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Sick of Sex and the City?

Lynda Moyo looks at the love/hate relationship with Sex and the City ahead of the new movie...

Written by . Published on May 20th 2010.

Sick of Sex and the City?

In just over a week's time, gaggles of giggly women (and some men of course) will become infected by Sex and the City: the disease, I mean movie. The second film taken from the vastly popular series opens at cinemas on Friday 28 May.

Four middle-aged, modern, Manhattan minxes or four middle-aged, moral-less, Manhattan muttons?

For fans, entering the fashion fantasy lifestyle of Carrie and co. is going to be one of the highlights of 2010, because, well, real life just ain't that exciting. So what is it exactly that makes so many of us go weak for these women?

It's a drama in designers. Real life and love issues are carefully coated in beautiful attire, hearts are poured out into only the best designer shoes. The show combines women's love of sharing and solving problems with fun activities such as shopping and of course, sex. It's harmless and helpless escapism.

Both tragic and triumphant, we empathise on some level with every man problem, body worry and career path dilemma. We relate to the emotions that characters go throughand, when we see the ladies go through those same emotions, we somehow feel at ease because let's face it, we all have a Mr Big in our lives.

A problem shared is a problem halved and by the end we take pleasure in admiring or judging the on screen characters, just as we may do our own friends.

This is a show about four inspirational women in the twenty-first century who are fiercely empowered to be whatever they want to be. It's a celebration of womankind and female friendship and what's more, it brings us together with endless themed parties, screening evenings, fashion shows and even cupcakes – as seen on this very website.

Carrie is a quick-witted trend setter, Miranda, a flame haired, second wave feminist. Charlotte is the romantic home-maker and Samantha is every woman's feisty alter-ego.

Yet for some reason, they're not what we'd want our daughters to aspire to be like, are they? And then I got to thinking...

With the characters now in their 40s and 50s, the show is still pushing hard to be sexy, and for some it's become more akin to Smut in the City. Having been through more men than they have Manolos, the show's depiction of female sexuality borders on disturbing.

Lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, is most men's idea of a nightmare girlfriend. She nags, is never fully satisfied, talks far too much, is self absorbed, neurotic and spends too much money on frivolous fashions.

Carrie is someone who was no doubt bullied at school and is still suffering with image issues. A once feminist Miranda has now succumbed to fashion and family life, a bit like Charlotte who is nothing more than a prissy little rich girl. And then there's Samantha – sexually liberated yet, like the rest, generally miserable.

The show promotes nothing but shallow lifestyles and pretentious social climbing. Far from the independent modern women they claim to be, the four are actually emotionally and financially dependent on the men in their lives. Yet so many women pander to this supposed sisterhood and worryingly buy into all the promotional overload.

The ongoing debates about Sex and the City and what it represents have probably become just as overwhelming as all the hype around the movie itself. It's a wonder that the show should even be analysed so deeply; it's supposed to be a fictional comedy after all.

Whether you like it or not, it certainly isn't going out of fashion any time soon as cinemas prepare for Sex and the City mania next week.

Four middle-aged, modern, Manhattan minxes or four middle-aged, moral-less, Manhattan muttons? Either way, the girls are most definitely back in town.

Are you excited for Sex and the City 2?

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7 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousMay 20th 2010.

Awful, outmoded, outdated series. It's like the golden girls with botox as are most of the women who get their oestrogen highs from it. Ugh

The Man on the Garston OmnibusMay 20th 2010.

'Carrie' looks like a goat and always has. Could never understand why she's the 'star' instead of the attactive Samantha.

JOMay 20th 2010.

Carrie is just a tart version of Roger Daltry

Hardly AmiesMay 20th 2010.

It is nice to see American women dressing up for a change. Most of them walk about dressed like tramps and gardeners, unlike our lovely Liverpool girls who always make an effort.

Hardly AmiesMay 20th 2010.

A pity about the Liverpool blokes though. Most of them go out looking as though they are living rough in an old skip.

DigMay 20th 2010.

You should stop hanging around old skips and spend more time in decent pubs.

Professor ChucklebuttyMay 20th 2010.

Hardly Amies, how dare you!! It's only a couple of nights a month me and Mr Clack sleep in a skip, and only then if we've had a skinful and the door's bolted or Clacks dropped his keys down the grid. I'll tell you what, the mattresses in most of the skips by me are a damned site more comfortable than the one on my bed as well. We'll all be doing it come next years cuts. I wonder can I claim for it on housing benefit if Mr Clack got his own skip and I paid the rent to him, it should be legal, he's not my spouse or partner except when out on the ale.I suppose we could pretend he is, we could even go through a civil ceremony except that he has never been civil to anyone in his life. Would that count as bigamy? Funnily enough his cousin was done for bigamy and his legal first wife was known locally as Big Amy, which made everyone think it was her fault. Good job they didn't find out about the other three. He called them Snap, Crackle and Pop, yes he was a cereal bigamist.

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