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Top five....Male grooming products

Frank McKenna on what makes him worth it....

Published on July 8th 2010.

Top five....Male grooming products

FRANK McKenna is as famous for his sharp suits as he is for being leader of the Downtown Liverpool in Business group which has been going since 2004.

As a young Skelmersdale politician, he was chairman of the North West Regional Assembly and leader-elect of Lancashire County Council. He was destined for a safe Labour seat in the House of Commons when rumours of election fraud surfaced in the magazine Private Eye, forcing him to resign from public office. After a £3 million police investigation, the judge threw out the case.

Happily, Frank bounced back! According to the blurb, DLIB is a club that provides leadership to the private sector, by articulating the views of its members to the public sector agencies that govern the city.

Famous for its “sexy networking” events DLIB also hosts high profile gala dinners, attracting prominent speakers, and boasts a membership of over 300 companies from across Merseyside.

But all that pales into insignificance when we get good sport Frank on his favourite subject – his appearance.

When I was asked by Liverpool Confidential to write about my five favourite grooming products my initial reaction was – how am I going to limit myself to just five!

All the preening that I indulge in clearly means that I use a wide range of lotions and potions. It ain’t easy looking as good as I do, as often as I do.

Nevertheless, I am always up for a challenge, so here goes with my tips for male grooming.

The mirror lined lobby of Downtown HQ at New Zealand House acts as a permanent distraction for me and is often cited as the reason for my lateness at meetings. Any good grooming regime requires a good mirror, and I have one at home that has a number of messages etched in to boost my low self esteem – “You are the fairest of them all.” “You’re charming.” “You are fantastic,” etc etc.


2. BOOTS NO. 7 AFTERSHAVE BALM: In the 80s and 90s it was considered cool to wear heavily perfumed fragrances that had one stinking like the proverbial madame's boudoir. I was a Kouros man myself. Now though, odourless is the vogue and the Boots No. 7 Post shave recovery balm SPF 15 soothes, calms and delivers all-day hydration after a close shave (of which I have had many).

3 FUDGE MATTE HED: DLIB was once described as “the Chamber of Commerce with hair gel”. As I said at the time, gel is so 1980s darling. Firm hold paste with an extra matte finish is what you need nowadays, to create definition and texture to your Barnett.

4 PHILIPS SONICARE TOOTHBRUSH: There was a time when any self respecting Englishman was happy to have a set of pearly whites that were more pearly grey. Now, however, dental hygiene is big business, and in between visits to my dentist Ollie & Darsh on Dale Street (Go on, Frank, go for the plug, ed) I use this Philips electric toothbrush to allow the natural whiteness of my smile to shine through, whilst also improving gum health and reducing the risk of gingivitis.

(Click here to add text)(Click here to add text)5 ANTI FATIGUE EYE STICK: Twenty four hour party people like me will be aware that the first signs of fatigue are the dark shadows that start to appear below the eyes. This simple to apply, easy to carry eye stick is another from the Boots No 7 range and contains a revitalising formula with targeted ingredients to boost circulation and help reduce puffiness. It also visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles – a must when you have my sort of hectic lifestyle.

As I said at the outset, I have had to work hard to limit myself to only five products, but if you have let yourself go a bit, and you are looking to get yourself back on track, all of the above will prove to be a good investment.

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Professor ChucklebuttyJuly 7th 2010.

Narcissus Missus? Frank seems to be getting more stick than the one in his eye. Is that Frank in the photo, if so, he puts me in mind of a young Tom Jones, before he had a fork lift. Mrs C said she wouldn't mind doing some down town business with him. I am certainly going to give some of these products a try. Anyway my Brut after shave has solidified and the pic of Henry Cooper on the label has half his head missing. Cheers Frank, I think people just get jealous of blokes like us who take a pride in their appearance. Clean vest every Friday. I also think the open bow tie would suit me but all mine are elasticated.

Hardly AmiesJuly 7th 2010.

If he's going to wear a bow tie, it should be knotted at all times. That one's straight out of the box, it has never been tied.

Tommy NutterJuly 7th 2010.

Why has the man in the picture got people in his bedroom when he´s nowhere near finished dressing?

SuetoniusJuly 7th 2010.

Scrubba was in the film of 1971, not the television series. She was played by Adrienne Posta.

AnonymousJuly 7th 2010.

I'm a Carmen rollers man myself

Liverpool WagJuly 7th 2010.

Frank's self deprecation has clearly passed Jane Mc by. Oh well!

Norman HartnellJuly 7th 2010.

Why does he have a blonde reading a menu in what appears to be his bedroom or dressing room?

Ludicrus SextusJuly 7th 2010.

The slave was Lurcio, Nauseus was the effeminate son of the senator who wrote bad odes

Tricky WooJuly 7th 2010.

Narkcissus, wasn't that the bad tempered slave in Up Pompeii?

Tricky WooJuly 7th 2010.

Wasn't Frankie's girlfriend called Scrubber?

Septic PegJuly 7th 2010.

It has been tied around his neck as a matter of fact.....just not tight enough ....lol smiley face!

Professor ChucklebeautyJuly 7th 2010.

How is getting poked in the eye with a stick a grooming product? Yes it will definitely combat fatigue and keep you awake but that's what probably caused the dark shadows and puffiness in the first place. C'mon Frank, wake up man, technically this is assault. That electric toothbrush is good. I use that but not too late at night as it doesn't have make your teeth rattle round the glass.

Jane McJuly 7th 2010.

Can't believe I'm getting into this... but that character was called Nauseous ! Still... fond memories of another Frankie " Oooh er missus !"

Jane McJuly 7th 2010.

Has anyone heard the myth of Narcissus ?

Slimey FrankJuly 7th 2010.

Francesco, you are ever gorgeous, but when, for Gods sake will you ever learn to tie a bow tie? The untied tie, casually draped is so 1980's Golf

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