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Is it OK to have an affair?

Tiger's "transgressions" may have harmed his public image, but can a bit of how's-your-father have a positive effect on relationships?

Published on December 21st 2009.

Is it OK to have an affair?
- 44%
No: - 56%

Once upon a time, golf was quite simply a finesse sport, favoured predominantly by an older generation and deemed dull to some. Rarely in the headlines for anything outside of the game itself, it frowned upon the philandering and filth of footballers. That was until the biggest player and brand of them all was outed as a serial adulterer...

And as the press continue to dig up the dirt on Tiger Woods, the American dream dad buries his head in the sand, with only the following statement to admit his actions:

“I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behaviour my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behaviour and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.”

The public gasped, the sponsors backed away and, according to today’s news, Elin Nordegren- the shamed wife- continues to stand by her man. Relationships are never plain sailing, but according to researchers affairs are typically the ultimate sign that the wandering spouse is dissatisfied in the marriage or relationship. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make them any easier to accept and particularly in Tiger Woods’ situation, it’s his humiliated partner who most will feel sympathetic toward. But if there’s one person on Tiger’s side, it’s Sex guru Wolfgang Weinberger.

The star of West End show 'A Guide To Sexual Misery', has voiced his support for spouses conducting extra-marital affairs insisting that affairs are only a bad thing "if they are found out."

Weinberger spoke to Illicit Encounters- a dating website which organises extra-marital affairs. Illicit Encounters believes there are situations where an extra-marital relationship can prove beneficial to a person’s work and home life and it’s to that end that they provide a service to help people start extra-marital relationships. They target people who don’t want to end unhappy marriages but instead, explore a friendship, start a relationship or become lovers with someone in a similar situation with no ‘hidden agenda’.

Weinberger said: "There have always been affairs and there will always be affairs. Men and women are by nature rather monogamous but they are also programmed to have them. Affairs are not a crime. Sometimes, they can have invigorating effects on a relationship gone stale."

However, another sex expert, Dr. Belisa Vranich begs to differ when it comes to the debate on human nature and affairs, telling Fox news this week that: “Being monogamous is an intellectual decision – men are wired to have lots of sex – whether they decide to have it with one woman or several women depends on their definitions of what’s acceptable.”

A survey of Brits earlier this year revealed that four out of 10 people believe couples only cheat on their partners if there is already something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. 26 per cent said anyone who cheats can't have any respect for their current partner, one in 10 people blamed the need for more than one partner on having a high sex drive and 12 per cent said often people cheat because they can't say no on an evening out with mates or work colleagues.

Ironically Weinberger did also point out that he has always been faithful to his partner, but with an excess of 390,000 members at Illicit Encounters, it appears that more people than expected share Weinberger’s positive views on affairs. But do you? Vote on the homepage.

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22 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousDecember 11th 2009.

What? 82% of people voting say it's ok to cheat!?

AnonymousDecember 11th 2009.

Of course, it's anonyomous isn't it. If they had to post their real names to vote it'd be a different story or there'd be some rolling-pin action (for those that actually had wives or girlfriends anyway).

DescartesDecember 11th 2009.

Ah yes anon, because women never cheat do they.

Putting it aboutDecember 11th 2009.

Descartes, are you having a little bit of extra-curricular, now that you have "spent" yourself elsewhere today (and I think you know what I mean)?

Johnny WadDecember 11th 2009.

How anyone who engages in such a thoroughly dull, and utterly meaningless activity like golf can be called "Tiger" is a joke in itself. Tank tops with a diamond pattern. What sort of gobshite would wear something like that?

Kidney FailureDecember 11th 2009.

The bald fella who owns Keiths Wine Bar loves them.

KeithDecember 11th 2009.

The bald fella that owns Keiths? Would that be me, Keith?

AnonymousDecember 11th 2009.


DescartesDecember 11th 2009.

Well Putting it about, I'm in Manchester but heard about the difference in the results on here.

Putting it aboutDecember 11th 2009.

Yes, they are bit repressed your lot, sometimes, aren't they?

Lad all overDecember 11th 2009.

It's easier for chaps to cheat than women as they don't have the same emotional synapses in their brain as women

red foxDecember 11th 2009.

There's a lot to be said for a 'Brief Encounter' type friendship. A regular flirt lifts the spirits. However, its best to make an excuse before going to the mate's dodgey flat.

Rusty SpikeDecember 11th 2009.

Firstly, I am somewhat baffled at the definition of golf as a sport. Soccer, rugger, javelin hurling, squash, running fast around arenas, etc etc...can all be regarded as sports. But a gentle wander around a green sward with a stick while now and again hitting a small ball in attempt to get it into a small hole is rather more of a pastime, and an extremely boring one at that - albeit 'Grrrrr Woods' and his pals get loadsa dosh for sauntering about in toffs clobber. Mention of which, clobber, it seems that Grrrrr getting his off regularly resulted in him getting clobbered.....ho, ho...And incidentally, who says men and women are monogamous? Why someone with the wonderfully colourful moniker of Wolfgang Weinberger and another called Belisa. You couldn't make it up. And, if you'll pardon the crudity and the pun - its all bollocks, I'll wager that everyone who has the chance is secretly 'at it' like hyenas, and cackling as well....Y'all have a lovely day, now.....

Wavy GravyDecember 11th 2009.

Where do people conduct these illicit encounters? Advice please.

rusty SpikeDecember 11th 2009.

Well, one can only assume - as one does not, of course, and has never condoned such tawdry goings on - that its either behind bike sheds or in the bunkers and the rough, so to speak, of golf courses etc....

Single VentDecember 11th 2009.

Bike sheds? How common. Maghull's the place for suburban, tiger-like action. A couple of stiff gins, throw the Cavalier keys in the old fruit bowl, and in no time time at all you'll be nibbling your neighbours vol au vonts.

Frank MarkerDecember 11th 2009.

The Pump House at the Albert Dock used to be full of guilty-looking couples after work on a Friday. Of course that was in the days when suburban types thought that the Pump House was upmarket and impressive! They’d come into the pub and stand between door and bar looking awkward and self-conscious, flashing furtive looks around the pub to make sure no-one in there might recognise them...

FidelDecember 11th 2009.

The Britannia pub by Otterspool is another "wi-fi" hotspot. Obvious really when you think about it. Really dedicated people wanting a spot of slap and tickle should liaise in Chester.

Cillit BangDecember 11th 2009.

Pampas grass in the front garden is a sure clue to people wanting to "practise their swing", that other "like minded" people live there. Well known fact

NadiaDecember 11th 2009.

What is it about English woman who cannot keep husband faithful. Russian lady is beautiful and sexy and hot, in the kitchen, in the bed and all over the house and in every way to keep man loyal. I spit in the eye of cheating man

AnonymousDecember 11th 2009.

Cut their balls off

DigDecember 11th 2009.

I just bought a DVD entitled 'Tigers 18 favourite holes'. I was very disappointed to discover it was all about golf.

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