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Why I'm off: Paul Clein's email to the Lib Dem group

Exclusive: Confidential obtains Councillor Paul Clein's “last straw” email to colleagues on why he quit his executive member post. Read it here

Published on March 28th 2008.

Why I'm off: Paul Clein's email to the Lib Dem group

ONLY the other day, the Confidential team were thinking, “We haven't heard of much going on with the people in the council chamber recently. Perhaps they've all made friends.”

But alas, just when we thought it all might have calmed down at the badly behaved council (and that's official) and the media minders had succeeded in putting the city's political leaders under lock and key, to be wheeled out only for the odd Save The Superlambanana video, it has all hit the fan again at the Town Hall.

This time Liverpool City Councillor Paul Clein has resigned as executive member for children’s services in the wake of the row over the deselection of his Lib Dem colleague, Kevin Firth, earlier this week*. This in turn was brought about, Clein felt, by Firth's uncomfortable line of questioning to the council leader, Warren Bradley, over the Mathew Street chaos.

Nonsense, says Warren, in today's Daily Post. It's all sour grapes, he says, and all brought about because he (Paul) came second in the council leadership contest two years ago and didn't win like he (Warren) did. “Childish,” was how another councillor, Bernie Turner reacted. But who could she mean?

Cllr Clein, who had been on the executive board for ten years and who is not resigning as a councillor in the Greenbank ward, told local media yesterday he had been "unhappy with the leadership of the council for a while” but the decision to deselect Kevin Firth was basically the last straw.

Now we have obtained a copy of the email he sent out to the whole Lib Dem group which is required reading for anyone interested in the civil war that appears to be raging unabated at municipal towers.

Click here to read Paul Clein's email to the Lib Dem Group.

*Gary Millar, owner of the exclusive members bar 3345, will replace Firth as the candidate in the Old Swan ward.

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45 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

toriblareMarch 28th 2008.

It doesn't really matter who or what I consult, Bradley and his Lib Dems are still liars.

TahomaMarch 28th 2008.

How about Troy Tempest for elected Mayor and Phones as deputy?

V. I. Lenin AirportMarch 28th 2008.

Is this the same Gary Miller who recorded 'Aqua Marina' for the end-credits of 'Stingray'?

ColinMarch 28th 2008.

bloody hell they are all on here, aren't they?

Lord RedmondMarch 28th 2008.

okay, okay, okay. I will stand as Mayor - but I don't want to have to go through any of that sordid business of an election and democracy. People will want to start holding me to account for spending public money! That's not the way I do business. Obviously.

AndyMarch 28th 2008.

Calm down, calm down. Don't you realise that in this terribly insecure world, consistency is something we desperately crave. So all praise to Liverpool City Council for being consistently ****e for as long as I can remember.

Pauline's mateMarch 28th 2008.

Goodness gracious me: Is this the same Chucklebutty as the legend who does this blog? http://profchucklebutty.blogspot.comFab. Keep up the magnificent work old son, we love you and you deserve a wider audience

Laura-Jane HallMarch 28th 2008.

Sorry teachers pet, its Friday and i want to go home.........

Pound shop PaulineMarch 28th 2008.

Why is GaryMillarwithana standing in Old Swan then if he's a celebrity party-goer? Does that mean we will have lots more street parties in Old Swan?

Stanley StreetMarch 28th 2008.

Of course I couldn't kern less, myself...

ArialMarch 28th 2008.

I prefer Franklin Gothic - and Bold. Its clear, modern, strong and seems to hold everything together very well. Any party that used such an impressive font on its literature would be bound to get my vote - and I am sure would be just the antidote to Lib Dem Bradley Hand ITC (it comes just before Britannic Bold).

Beatrice Franklin GothicMarch 28th 2008.

What are you looking at?

BicepMarch 28th 2008.

It would appear ToriBlare has been consulting the same dictionary as Laura Jane Hall. An American publication, no doubt.

TonyMarch 28th 2008.

He's somewhere on the blogosphere. That Pete Price will know....

tricky wooMarch 28th 2008.

Not for the likes of you, Pauline.

Laura-Jane HallMarch 28th 2008.

I am glad you are all taking this seriously! How can we ever step forward as a City and have any credability if we have a dishonest council? My vote will undoubtedly go to Gary Millar, now there is a fine, honest upstanding gentleman if ever there was one!Ljx

Franklyn Gothic McKennaMarch 28th 2008.

If Warren Bradley and Mike Storey were fonts they would be zapf dingbats without a doubt.

Professor ChucklebuttyMarch 28th 2008.

Pauline's Mate hello,I don't suppose you are also mates with a plumber are you? There appear to be a number of leaks in the municipality of mirth.Yes i think I am one in the same but the bulb has gone in my study so i won't know for sure until morning light. I have not written here before today as being an old fashioned Jam Butty Man, I thought this site may be more Brie and Red Grape on Wholemeal and you may have no time for an ageing academic with a restless quill. (Thats why I keep my gander for fresh supplies)I am pleased to see that already interest has been expressed in the development of my new font style. Yes p***ing in the wind is a good suggestion but if the wind is very cold I doubt it would be in Bold.The working title at the moment is "Yellerspeller Handscript" or "ASBO Chargesheet" if there are any technically minded people out there, our boffins are having a little difficulty in getting the full stops right. Mr Tony, I see you have spotted my recent advice comments to Mr Pete Pricerite.Pehaps you could have a word with him, his so called secret diary is not secret at all I typed "The Secret Diary of Pete Price" into Google & Dunthopes or whatever it is and got straight in. I have written twice but he just directs me to youtube videos of Gracie Fields and goes on about phoning the Osmond's. Pesonally I would prefer good old David Jacobs who knew real celebrities, like Clodagh Rogers from 321 and Mantovani from On the Buses.

toriblareMarch 28th 2008.

I agree with Liam we cannot carry on with these idiots running the City and not being held to account ever!The people of Liverpool should have the say in who has overall control of the City.History should have shown us all by now that it is too big a role for any average councillor.I must also add, I nominate Proffessor Chucklebutty for this role, as he makes more sence than those in power now.

Stanley StreetMarch 28th 2008.

Steve A says..“ The best thing most about this page are the wonderful tongue-in-cheek comments posted by 'Font of all knowledge' (above ▲;). Excellent!” __________ Aye lad, but is he a True-Type Font who looks after his widows and orphans or just someone 'leading' you on?

tricky wooMarch 28th 2008.

They go to all the same celebrity parties. Maybe they can do an election leaflet for the people of Old Swan showing which openings they've been to that week with Natasha Hamilton and Kev Seed. That should go down well with the good voting folks in Home and Bargain.

WarrenMarch 28th 2008.

I'm trying to save that GarywithaMillarSuperlambanana - have you not seen my most excellent video on You Tube?

jayMarch 28th 2008.

Tick tock Mr Bradley, your time is up!

Admirable FontMarch 28th 2008.

So Councillor Clien has launched his leadership challenge then. What a mess. Only Troy Tempest can save us now

V. I. Lenin AirportMarch 28th 2008.

Anonymous says..“ You are misplacing an a for an e. This Gary Millar is the owner of Parr Street Studios, I think you will find.” __________ Oh right, not worth an autograph then... (loses interest, strolls off)

Steve AMarch 28th 2008.

The best thing most about this page are the wonderful tongue-in-cheek comments posted by 'Font of all knowledge' (above ▲). Excellent!

Stanley StreetMarch 28th 2008.

The best font for Bradley and Storey would surely be 'Wingdings Underlined', Mr. Font.

"Professor" RedmondMarch 28th 2008.

Election. A word that is loaded with (contd. p94, the Daily Post)

Knowledge of All FontsMarch 28th 2008.

My disappointment with Cllr Clein knows no bounds. Comic Sans? Comic Sans? Why doesn't he just throw bleach in our eyes and be done with it? May I recommend he visit the estimable website bancomicsans.com? Mr Fogarty, if you can ensure that whoever becomes mayor - WHOEVER RECEIVES YOUR SUPPORT (NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK, EH?) - removes Comic Sans from all council PCs, you'll definitely find me on his/her bandwagon.

Graf Bernard of BreslauMarch 28th 2008.

To truly lead this city we need a ruthless autocrat who punishes incompetence and corruption with pistol-whippings, vicious floggings and public executions! Yes by thunder, we need Crown Prince Harpik to lead the reborn Liverpool into the sunlit uplands of our new century!

TonyMarch 28th 2008.

What's Gary Millarwithana got to do with Bernie Turnip?

Vera DrakeMarch 28th 2008.

Given the infantile behaviour of local politicians, and despite it being, some may suggest, little late in the day. I may still be the solution to the Lib Dems. Please bring your own gin, and form an orderly (if only) queue. Now where's my crochet hook and pinny.

AnonymousMarch 28th 2008.

Doesnt Liam Fogarty want Frank McKenna (DLIB)for Mayor?

AnonymousMarch 28th 2008.

You are misplacing an a for an e. This Gary Millar is the owner of Parr Street Studios, I think you will find.

Font Enoy StreetMarch 28th 2008.

As well as Comic Sans, The Elected Phil for Liverpool ought also to remove the appalling Frutiger Light from all corpie computers and terminate any contracts the Council has with any trendy "dezoyne" companies that encourage its use.

Chucklebutty fanMarch 28th 2008.

The Prof would indeed be a fine Lord Mayor for Liverpool. Where are you at our hour of need?

Font of all knowledgeMarch 28th 2008.

And is this new font called "Piss in the Wind Bold" perchanciness?

Lord RedmondMarch 28th 2008.

to anonymous - over my dead body will it be Flirty Frank! (At which stage we will all have to go to a scouse funeral, anyway).

Teacher's petMarch 28th 2008.

We will never have any credability as a city until we learn to spell credibility correctly.

Stanley StreetMarch 28th 2008.

It shows he has integrity at least, but who else but a Liberal Democrat would type his resignation in the reviled 'Comic Sans', the favourite font of female office juniors?

V. I. Lenin AirportMarch 28th 2008.

Tahoma, Troy and Phones are both males who work for the W.A.S.P. I somehow feel that this wouldn't get past the Orwellian Member for Political Correctness.

Liam Fogarty, amayorforliverpool.orgMarch 28th 2008.

Finally, confirmation from the "inside" that Messrs Bradley and Storey have been operating as a "Dual Monarchy" since 2005. It didn't do the Austro-Hungarian Empire much good,did it? Our fractious, plotting politicians can NEVER give Liverpool the real leadership it needs. We need an Elected Mayor answering directly to us, the citizens. Council leaders lead councils (when they're not being barred from office.) Only a Mayor can lead a city.

Font of all knowledgeMarch 28th 2008.

I think Times New Roman is an admirable font to use in serious circumstances like these. Arial, maybe, if you are being chatty, or perhaps Persil if you've got a lot of dirty linen to air. "Lenor sans serif" could be another typeface that those expensive outside spin-dryer doctors could use when writing what the leaders have said. What do other readers think?

Professor ChucklebuttyMarch 28th 2008.

Those of you who read my blob site Official Guide to Capital of Custard will be aware that Hamish and Mint have de-selected me as Mayoral Candidate. I had just taken delivery of a tricorn hat too, with lemming fur trim, although it kept jumping off me head. I may stand as a Neo Preservative but my campaign has been weakened. however, with a bit of lippy and a new hair-do Remond could stand as my Lady Mayoress, I will after all need somebody to officially open the wool shop in Liverpool One. Chucklebutty and Redmond I believe it may be what's known in politics as the Cream Ticket, Like Noel Kinnoch and Roy Hatterslop. As for where I am in this hour of need, I am currently in rehab resting at the Betty Rubble clinic. My de-selection caused me to relapse into my old student ways and I am afraid I hit the windowlene again. I have been squeeky clean for 17 years. So damn them! They got my gander up and he usually sleeps til eleven. Took a chunk out of the milkman!By the way, in some other rants on here, much discussion was made of using a particular font when writing letters. If it is of interest, my staff are currently devloping a new font style based on writing your name in the snow after a shandy or two. Happy to take advance orders.

de VouvrayMarch 28th 2008.

I wonder when the leadership of the Lib Dems in Westminster will twig that their complete failure to exert control over the ludicrious antics of local Lib Dem parties is one of the factors preventing them ever being taken seriously as a political party nationally.

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