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Our Menu, Viva Brasil

Menu & Pricing

Lunch (Mon – Sat)
Full Rodizio £12.50

Dinner (5pm Onwards Mon - Sat)
Salad Bar Only £12.50 Salad Bar & Seafood £22.95
Vegetarian £14.95 Full Rodizio & Seafood £32.95
Full Rodizio £22.95 Seafood Supplement £12.00

Children under 5


Children under 10 years

Desserts £4.25

Sunday (12pm – 9pm)


From the Barbeque

Picanha – Traditional Cap of Rump

Picanha con Alho – Garlic Cap of Rump
Our signature steak, Picanha is a prime cut of top rump which is the most popular in the Churrascarias of Southern Brazil. Roasted over the hot coals an finely carved by our expert Passadors

Alcatra – Rump Steak
A naturally lean and extremely tasty cut of Beef, cut from the bottom of the Picanha

Cordeiro – Leg of Lamb
Tender whole Lamb leg marinated in red & white wine, garlic, sea salt and bay leaves for a minimum period of 24 hours before being slow roasted to perfection on the barbeque

Contra Filet – Sirloin
A very soft, moist and tasty cut of Beef which is sure to please all palates

Fraldinha – Flank Steak
Whenever people gather to enjoy Churrasco in the south of Brazil, Fraldinha is sure to be on the grill! With strong marbling characteristics, this fine cut of Beef has an unmatched juiciness and distinct robust flavour

Costela de Boi – Beef Ribs
These tender and juicy cuts of meat from the ribs are expertly prepared in house and slow roasted over the hot coals for up to 6 hours to accentuate their natural rich flavour

Costela de Porco – Pork Ribs
Served to your table as a whole rack of ribs and carved by our Passadores, these juicy cuts are traditionally seasoned and marinated for a minimum period of 24 hours before being introduced to the grill

Pescoço de Porco – Pork Collar (with Parmesan)
Hand selected cuts of the juiciest Pork Collar, traditionally marinated in our white wine and spice blend for a unique flavour. Also served coated in rich parmesan cheese

Linguiça – Brazilian Pork Sausage
For centuries these Brazilian sausages have been an integral part of the Churrascaria experience. With our own bespoke blend of ingredients and seasonings, our chefs cook these over the coals until the outside is perfectly crisp and the inside is hot and juicy

Frango com Bacon – Chicken & Bacon
Portions of Chicken breast fillet, wrapped in smoked Bacon

Frango com Pimenta -Chilli Chicken
Juicy Chicken thighs marinated in our special blend of chilli and herbs, using the same preparation techniques as the churrascarias of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil

Coxa de Frango - Chicken Leg
These juicy Chicken legs are marinated in our own special herb blend

Coração – Chicken Hearts
Regarded as a delicacy amongst Brazilians, our juicy and tender Chicken hearts are simply marinated in red wine, garlic, black pepper and oregano to give an extremely rich and long lasting taste

Presunto Defumado – Smoked Gammon
This whole smoked Gammon joint serves to compliment the other meats with its naturally smoky barbequed flavour

Also from the BBQ

Pão de Alho -Roast Garlic Bread
Abacaxi - Caramelised Cinnamon Pineapple

Salad Island

Help yourself to our vibrant selection of Gourmet Salads and traditional Brazilian Stew dishes, Vegetables and Sides dishes. Although we cook and rotate over fifty dishes to accompany the meats from the barbeque, here are just some of our favourites you can expect to see!


Salpicao – Chicken , Olives ,Sultanas , Apples, Carrots , Mayonnaise
Salada de Palmito – Palm hearts , olives, onion, parsley ,tomatoes, green peas
Salada de Laranja – Oranges, Avocado, Cucumber, Onion
Salada de Chow Chow - Chow Chow, Tomato, Chilli, Coriander, Chick Peas

Traditional Hot Dishes

Rabada - Ox Tail stew with Cassava
Frango com Quiabo – Chicken with Okra
Xinxim de Galinha – Chicken with Peanuts, Palm oil, Coconut milk, Coriander, Ginger
Vaca Atolada – Beef rib stew with Cassava
Almondegas – Meat balls with Tomato sauce

Fish dishes

Bacalhoada – Cod with Potatoes, Onion, Olives, Eggs, Olive oil
Vatapa – Prawns with Onion, Coconut milk , Palm oil, Nuts
Casquinha de Siri – Crab meat with Coconut milk, Tomatoes, Peppers, Coriander , Garlic
Moqueca de Peixe – Cod / Salmon with onion , Tomatoes, Peppers, Coriander , Coconut milk


Brigadeirao - A rich chocolate pudding
Mousse de Maracuja – Passion Fruit Mousse
Pave de Chocolate - Chocolate cream with Champagne biscuits
Creme de Papaya - Light and tasty papaya cream

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