApril 7th 2010.

To which of Cameron's stated policies do you object most? He really isn't a dogmatist and unless you're just being blindly loyal to a Labour party which no longer exists you'd see that in an instant. I'll agree he's a bit wet though.

KnowledgeableApril 7th 2010.

Did Nick Clegg really win the debate last night or is that just more media spin from pundits on certain newspspers with a Tory agenda to cover up the fact that Cameron was so woeful a flop? I hear there were big rows in some broadsheet newsrooms last night.

Mr SpoonsApril 7th 2010.

No I won't.

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