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Do you feel unsafe out at night in Liverpool?

Alex Curran is stopping in. She says it's getting too rough around here

Published on August 14th 2009.

Do you feel unsafe out at night in Liverpool?
Yes: - 45%
No: - 55%

WHAT'S all this then? Stevie Gerrard's missus, Alex Curran, doesn't go out in Liverpool these days.

"It's not the same any more. To be honest, it's rough,” she opines.

The famous WAG made the observation in an interview in the celebby supermarket weekly, new! Magazine.

"Everywhere new that opens attracts the wrong type of people. It's not nice, so I haven't bothered to go out."

So what, you might say, you hear this sort of remark on the bus every day.

But no. This is clearly a very serious matter for the national press, with no fewer than 42 articles in google news at the last count and BBC Five Live debating it.

Her comments “met with the fury of Liverpudlians”, the gleeful Daily Telegraph was quick to report, with predictable “Own goal for Alex” headlines in it and The Sun. The outraged same headline even merited the page one splash in The Daily Star which is owned by the same people who own, er, new! magazine ("out now", if anyone was still wondering how journalism works).

On closer inspection, this scouse wrath actually translated as one hurt prediction from MP Maria Eagle: "Curran's remarks won't go down well here so perhaps she would actually be better off spending more of her time elsewhere."

And a quote from Warren Bradley: "Following our amazingly successful Capital of Culture year, not only is Liverpool a really vibrant and welcoming place, we are one of the safest cities in the UK – with crime at an all-time low." etc.

So has Alex Curran got a point or not? Drinking places that have opened this year include Herbert's Champu, which you could hardly describe as rough, one or two joints around Liverpool ONE, such as the Palm Sugar

Lounge, Mojo last year, and er, that's it. Whoops, forgot about Cube.

Liverpool, like any provincial city, has its fair share of minty nightspots and drinking areas attracting the sort of bawdiness that keeps the emergency services in business every weekend.

It also has a good number of excellent gems and in between, there are many bars that have been built purely on the business model of attracting the WAG and soaps set. And if she doesn't like it, can't she always go and sit in the VIP areas that these places have?

Then again, is mum-of-two Alex just hanging out with the wrong crowd? Perhaps she'd be better off finding a new set. Say somewhere like Ye Cracke or The Swan.

Or could it simply be that it is the same as it ever was, and Alex is getting a bit long in the tooth for all this jiggery-waggery-pokery. Perhaps all she really wants to do on a Saturday night is crack open a winebox and tuck into pie, chips and curry with Stevie G.

Whatever the case, should Alex Curran now have the temerity to step outside of Formby on a trip to Cricket, she can look forward to being tarred and feathered, if she believes the papers. “Other well-known figures have encountered the wrath of Liverpool after criticising the city,” the Telegraph warns darkly.

“In 2003, scouse comedian Alexei Sayle poured scorn on the Liverpool's reaction to the Hillsborough disaster and mocked the city's Capital of Culture award," readers are reminded. "The following year Boris Johnson was ordered by Conservative leader Michael Howard to apologise after claiming Liverpudlians "wallow" in "victim status", it adds, warming to the theme.

So is Liverpool too rough to go out in any more? Do new places attract the wrong type of people? Or is this all a load of silly season bollocks with the right wing press seeing the chance to have a go? Vote on the homepage.

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70 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

KitchenerJuly 29th 2009.

never will I go to anywhere that would have me or Alex Curren

Rufus T. BarflyJuly 29th 2009.

The lady said "Everywhere new that opens attracts the wrong type of people. It's not nice, so I haven't bothered to go out." - Exactly, all these trendy, expensive new places opening and attracting flipping FOOTBALLERS! I suspect you'll not catch any at a 'Philosophy in Pubs meeting.

DigJuly 29th 2009.

Wherever wags drink (not Liverpool Wag tho) is a certain type of pub. wags go, wag wannabe's go and the odd celeb and footballer goes. Unfortunately a majority of these places get populated by plastic gangsters trying to look the part and flash the cash. I can understand her not feeling safe as these wag hangouts are like a jungle with tribes of plastic gangster monkeys posturing to be the alpha males. Unfortunately wherever Alex and her friends go the wrong type of crowd will inevitably follow.

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

Too many monkeymen in footy shirts allowed out in town these days. Whatever happened to proper bouncers who turned away yobs for wearing "dungarees" or training shoes? Grown men wearing shorts off the beach should be arrested.

Penny LaneJuly 29th 2009.

As long as gormless chumps with skinheaad crops, dressed for wrestling in their own vomit are allowed into places and are served with alcohol, there will be trouble.

Phil CollinsJuly 29th 2009.

Liverpool's nowhere near as rough as Southport.

wee willie winkleJuly 29th 2009.

It was like rent-a-scouser on the radio today. Les Dennis being pointedly asked if Alex Curran was right or wrong and him saying something like she should have kept her mouth shut. But he probably didn't have a clue. I agree. This is a non-let's-whip-up-the-scousers self pity media ploy by the gutter press. Don't fall for it men!

Marc AlmondJuly 29th 2009.

Phil Collins has got a point. That Lounge Inn place is terrible

Mrs Madge of The DayJuly 29th 2009.

When as a nation did we actually decide that the observations of the wife of a footballer merited being reported? Has anybody pinpointed the time and what was going on in the world when this was first presnted as a useful source of social comment. I know one of the beverley Sisters was happily married to Billy Wright, but at least she, with her sisters had their own careers and international fame other than for getting banged by a man who knows how to use his balls to great financial advantage. Is it the Spice woman who really kicked off the phenomenon and then Mrs Rooney. i don't recall ever hearing from Mrs Keegan, Charlton, Ball or such like and I am sure they probably had equally worthwhile opinions but probably less based upon a hedonsitic vacuuous existance propelled into the limelight of shallow self obsession.

Roy of The RoversJuly 29th 2009.

It's the lazy and trashy nature of the modern media. Why do hard work like reporting real news and verifying facts when you can get away with writing worthless tittle-tattle about so-called celebrities and even their wives and girlfriends?

Billy the FishJuly 29th 2009.

Yes! I am looking forward to Liverpool Confidential's exposé of the inquiry into the City Council’s ’08 Place, a bleak shop that according to the Daily Post cost an astounding £2.2 million, £1.4 million of that being Neighbourhood Renewal Fund money for the regeneration of poor areas. Apparently this foul jiggery-pokery was originally exposed by a web site called ‘Liverpool Evil Cabal’! We want more of this sort of thing.

The Man on the Garston OmnibusJuly 29th 2009.

Who is this Alex Curran?

EditorialJuly 29th 2009.

More in due course, Billy....

Fairy liquidJuly 29th 2009.

Alex Curran and her vacuous followers are the reason Liverpool nightlife is so shite!

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

Yes! What are these 'plastic gangsters' and are they really any less unpleasant than the real ones? And V.I.P. areas in these tacky bars! You can't expect punters to stump up those prices and be happy with being considered second-class and inferior to the scruffy slapheads sucking lager from the bottle behind the purple rope! Surely if people aren't the right sort it is the job of the door policy enforcers to send them elsewhere, not to take their money and expect them to kneel and bow their in servitude to the gilded oafs in the so-called V.I.P. area!

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

There have been gangsters and wannabe gangsters ladies out in Liverpool for many years. When heroin and Cocaine first visted our shores. The average common working man strived to be that of the rich millionaire drug dealing playboys showing their wealth with cars, dressing in Armani suits, dripping in chav-tastic gold and ordering the most expensive champagne to impress their friends and the endless crowds of ladies ready to lap up the lifestyle.Life in Liverpool hasn't changed much, but now its the footballers and their wives who the younger generation are looking up to. Again the wags don't do much to hide their wealth and their 'v.i.p' priveledges - yes Mrs Gerrard you are guilty of walking past the lesser boys and girls in a club or bar line. - And why not, you are a footballers wife after all ! (am being sarcastic !) So when Mrs Gerrard wonders why the city has turned into a rough and dangerous place to be. You have to ask this question. Are we not encouraging the youngest to engage in this behaviour ? Footballers are now the new hero's and so the lifestyle of the rich and famous will be copied. The lairy drunken behaviour is the animal instinct to show the other males in these bars that they have more money, better looking girls and have more 'power' ! - you work in bloody JJB your on minium wage and your acting like you own the bloody bar ! son are you for real ? Oh yes its pathetic and stupid behaviour but it happens and it is seen in alot of Liverpool bars and clubs. resolution... Don't go into the clubs that the footballers, the footballers wives and the plastic gangsters drink in. That way you won't feel inferior on the wrong side of the velvet rope and you won't get the loud, brash, in your face scousers that make this city have a bad reptuation. Mrs Gerrard I actually like you, I really do, you seem a nice person, but do you ever wonder that your footballers wife attitude reflects on the younger girls in liverpool and the attitude and bar fighting in the 'beautiful people' bars is because for certain people being in your face, having lots of money and being the centre of attention is a way of life ! It certaintly seems that way . Mrs Gerrard trying going a bar thats relaxed, not over priced and somewhere with no over the top ridculous dress code. I can ensure you there won't be any fighting... Although no one would even know who you are ! Would that be something else to make you want to stay at home instead of going out ? There are plenty of bars, clubs and pubs in this beautiful, diverse and growing city, try opening your eyes and not going to the usual sheep herding places. have a nice weekend .

Gaston GrimsdykeJuly 29th 2009.

Hear hear! But you talk of dress codes - where? Even in the overpriced posturing bars the majority of the customers (well, the male ones anyway) are dressed for a day on the beach or a day of grave-digging (after sleeping rough the night before in a skip). This is terrible when the ladies generally make such an effort with their appearance.

TramLordJuly 29th 2009.

Those like me who travelled around Liverpool on Green Goddesses will recall the days when the Liverpool accent was soft and friendly, admirably portrayed in tele programmes such as The Liver Girls and Family at War. Our beautiful accent has been hi-jacked by the north enders/Kirkbyites who apply a slovenly dollop of phlegm, creating an unfriendly, harsh and to some intimidating dialect. It gives the city an unwel come edge, leading to people like Mrs G saying there are too many undesirables hanging around the city. The solution of course is to introduce elocution lessons into our schools to encourage children to better enunciate our words. Given we are now a tourist city it is important to use good English.

Liverpool WagJuly 29th 2009.

Steven Gerrard seems like a very nice chap until he opens his mouth. Horrible guttaral twang. And then he spits. Why do they all spit? Do WAGs spit as well?

Bus BaronJuly 29th 2009.

Hear hear, Tram Lord, and teach them how to eat with a knife and fork for when they are in public at least!

Trolleybus DukeJuly 29th 2009.

Yes, the last time I went into The Living Room it was like a chimpanzees' tea party! Interestingly the women didn't seem to have the same trouble with the cutlery as the men.

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

Living Rooms, Mosquito lounge, Even the very beautiful decor of Alma De Cuba is now a no-no ! I would prefer to drink with chimpanzees. At least it would be amusing. Is there anywhere out there you lovely people could suggest I visit tonight ? P.s I live in Kirkby, I was born in Huyton, funnily enough was taught in the very same class room as Mr Gerrard and I do not seem to have this spitting scouse snarling voice, Perhaps it's something you buy along with your Bentley ! Pure class all the way !

Derek NimmoJuly 29th 2009.

I'm meeting chums in a proper old-fashioned pub in town this evening. I can almost give a guarantee that it will be free of footballers, footballers' wives and the macho meatheads they inspire and attract. The prices even these days in proper pubs are only mildly alarming as opposed to outrageously ludicrous as they are in the trendy, new, Soviet-hotel-style nightspots.

Liverpool WagJuly 29th 2009.

Rincon Latino is quite good on Oldham Street, or La Cubanita. Lively and late, but non threatening

AnonymousJuly 29th 2009.

The Palm Sugar lounge has quickly descended into farce with its door policy. The bouncers now decide who fits the dress code policy. I'll take my money elsewhere

NickJuly 29th 2009.

Editorial says: Rant removed for defamatory content of unsubstantiated allegations. Sorry and all that

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

Yes, i quite agree secret squirrel, its very rude, arrogant and narrow minded to think that the south of Liverpool. Is the uppercrust of the city, Its a city and there beautiful places, interesting stories, history and people from all the walks of life of Liverpool. It's what makes this city fun and diverse. There are good and bad in every part of the city. I work in the rather beautiful area of mossley hill and believe me the people are no more inportant or no more beautiful, or cultured than the people from north of Liverpool. Quite insightful to know there are people who still stereotype your character from the area from where you live or grew up ! do you work ? Then you are working class. Do you own your own company ? Well your still working class, If you work your working class. There is no levels in between. No one is better than another regardless where you live or even how you deliver your accent. Alriggghtttt lid !

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

Anonymous. My rule of thumb for going out for a gargle in Liverpool that has guided me well since the early 1990s bar explosion is (a) avoid anywhere with the word 'lounge' in its name. These places are invariably sh*te. (b) Treat anywhere with the words 'bar' and/or 'grill' in their names with caution, and (c) any place whose name ends in apostrophe 's' (since the closure of ‘Eric’s’) is almost certainly rubbish.

Alan, Basingstoke ladJuly 29th 2009.

I would like to point out that there parts of Basingstoke that I would not feel safe especially the Brighton Hill, Oakridge and Popley estates.But whenever I have visited Liverpool (over a period of15 years) I have always felt safe anywhere around Liverpool city centre and the Dingle where Ringo was born.

Blundell SandsJuly 29th 2009.

Editorial says: Rant removed for

antonyJuly 29th 2009.

Editorial says: Rant removed for legal reasons

EditorialJuly 29th 2009.

Dear all, the question is about the safety or otherwise of the city centre at night, not an opportunity to express personal and defamatory opinions about the the characters of Alex Curran or Steven Gerrard, or their brushes with the Crown Prosecution Service. Steven Gerrard was acquitted of affray in an open jury trial and accusations of assault brought against Alex Curran, after the Shangri-la episode, were dropped. We keep these rants free and open to all comment but we will take off anything reported to us that is hurtful, rude, defamatory or libellous. Please take care when posting, folks.

flog emJuly 29th 2009.

Dressing scum up in designer gear only gives you well dressed scum.Liverpool will always be the same no matter what designer label they wear.

WitterLooJuly 29th 2009.

Spoke to a Southport Licensee a while ago who said it is much safer to go out in Liverpool than in Southport. More door staff, greater police presence etc. Some club goers might agree!!

PeelyJuly 29th 2009.

Most people would agree that it is not just the violence in Liverpool but the TYPE of violence.Children are now out threatening adults with guns.(Rhys Jones murder anyone?)Drugs warlords dominate the streets demanding protection money from asian and chinese shopkeepers.Rohypnol and speed regularly spike the drinks of unsuspecting girls in pubs,bars and night clubs.Police are now patrolling in armed vans for heavens sake!Would you let YOUR daughter have a hen night in KIRKBY!!?

Blundell SandsJuly 29th 2009.

Blimey! What did I say?

Alex (not that one)July 29th 2009.

It is rough out there. On a bad day, you can be in a Chinese restaurant in town and find yourself hit by a bottle launched by a WAG, can't you Alex?

sandraJuly 29th 2009.

Peely - MY daughter ORGANISES hen nights.She would never have one anywhere except Liverpool or Blackpool.Dont be such a snob.

DigJuly 29th 2009.

I can't believe the vote on this is so close. Liverpool has it's rough people and pubs. Just like every other city. The vast majority of pubs and bars in Liverpool are decent with decent people in them. What's wrong with Kirkby Peely? I drink in Kirkby regularly and can think of 1 or 2 decent pubs there.

Man About |TownJuly 29th 2009.

Peely's not from around here, Dig. He sits alone in his bedroom miles away having his opinion formed by the worst elements of the gutter press. You are quite right about the decent pubs. Pubs are made by their clientele; if thugs drink there it will be a rough pub. Anywhere frequented by footballers and (consequently) the dubious characters who want to suck up to them is bound to be unpleasant.

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

Thankyou Dig, Yes you see Kirkby is as good and as bad as the next town. It seems people are too quick to judge and determine a place to be bad by the location. Try drinking in a few different bars and pubs when out you maybe surprised. I have been drinking in a fair few pubs in Kirkby and there is some that I wouldn't go in again, but there are some relaxed ones, and I can give that opinion as I have actually been in them. Why don't people try that before casting a judgment ?

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

Miss YB. Because prejudice is easy, lazy and comfortable. Why bother to find out the truth when you can instantly lie back in the lovely hot bath of prejudice and be praised as a wit to boot as long as your views comply with the fashionable mainstream opinion?

StayAtHomeJuly 29th 2009.

Maybe its the Celt in many Scousers, but too many people around here look like they're always spoiling for a fight. That's possibly cos they are spoiling for a fight. Can't take their Guinness or Whiskey can they? The wild west springs to mind on a night out in Liverpool. My advice is lock up your daughters, and your sons.

Duke of BohemiaJuly 29th 2009.

Once we avoided the 'classy' restaurants because they were full of bourgeois philistines. Now they are full of chav philistines. Plus ca change...

DigJuly 29th 2009.

Clearly you aren't from around here. I drink regularly in Liverpool City Centre and in around 15 years of visiting our pubs, clubs and bars have seen very few incidents of violence. Can't think of more than a dozen or so in all those years and countless nights out.

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

And NEVER Guinness drinkers! Troublemakers are invariably lagerboys, bottle-suckers and alcopop chumps. Obviously 'StayatHome' knows nothing of (a) Liverpool nightlife or (b) racial theory - "Celtic genes" are evenly distributed through the entire British population, there are no concentrations of them in identifiable locations.

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

'stay at home' where are you drinking ? the wild west ? seriously ! Now am not the most experinced am sure but 10 years of Liverpool bar crawling has given me enough experience to know that Liverpool is a great city to be in on a Thursday Friday and Saturday night. There is never trouble where I go. I really don't understand most people's comments. I have been on nights out in Leeds, Manchester, Edingburgh, Blackpool, Doncaster and many more cities. Never ever been involved in trouble or witness anything more than a few crossed words. What pubs and bars are you people drinking in to form such a bad opinions ? Liverpool is getting such a bad reputation and am not totally sure it's from people who live and experience the city.

AnonymousJuly 29th 2009.

MissyB, you are completely right, but I think you only have 10 years or trawling the bars, which makes you a mere babe in the eyes of Man About Town. But not in the "babe" sense of the word "babe" because he wouldn't use that word....

Man About TownJuly 29th 2009.

Personally I'm not bothered about the rough reputation Liverpool has from the ignorant media-trash because:- (a) it keeps people away so I have less of a wait at the bar, getting taxis etc., (b) Rents and property prices were kept low, and (c)When I go elsewhere people are impressed by my apparent 'hardness' for drinking in Liverpool since the age of sixteen with no problem. I haven't the nerve to tell them that it's quite safe really, but they'd be terribly disappointed. I never mention that I have never been burgled either.

Liverpool WagJuly 29th 2009.

Hear hear, man about town! The media's own pruning fork

DigJuly 29th 2009.

Try going to Town on a Wednesday or Thursday Missyb. They're the best nights for me. I enjoy Weekend afternoons also. You must try 3345 and Studio2 in The Parr Street Studios. Really chilled out places, great staff and nice clientele. Studio2 is a stunning place. They have great live music on regularly too. Usually laid back rock or Jazz.

DigJuly 29th 2009.

Never thought it like that Man About Town but do like your angle. I do think that most people know Liverpool is a great night out regardless of what the media says. Liverpool has more students than any city outside London. Which is obviously to do with the uni's but if you ask almost every student will tell you the nightlife had a lot to do with their decision. I think it's only the type of people who sneer at 'oop north' who still have a fear of Scousers.

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

Dig, I've been the places you suggest, Love them. Also love Thursdays in Liverpool, relaxed and chilled out. I also love the buzz and hype on a Saturday night. Going a bar with a less than ideal clientele does not stop me from enjoying my night. Enjoy the company your with, ignore everyone else and have fun. If your not bothering with anyone else, surely no one will bother you ? What excatly is Mrs Gerrard doing to create such drama around her in Liverpool bars ?

AnonymousJuly 29th 2009.

This from the lady caught fighting in a chinese restaurant in the centre of town...classy. Since when does the opinion of an airhead no mark who happened to marry someone good a kicking a ball count as news?

kirkby kissJuly 29th 2009.

i've been going out in liverpool for 20 years and it feels safer to me than birkenhead or southport. there are going to be boozed up idiots in any city these days, liverpool is no different. and alex is such an informed social commentator ....

Rima AlpiniJuly 29th 2009.

I feel comfortable and safe anywhere in Liverpool unless a footballer comes in, surrounded by his sordid entourage of sycophants.

MISSYBJuly 29th 2009.

just seen this article - copy and paste - After the furore made national and international headlines "NEW!" issued a statement to "set the record straight on Alex’s behalf "It said they were "sorry that the quote has been interpreted in this way and "We fully accept our article could have given the wrong impression."The statement from NEW! said: "Alex regularly tells New! magazine how much she loves living in Liverpool."As far as we’re concerned she’s the city’s number one fan and often tells us how she wants to always live in Liverpool."The statement added Alex says: "I absolutely love living in Liverpool. I love the people, they are so generous and friendly, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world."I have lived here all my life and I am proud to raise our two daughters here. They receive a fantastic education, and as the city of culture, there is so much to offer us as a family." hasn't been much talk of this, people just like to talk this city down ! Mr & Mrs Gerrard obviously have th money if they wanted to they could live anywhere else in this country or another but it seems they are happy ! Typical interview that had been sensationalised again to make liverpool look rough and dangerous. And with that am off to enjoy the very lovely city which is Liverpool for some early evening drinking

Pop tartJuly 30th 2009.

Rima Alpini........ you are exactly right, she has truly forgotten where she has come from! You can take the wags and footballers out of the gutter but you can't take the gutter out of the wags and footballers. She will get her face panned in next time she goes and and i bet she batters who ever throws the first punch!

peelyJuly 30th 2009.

Drink in Kirkby?Decent peopel?go to the wood pecker pub, or the roughwoods, or the peacock, or go to the mollynew.these are full of scum druggies drinking state benefits scrounged from nice peopels earnings.There seem to be more disability motability cars in Kikby than anywhere.They are all so afflicted but able to smoke crack and drink beer all day.Ridiculous.

InspectorJuly 30th 2009.

Gotcha Peely, you just slipped up!

shhhJuly 30th 2009.

She is obviously not going to the same places I go. I've not seen any fights in town since last year. It's mainly the many of the bars on Seel Street that is where my friends and I frequent, for good music, good drinks and mostly great company. Never seen a football shit in sight in those venues, and one of them is relatively new and perfectly lovely. Perhaps it's just her snooty attitude that creates a hostile environment around her.

jane hJuly 30th 2009.

I'm giving up going out in Liverpool, I prefer to spend my weekends in beiruit - much quieter

Man About TownJuly 30th 2009.

I quite fancy Pyongyang myself...

Ay!Carmela!July 30th 2009.

Oldham seems nice, on BBC1

Tom TubigripJuly 30th 2009.

Aye! Tommyfield Market!

gailJuly 30th 2009.

alex along with stevegerrard, jamie carragher and his wife were all in palm sugar on 10th july last

Man About TownJuly 30th 2009.

With the customary entourage of swaggering meatheads?

AnonymousJuly 30th 2009.

What amazes me about the attitude of Mrs Gerrard (because thats who she is) is that she clearly has grand ideas about herself. A friend of mine had no idea who she was, tried to talk to her at the bar in Blue a year ago, within 10 minutes he had a bunch of girls around him demanding to know why he was talking to 'alex' and 'do you not know who she is?'. Actually, no, he never knew who she was. He was just chatting up what he thought was a pretty girl.If she frequents places where she feels better with an entourage to make her feel more important, Liverpool is not the place for her. we don't appreciate that kind of self importance and we have 'real' famous people who don't demand that kind of attention.This comes from someone who has hobnobbed from 'real' famous people who have been lovely!

AnonymousJuly 30th 2009.

This Palm Sugar place can't be very exclusive if it allows footballers in.

'Bro' Ken HolmeJuly 30th 2009.

Well, there you go.

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