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What type of Mathew Street Festival-goer are you?

Quiz: Where will you be when the big weekend comes around? In the gutter or looking at the stars?

Published on August 7th 2012.

What type of Mathew Street Festival-goer are you?

Your favourite band is
a) The Beatles
b) Oasis
c) It's all a Blur 

Your favourite alcoholic drink is
a) Whisky and Coke
b) White Ace 
c) Handbag Smirnoff

Here Comes...
a) ..The Sun King
b) ... Yer ma
c) ...The kerb

What shoes do you wear?
a) Cuban heeled Chelsea boots
b) Good old Adidas
c) Shhhadazzle gold heels until 5.30pm. Then go barrrrre on the cobbles!

Got To Get You Into My...
a) ...Life
b) ...Police van
c) ...Toilet cubicle

Knockin' on Heaven's door is
a) A song by Bob Dylan
b) A song by Guns n Roses
c) Something you do outside Flares after closing time

What makes a perfect festival?
a) Three feet of mud, magic mushrooms and a lighter in hand as Macca comes on to do Hey Jude at the end. "All sway the one way!"
b) Three feet of kebab wrappers and a "Gary" you got for £12 from Dazz in the Ford Focus, which looks like the Prozac your dad takes.
c) Three cases of out-of-date WKD that you won in a raffle at Your Kid's school church fair.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung visited Mathew St in a dream. He said: "Liverpool is the pool of...
a) ..."Tears, crying for the day..."
b) ...Life
c) ...Sick

Your favourite hairstyle is
a) A mop top, of course
b) Number one, just like The Rutles song
c) Long, but off my face. A bit like me

Mostly As - Good stereotype: Congratulations, you go to the Mathew Street Festival for all the right reasons. You know every Beatles lyric and fully embrace the day, the people, the Pool and Allan Williams. Why bother with artificial stimulants when All You Need is Love?

Mostly Bs - Bad stereotype: You wouldn't miss Mathew Street Festival if it wasn't there. Nor would your pitbull, Kruger. You'd doubtless be causing trouble somewhere else. You like to get "into the zone" early and by 6pm you'll be strutting your fine hairless chest for all the lucky girls. Here Comes the Sun? Clatter towards those hills, ladies.

Mostly Cs - Ugly stereotype: Let's face it, you don't really handle the world without getting into a bit of a mess, do you? That's why there's an emergency dentist on standby for you and your mates every bank holiday. You are looking forward to Mathew Street this year as you claim you have never been before. Truth of the matter is, you've been for the last six years. You just have trouble remembering it.

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38 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CharlesAugust 7th 2012.

I'm the sort who specifically books a ticket to ride as far away as possible and have done for the past 10 years. Although I appreciate many people come here and love it. They can rent my flat if they like.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 8th 2012.

Yes Please!

Darth FormbyAugust 7th 2012.

I'm a no-goer too.

Jim McCabeAugust 7th 2012.

Here we go again, folks. Hey, did you know the Beatles came from Liverpool. We're great, aren't we, la? All together now, we all live in a heritage theme park...

1 Response: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 8th 2012.

You should be as proud as people in Stratford are about Shakespeare.

Andy MeliaAugust 7th 2012.

There was a time (70s - 80's) when people like me were trying to get get the city to at least acknowledge The Fabs in some way, if not actually capitalise on the fact. The city fathers were conservative old farts and it didn't happen. Eventually they realised (belatedly) there was dosh to be made and went for it. If you don't like The Beatles, fine, keep away. But if like me, who was too young to see them perform, to be able to hear all their albums played live, it's well...wonderful. Remember, they split 42 years ago and still there is a demand to listen to their work. Now tell me of any other 'Pop Star'(s) who will still be in such demand 40 years from now? Apart from Lady Gaga of course.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 8th 2012.

Well said!

Absinthe & TurksAugust 9th 2012.

Mozart's very popular hundreds of year after his death. Just because Salzburg's streets aren't full of vomiting drunks...

John BurnsAugust 7th 2012.

Spot on, Andy!

Jim McCabeAugust 7th 2012.

Andy, I love the Beatles' music as much as anyone else. And, yes, there is a civic pride in the fact that a local band changed the face of pop music. However, the Mathew Street festival should be forward-looking, not a nostalgia fest. Use the Beatle legacy to showcase at least some of today's local acts (taking in rap & hip-hop as well as pop/rock).

I was in New York a week after the 30th anniversary of Lennon's death & what struck me was the way in which the Beatle/Lennon influence over there was seen as a springboard & influence for younger acts.

I've said for some years now that Mathew Street should be a proper music festival, not a dreary & depressing parade of "tribute" bands.

AnonymousAugust 7th 2012.

It is an embarrassment

AnonymousAugust 7th 2012.

I see the Olympic spirit hasn't quite gripped the usual old glum arses on here? Evidence would suggest that the festival seems quite popular and keeps the wheels turning, revenue wise?

AnonymousAugust 7th 2012.

Why can you not express an opinion without being called a glum arse? The reason this city never moves forward is because there are too many people determined to keep it in the past. Jim McCabe's observation and idea seems pretty valid from where I'm sat.

You say "Evidence would suggest that the festival seems quite popular and keeps the wheels turning, revenue wise?" This dreadful heritage theme park mentality is bad enough, but MS Festival is a far from pretty spectacle.

Andy MeliaAugust 8th 2012.

When the Royal Phil Orchestra plays Mozart, say, are they a tribute band?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 8th 2012.

Mozart has endured all this time because people still perform his work, same will happen with Beatles long after we are all pushing up the daisies. Phil are paying tribute to Mozart, so yes they are a tribute band

MinimAugust 9th 2012.

No because they don't dress up to look like Mozart.

AnonymousAugust 9th 2012.

Good point, Minim

Liverpool LouAugust 9th 2012.

Phil do lots of Beatles shows including Lennon songbook which is returning due to popular demand. They know good music when they hear it!

WagAugust 8th 2012.

No Andy, they are artists. An alehouse chancer calling themselves Amy Housewine is not doing anyone any favours

Jd MoranAugust 8th 2012.

Why can you not express an opinion without being called a glum arse? You can, but if you express glum arse opinions, the label will stick!

I would agree that there should be a strong element to the festival which is forward-looking. That is what the fringe is for, is it not? It offers a viable alternative for those who aren't into nostalgia fests or tribute bands and it also gives our many visitors here for the main festival and/or Beatles Week the chance to check out contemporary sounds from in and around Liverpool. I doubt a lot of these visitors would be enticed to travel all that way were it not for the main attractions of the festival, yet while they are here they can see more than just blasts from the past.

I am sure, it being the Bank Holiday, there will be other independent events taking place too which make no mention of the Beatles, take PÄRK at Camp and Furnace for example.

It strikes me that a lot of the people who complain at the content of the Mathew Street Festival, don't even bother to look beyond the tribute acts to see what else is going on.

Throughout the year also, there is plenty of emphasis on the up-and-coming in terms of music e.g. Sound City, Music Week, International Pop Overthrow and for anyone who missed the excellent first date on Saturday, why not get yourselves down to the FestEVOL Gardens at the Kazimier and Garden this Saturday?

Liverpool LouAugust 8th 2012.

so many people come from all over the world to enjoy this in a city that can hold its own against any European city. The moaners have the option to stay away, there will be loads of other things to do. I intend to go and enjoy it, you carry on moaning if it makes you 'happy'.All you need is Love P.S. the world is not just for young cool people we all have our place! Why is anonymous anonymous??? Jim why don't you go to Creamfields or one of the many festivals for younger people. Mathew st festival is and should remain for Beatle Heads.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Brussels BillJuly 1st 2013.

"a city that can hold its own against any European city." You are kidding? Have you ever been to a proper city in civilised Europe?

Paul WardAugust 8th 2012.

Many tourists want trite and unoriginal - there's no shame in giving it to them. You can make efforts to get visitors to other venues, other facets of Liverpool (ticket bundles anyone?) but yiu can't force them.

You might not go to a tribute band in a pub in Mathew Street - I hope you don't expect a Japanese tourist to stay in his hotel room with a CD of the originals instead.

Paul PaulsAugust 8th 2012.

I don't disagree with any of the above, however it does make me wonder if public money should be paying for this when so many bars make money out of it. Why can't they pay for it?

AnonymousAugust 8th 2012.

Why can you not express an opinion without being called a glum arse? The reason this city never moves forward is because there are too many people determined to keep it in the past. Jim McCabe's observation and idea seems pretty valid from where I'm sat.

You say "Evidence would suggest that the festival seems quite popular and keeps the wheels turning, revenue wise?" This dreadful heritage theme park mentality is bad enough, but MS Festival is a far from pretty spectacle.
So, this city never moves forward? Utter tripe! Have you looked around it of late, explain L One, the Mann island area, Albert Dock, festival Garden uplift, the vast numbers of tourists, the Giant Girl show and all the other excellent developments please

So not everyone likes everything, but is that new?

Don't focus on the MS festival as representative of all the music going on in town, there's a host of styles for everyone

AnonymousAugust 9th 2012.

christ I thought this was supposed to be funny

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 9th 2012.

Me too

Absinthe & TurksAugust 9th 2012.

Ee! Back in the seventies these sorts of 'musicians' were called 'cabaret bands' for playing unchallenging greatest hits for an intolerant audience.

I thought 'tribute act' meant 'impersonator'? It certainly used to.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 9th 2012.

Impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery

Mancunian WayAugust 9th 2012.

There's a bit of a sense of humour bypass among you folk, isn't there? Hit a raw nerve?

Liverpool LouAugust 9th 2012.

I'm not into sports, boozing or star trek, but millions are. Don't begrudge people their harmless interests just be happy that there is something for everyone to enjoy. You won't take the pleasure away from me or the thousands of others who will make the pilgrimage to Liverpool in August. Mr. Mancunian I'm sure you will be made welcome doh! They may even explain sense of humour to you if you ask very nicely - Can you do that? We find it hilarious that Mancs come onto scouse websites just to provoke an argument. Ring any bells.

ActuallyAugust 9th 2012.

Impersonation shows a complete lack of creativity and imagination

1 Response: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 11th 2012.

There is plenty of creativity and originality in the music and art scene of Liverpool for all, but you can still enjoy the MSF, you don't need to be narrow minded. I have loads of cultural interests but the Beatles are my all time favourite, no one has ever come near to emulating their talent and popularity

CrotchetAugust 9th 2012.

This kind of audience doesn't want creativity or imagination; it has a very narrow view of what it likes and wants its prejudices reinforced.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Liverpool LouAugust 10th 2012.

there is so much stress what is wrong with simple pleasures?. I have been amazed at the nasty malicious comments made about what is a fun day out to lift peoples spirits and give us one precious day away from the gloom and doom.

SemibreveAugust 9th 2012.

Which is a terrible shame, given all that Mathew Street was when O'Halligan and Roger Eagle were running the show. Coming to the do later at the Picket?

CrotchetAugust 20th 2012.

I'll be avoiding it as usual. To find all my haunts crowded with loud, amateur drinkers being sick is a real turn-off.

Same as the cynical Guiness Promotion Festival on 17th March. You can't get served, you can't get a taxi, the streets are running with vomit and urine.

AnonymousSeptember 19th 2012.

Wooooo my company is on in these questions! Shhhadazzle Rocks! xx

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