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Not Strictly Confidential: 7/11/08

This time: MTV, Perez Hilton, Bono, Coleen and celebrities galore, all bobbing about in the pool of Pool

Published on November 7th 2008.

Not Strictly Confidential: 7/11/08

AND so to the MTV Awards, a gong show imaginatively secured as a one-off for Liverpool a couple of years ago, and, ironically, given its high glam factor and ring fence security, one of the more accessible events of 08.

Pop star Bono has revealed he was taken on a tour of Liverpool by Paul McCartney.

As the U2 singer presented Macca with the MTV Ultimate Legend trophy, he told the audience how his hero had taken him on a car trip and pointed out all significant sites in Liverpool that had meant something to him.

“It was like being in the Popemobile with the Pope driving,” said Bono.

How short Bono's sightseeing trip of Liverpool might have been, had it been Ringo up for the gong instead, is anyone's guess.


Asked about Britain's obsession with WAGs, Perez Hilton, among the celebrities in town, told reporters: "I know that Coleen McLoughlin girl, but she bores me to tears.

"She's so boring, do you find her exciting? I think Victoria Beckham is very exciting.”

Perhaps sensing that this was enough to make any assembled Wag-erati unsteady on their dainty, Ugg-booted feet, he quickly added: "But Coleen is also inspirational at the same time.....boring and extremely inspirational.”

Phew. There's nothing like a back-handed back-pedal. Hilton might be the most Hated Man in Hollywood, but it's quite another thing to be the most hated man in Cricket or The Living Room.


Speaking of designer clobber, there were cheers around the 10,000 capacity Arena for the MTV award winners and boos for Kerry Katona. But happily nobody went away empty handed.

“Artists and performers will once again receive some amazing goodies housed in a money-can’t-buy bag by edc by Esprit,” gushed the Echo.

“The bags contain thousands of pounds worth of gifts including:Sony Ericsson W595 mobile phone; edc by Esprit hoodies and bracelets; Dell laptop; St Tropez gift box; Membership toAmika nightclub; Bespoke Todd Goldman Lithographs; Limited edition passport covers designed by luxury Dubai boutique Seven Minutes; Swatch watch from the 007 Villain Collection; Paramount Home Entertainment DVDs including Iron Man and the Godfather Trilogy; Rock Band 2 video game; Micro Crush amplifier by Orange Amps.”

The bags didn't appear to include the A-lister's favourite “goodie” of all: an ounce of charlie, but the credit-crunched shouldn't feel left out.

“Money-can-buy” rucksacks of the similar items, and Adidias socks, could be found on the backs of local entrepreneurs doing the rounds of city watering holes yesterday afternoon, and coming to a local to you soon.

Lucky celebs! Lucky us!


The MTV people have obviously never come across the warm scouse welcome. Either that or they just don't want their streetwise rappers to go hip-hopping around the, er, streets.

Why else would they have hired a coach to take stars enjoying a party in the Panoramic, back to their hotel. Why not? It's a crazy world out there, you might think.

Well, when the hotel in question is the Radisson, which is bang next door to, oooh, let's see, the Panoramic where the party was being held, you could start to get as paranoid as them.

At least the stars, including Katy Perry, got to rest their tootsies: The bus had to travel around the waterfront one-way system to get back to where it (almost) started, accidentally ensuing, of course, that the precious cargo got to see as many sights as Bono.


Every hotel room in Liverpool was booked out for the MTV Europe Awards, so who ended up in the posh Hope Street Hotel and the trendy Mal? And who ended up in the Formule One or, oh dear, in the Adelphi?

Travelodge guests were luckier. For out-of-town pop stars and anyone else, the budget hotel chain has put together a “Lingo-Busting Guide” so that the visitor may understand the local dialect.

Thus, it informs customers that “Queen” is “an affectionate term of address for a female.” A “nudger” is, apparently, a sandwich; “Kaylied” is drunk and “Bizzy” is a police officer. Depending on the nature of your stay in Liverpool, there are no prizes for using all of these in one sentence.

The guide, which is illustrated by a huge picture of Steven Gerrard, kicks off by explaining that a “Bluenose” is a supporter of Everton Football Club. Curiously there is no mention anywhere of the colloquial name for a Reds' fan..


Ah well, back down to earth with a bump. It's not just those rock and roll stars who have an image to maintain.

Frank McKenna, chairman of the Downtown Liverpool in Business organisation, had a very apologetic lady assistant call Confidential this week to reschedule a meeting.

“He can't make it. He's got to have his photo taken,” she explained.

“What, again?” Confidential opined of the sharp suited one's apparent fondness for the camera.

“You do realise we'll probably use that, don't you?”

“Write it! Write it!” came the excited reply from Mr McKenna's loyal servant.

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Sir Howard WayNovember 7th 2008.

If the audience paid the astronomical ticket prices that were being charged to get into this vast confection of worthless nothingness, then they can boo whomsoever they like.

PhilNovember 7th 2008.

The right those people have is a freedom to express their opinion. She is a non entity celebrity these days but still gets on T.V, in glossy mags and fills column inches. What for? Why? To whore herself and her troubled life to the highest bidders. What is even more tedious and worrying is that there's people prepared to pay to read about and watch her life unfold. It's a sad reflection on society that this troubled lady is allowed to embarrass herself the way she does. I don't know what's worse, the people watching/reading it or the people in her life allowing it to happen. I guess, to an extent it's a symbiotic relationship.

AnonymousNovember 7th 2008.

What right do these lot have to boo Kerry Katona? And the same people cheering Obama all night. It muct have been like being in PC world. Rock n roll is dead!

Captain SpauldingNovember 7th 2008.

But he makes good dog biscuits, doesn't he?

Toxtech TerrorNovember 7th 2008.

And nudger is also another word for Bono.

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