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John Sergeant on Strictly Come Dancing: Quitter or winner?

Update to earlier story, "should he stay or should he go?": He's gone. Do we give a toss yet? Thousands of people complaining to the Beeb did

Published on November 26th 2008.

John Sergeant on Strictly Come Dancing: Quitter or winner?

The Results..

Yes: - 63%
No: - 37%

OUR original story earlier this week ran aong these lines: "John Sergeant was once again saved by the public vote on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing. The veteran political broadcaster has managed to win a place in next week’s final, despite being one of the worst dancers to perform on the show. Should he stay or should he go?"

The programme's judges and John's fellow contestants are said to be furious that Cherie Lunghi was booted off the show, despite putting in a great performance and being a firm favourite to win. The judges clearly think he’s fat old Jo Brand look-a-like making a mockery of the show and ballroom dancing.

They seem incredulous that the public don’t know better and agree with them. Yet the public probably do know better, and probably do agree with them, but just like putting one over on the smug experts.

After all this is a dance show, it’s not about the intractable issue of poverty in Africa, or why there are so many kids with knives roaming the streets. It’s not important - if the word important is actually to mean anything. The viewers for Strictly Come Dancing are simply pricking the bubble of pomposity which surrounds the ludicrous take-yourself-too-seriously judges. Very British, very laudable.

On the other hand maybe this does throw up a serious issue about the nation’s lack of professionalism. Maybe if we appreciated the finer things, in all walks of life, such as the aesthetics of dance moves and how to drink and not fall over, then we’d be even more successful a country.


So, did he do the right thing by holding a press conference and saying it had all gone beyond the joke? Will you still be watching tomorrow night without him or have you had enough?

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watching with interestNovember 18th 2008.

stop press.... john has gone....end

AnonymousNovember 18th 2008.

All this nonsense has made a laughing stock of this show. All those people who voted to keep Sergeant in have had their eyes wiped now. Idiots

seaview guesthome dsoNovember 18th 2008.

ahh takes a military man to make sense of the dahned silly thing well done seRgeant and mines a bells BARMANNNNN!

Major MisunderstandingNovember 18th 2008.

Well said that man! A large Bells for the gentleman at once!

Corporal PunishmentNovember 18th 2008.

At once sir.

General DisorderNovember 18th 2008.

Why is there a photograph of that wireless johnny Peter Price at the head of this column? Claims he's keen on National Servive, donchaknow?He could do with a spell in the Army himself by thunder!

DigNovember 18th 2008.

In the current climate, with so many people complaining about the price of this or that and complaining how little money they have, why oh why do people spend money picking up their phone to vote on these reality shows? It beggars belief how much the networks and shows make from people registering votes on premium rate numbers. Is it that important to the public if John stays or who wins X Factor? Save your money and spend it on something important!

Professor PopkissNovember 18th 2008.

Because Comrade Dig, they are dangling from the teat of Capitalism and they are addicted to the mindless consumption of whatever rubbish is put in front of them.

chubbychopsNovember 18th 2008.

The show is for the viewing public and if they vote to keep John on the show then John should stay on the show. I think it's disgusting that the judges bullied him and if he did end up winning then great. No point in watching it now John's gone! The public voted for him, the show is on BBC - who pays for that - the public! Get rid of the judges ... and Bruce Forsythe while you're at it!

old git!November 18th 2008.

Harrrrrummmphh!! Those damn ..so called judges just can't recognise talent when it performs before their eyes....a lovely big russian piece of flesh just waiting to be ....oh! the fella one means...sorry.

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