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City in voter apathy crisis; Jimmy Corkhill, Pete Burns and more...all in our round up of stuff you may or may not know about already...

Published on May 16th 2007.

Not Strictly Confidential

Liverpool Confidential has learned that the Culture Company has been locked in top level crisis talks that add a whole new meaning to the term “board meeting”.

Officials and councillors reportedly spent the best part of an afternoon last week, wringing their hands in angst over voter apathy. But this wasn't anything to do with poor turn-out in the recent local elections. No.it was all about Monopoly.

To some, the term “buying Mayfair” can only mean one or two things: the purchase of 400 cheap fags or a solitary pastime embarked on by 15-year-old boys.

But over at that other Monopoly address, Whitechapel (08 Place HQ) it's taken on a serious side. Talks with the Royal Mail over a Capital of Culture stamp remain on a knife edge, and now there is another reason to worry about being left out.

Liverpool is lagging behind in an online poll organised by Parker, makers of the classic board game Monopoly, which has seen people up and down the land nominating their city for a place on the board of one of its new moneyspinners, the Monopoly Here and Now UK Edition.

While excitement has reached fever pitch in St Albans (currently topping the poll), Liverpool inhabitants have curbed their enthusiasm to vote, which suggests that they might not have heard about it. Or worse: couldn't care less.

But with 08 just seven months away, that simply won't do; it would be unthinkable if the city, currently languishing at no 32, were not included on the 22-place board.

“The famous Liverpool sense of togetherness has been called into question,” teases the press release from Parker.

Now, as a result of the 08 pow-wow, a call to action is said to be on its way to thousands of city council workers in the form of a round-robin email giving detailed instructions on how to vote - and you can do it once a day - until May 25.

It proves that in 08 land, there can be unexpected results from an afternoon's head shaking over a diminishing tray of Sayers macaroons. Pass the Head & Shoulders please.

**LARGER -than-life singer Pete Burns is getting his own TV show.Pete's PA will see a host of hopefuls compete to become personal assistant to the former Probe Records salesman.

Whoever gets the job will be in for a treat.

In the past 12 months, the Dead Or Alive singer has started a compo claim against his plastic surgeon for botching his lip implants, has spent time in jail for breaking his bail conditions and has been evicted from his home. Good to see that, 25 years on from bringing scally-filled Church Street to a standstill, just by strutting down it, the 47-year-old's behaviour is still enough to make your average spotty asbo gape with wonder.

***UNLIKE Pete Burns, some institutions in Liverpool are, dare we say it, mellowing with the passage of time, at least for some of the week.3345, the members' bar, which is tagged onto the second largest recording studio in the UK, Parr Street, seems to have concluded that many of its customer base of “creatives” might have kids by now and don't get around much anymore.

So they have come up with an alternative for people fed up looking at their trashed houses on Sundays, and have thrown open their doors for a weekly family affair. Their Jazz Sunday lunch greets roast dinner diners with the dulcet and soothing trumpet tones of Martin Smith and his band. And 3345 seem to be on to something. Demand for tables is so high that now it all kicks off an hour earlier than planned, at 2pm. For £6.50 a head it sounds like a cool bargain and your kids might be lulled, for a short time, into chilling out too. Who said you couldn't do culture on the cheap?

**COLEEN McLoughlin may have come a long way from her colourful Devonshire House party days, but they still know how to throw a celebrity do over there.

News reaches us that over 1,000 people are expected to snap up a free internet invite to the social event of the summer, on June 7, at the Edge Lane hotel. The occasion? Why it's Jimmy Corkhill's 50th (or 52nd if you believe IMDB).

Yes, Dean Sullivan, renowned actor, veteran of 1001 opening nights and undisputed king of the guest list, is organising a free, all-comers bash through his business networking company, The Directors Club. If you ain't going, it means your broadband's been cut off.

“The VIP list looks like a who's who from Scrote! Magazine,” reveals an email circular to lucky ticket holders. “Dean's bringing a loads of his celebrity pals along (with one VERY SPECIAL surprise guest),” it says.

But if you've pencilled June 7 in your diary for this excitement, and are looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the Rickys, Priceys and Herberts of this world, you might be disappointed. The VIPs are being wined and dined in a separate enclosure from the hoi polloi. But you won't go hungry. The same email advises party goers that they may purchase a special buffet arm band for a tenner, through PayPal, should they anticipate the munchies on the big night.

We couldn't possibly infer that some people are more equal than others at these things, and it's happy birthday greetings in advance.

But there's just one thing bothering us: Has anyone invited Rex Makin yet?

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mrs de pointeMay 14th 2007.

"Do not collect 22 million pounds"

percy pelicanMay 14th 2007.

Thing is, it's ONLY A GAME! The council has risen to the bait of a PR stunt put out by a commercial concern. Yeah, vote for Liverpool to be on some Monopoly board by all means, but don't assume that the whole issue really matters or has some grave significance for the city.

AnonymousMay 14th 2007.

what expense? it costs nothing to vote...and raising the profile of the city will only benefit those that live there in the end...if we dont vote then surely we are proving them right?

Johnny ToddMay 14th 2007.

With regard to the Monopoly story, why should ordinary Liverpudlians vote at their own expense? Local people were excluded from the jobs at the so-called Culture Company, yet they are expected to act as unpaid volunteer guides in 2008! Perhaps they’ll be able to get cleaning and catering jobs in the ‘regeneration’ of the city and be grateful! No wonder “The famous Liverpool sense of togetherness has been called into question,” as Parker Games puts it?

Johnny ToddMay 14th 2007.

Go to Jail. Do not pass 'Go', do not collect £200.

tessaMay 14th 2007.

And they ain't getting it off me

Johnny ToddMay 14th 2007.

The Council should be trying to SAVE money. The Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 is £17,000,000 short. Perhaps the highly-paid dead wood in the Liverpool Culture Company's upper echelons should be sacked?

colinMay 14th 2007.

Bank of Toytown will provide.

AnonymousMay 14th 2007.

£22m. Get your figures right

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