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The European Elections: will you be voting?

Vote in our vote about whether or not you'll vote

Published on June 3rd 2009.

The European Elections: will you be voting?

WHY is it that the electorate are not interested in the forthcoming European elections? Are we removed from what is not on our doorstep? Out of sight thus out of mind? Or is it that the parliamentarians across the Channel are a bunch of irrelevant much of muchness?

We mustered a turnout of less than 37 percent in the last European election – a statistic indicative of the voter apathy that is rife amongst the British electorate. Maybe we are entrenched with a subconscious distaste for the EU after they (namely France) refuted our first and second applications for membership in 1961 and 1967, insulting our post-colonial and possibly delusional sentiments, but surely this is not a justifiable reason to not vote at all?

We at Confidential believe the reason may be a little more obvious than this; namely the sheer complexity endemic to the EU. The island mentality we've adopted in our view of the European Union's workings implies we're disinclined to try to understand what the EU means for us; as soon as talk starts about constitutions and institutions, we switch off. This time though, we cannot afford to.

The expenses scandal has tarnished our trust in representative democracy and with accusations that Westminster's expenses pale in comparison to the 'gravy train' that MEPs are afforded, little wonder we are disillusioned. Like scavengers smelling a decomposed corpse, the BNP are rubbing their hands at the political capital they feel is up for grabs. They're playing on the concerns of civilised folk with claims they represent a 'new way', and they're making themselves known for what they hate rather than what they embrace (FYI: White British).

Voting the BNP in the European elections will lead to them joining the parliamentary party that boasts other European extreme parties including one led by Mussolini's granddaughter who claims that, “It is better to be a fascist than a faggot”. Let us hope that the expenses scandal does not constitute what sociologist Norbert Elias described as a disturbing incident that triggers decivilisation.

Confidential are firm believers in 'knowledge is power', so this is what this lot are about.

Green Party
Dubbed a 'love and peace' party, the Greens believe that the EU should fight harder against climate change in the

midst of an environmental crisis. To become more prosperous and sustainable, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas champions a smaller economy and 'less stuff' to achieve a Better Britain. Other policies include abolishing the monarchy, legalising drugs for personal use, leaving NATO, and legalising brothels.

UKIP are staunchly anti-Europe, arguing Britain would fare better apart rather than as part of the EU. Labelling the Euro an 'economic prison' they are self styled 'anti-politicians' who believe the UK should return to being an independent, self-governing nation. UKIP want the golden carrot of trading with the EU but to relinquish our membership.

Liberal Democrats
Occupying the opposite end of the EU issue to UKIP are the LibDems, who believe that we are 'stronger together, poorer apart'. Their pro-EU prowess is surprising for a party that is often viewed as gathering splinters on their derrierès from sitting on the fence. LibDem MEP leader Chris Davies is 'championing reform' of MEPs' allowances and expenses, not through antipathy to the EU but through the love of it.

Like the LibDems, the Conservatives believe in a reformed EU, but not of the same kind. Arguing for 'leaner bureaucracy', Conservative MEP leader Timothy Kirkhope wants a 'different kind of EU' that is not stifled in institutions and constitutions such as the controversial Lisbon Treaty. Tories being Tories, there is a rebel in the midst in the shape of Daniel Hannan who is garnering support from within with his anti-EU, off message sentiments.

Actively working towards further integration with the EU, group leader of the Labour MEPs Glenis Willmott is trying to shake off Britain's image as the 'awkward partner' across the Channel. Aligned with the LibDems' mantra of 'stronger together' and against the Conservative's proposals for change, Labour believes that being part of the EU gives the UK a platform and promotes Britishness on the international stage. They champion an EU president, but one suspects Brown would not vote for Blair. Oh, the injustice.

All that is left to say from us is: Happy Voting!

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Dick BartonJune 3rd 2009.

Does the Fascist imbecile know what a 'faggot' really is?

True BritJune 3rd 2009.

Keep the Nazis and the other right-wing cranks OUT!www.europarl.europa.eu/…/default.htm?language=EN…

SapperJune 3rd 2009.

Nazi scum now represent us in Europe thanks to all those self-righteous chumps too arrogant to vote. I hope this keeps you awake at nights. You're a disgrace to this country

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