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Warren Bradley quits

Election fraud allegations in media end six years at top

Published on April 18th 2011.

Warren Bradley quits

WARREN Bradley has resigned as leader of the Liverpool Lib Dems after media reports today pointing to involvement in a possible election fraud.

There have been people who have continuously undermined me in the position, something which has been extremely illiberal, something I am not used to, and something I understand that has driven them to help with what they have today, sadly involving my son

Just a week after taking on Nick Clegg in an attempt to distance the local party from the Coalition, his leadership was plunged into fresh controversy after it was alleged that he had witnessed an election nomination for his teenage son Daniel for the forthcoming local elections.

The candidate himself must also sign the form but according to newspaper reports, the teenager has claimed that he did not want to stand and that his own signature on the form is "a fake".

It brings to an end six colourful years in senior office for the councillor who was leader of the city for most of that time, including Capital of Culture year.

But his reign was not without its moments.The cancellation of the Mathew Street Festival in 2007, on health and safety grounds and on his watch was only the start of it.

The firefighter was twice investigated, and cleared, by the Standards Board for England over claims he bullied the boss of Capital of Culture, Jason Harborow, and conspired to remove him from his post in what was dubbed the “Peroni-gate” scandal.

Under him, in 2008, the Lib-Dems’ majority on the council was slashed to just one and they clung to power with the help of a Labour councillor defecting at the last minute.

Cllr Bradley then fought off a dual leadership challenge from senior councillors Cllrs Paul Clein and Richard Kemp.

Meanwhile, Cllr Bradley stood by his fire station colleague, Cllr Steve Hurst, who was found guilty of breaching election law after he delivered offensive fliers during the 2007 local elections smearing a Labour candidate.

Last year, after 12 in power, the Lib-Dems suffered a landslide electoral defeat to Labour.

Warren's resignation email to the Lib Dem group

From: Warren Bradley
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:51:54
Subject: Media Reports

Dear All,

I write to you firstly to outline the media headlines today and secondly to let you know of my plans.

I have today been accused by the media of putting my sons name forward to stand for election, without his knowledge, and then to underline my intention I spoke to the press as if to reaffirm the fraud.

I cannot say too much at this stage for obvious reasons, but to inform you I totally deny this allegation and am seeking legal advice to that end.Secondly, although I fully intended to stand down this May to pursue my fire service career, I will be with immediate effect standing down as the Leader of the City Council Liberal Democrat Group (hooray I hear from some); lots of things have happened during my 6 year tenure, mostly positive with lots of support from the majority of members, but sadly there have been people who have continuously undermined me in the position, something which has been extremely illiberal, something I am not used to, and something I understand that has driven them to help with what they have today, sadly involving my son.

In conclusion, peoples private lives should remain just that, unfortunately some senior members in our Group do not feel the same. Can I give a gentle prod to whoever succeeds me in the position to ensure they have the total support of the majority of the Group, without that, life will also become as miserable for you.

Sincere apologies if this issue causes you more electoral problems (I think the national party have already done that - but I am now the scapegoat!), it is the last thing that I would want. Electioneering was never about me, but the Lib Dems in Liverpool, it is such a pity the same cannot be said for some.

I will still be around pounding the pavements as a true liberal, standing up for ordinary people.

I will also be collecting subs, leaflet bills and other outstanding amounts because life goes on. so if you owe, get paying!

Let us start afresh as a united team, (stop leaking information that makes it more difficult for us) to crush those who are the real enemy - our political opponents.

Thanks again for the opportunity.



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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousApril 18th 2011.

Knifed in the back and knifed in the front.

PoliticoWatcherApril 18th 2011.

For all their faults, Mike Storey and warren Bradley must rate as the best leaders we have had in Liverpool for generations. Look at the place now compared to what it was like in the 1990s when the idea-less Labour were last in charge. Storey took the place by the scruff of the neck and started the job of transformation, Bradley gave the place another kick in the pants to finish the job. Well done lads, you have much to be proud about.

ToolApril 18th 2011.

Ironic that Warren Bradley should have pleaded so hard for the media to lay off in the last few years because it was making his children suffer. Not sure what's gone here but you can't help but feel a degree of sympathy for him.

Reggie McCoughApril 18th 2011.

And so farewell to Warren Bradley

Of common sense, the poor lad had nay,

Stumbling like a donkey, lame

with everyone but him to blame

There were no ears to hear you beg

from the day you passed the blame to Clegg

For you started your doomed expedition

before he joined the coalition

You wanted folk to vote Lib Dem

On a slogan that you’re not like them

A desperate plea in your final hour

While your party keeps the Tories in power

The local government Jewel in the Crown

Was left for scrap when you went down

Now you see the harsh reality

Of Liberal Democrat loyalty

Where the price to pay, as we will see

To secure Clegg’s place in history

Is your beloved party locally

Flushed down the electoral lavatory

Will some people still be fooled

And vote for the likes of Kemp and Gould?

Or your former mentor, now Lord Storey

For underneath they all are Tory

For them it’s all now very neat

For they never would have won a seat

Unless they joined the Lib Dem band

Now with fellow Tories they are hand in hand

The Lib Dem colours shining through

Revealing the dark sides shades of blue

But you piped up to save your skin

And now you’ve done your own self in

For your party planned assassination

before your tawdry resignation

As we listen to your familiar cry

“the charges made, I will deny”

You have now fallen on your sword

Faced with alleged election fraud

And without grace you still cast blame

While we wait to see who signed their name

You were often labelled more daft than bad

Storey’s protégé, his lad gone mad

But now he doesn’t want to know

And you now reap what you did sew

This is a fire you can’t put out

The hose is dry, and you have no clout

You’ve seen that your party now is rotten

And your work in the city will be forgotten

You claim your being made scapegoat

For Clegg who will cost you every vote

So no honours list for you dear friend

For you began the losing trend

But for all the ridicule that you brought

Perhaps a lesson you’ll be taught

You claimed it was your mistaken passion

When people complained of your bullying fashion

As the decent folk that you drove away

Could have been the friends you need today

But in spite of all this sleaze and strife

Remember that there’s more to life

So go and break the fire bell

Let Clegg and his friends all burn in hell

They all sold out and they told us lies

Farewell Mr Bradley, now dry your eyes.

Lorry AteApril 19th 2011.

That is an excellent poem Reggie. Poor old Bradley eh. These politicians are so arrogant. I hope he can make it up with his son.

Colette ForrestApril 21st 2011.

Another Lib Dem who worked hard for our city. We should all think about the things Warren and Mike have done for our city we can walk round our city with our head held high it is a place to be proud of and the investment is down to the councillors who have worked hard to secure the money invested. Hope the next Lib Dem Leader is as successful as the last two!

Yaffle ChucklebuttyApril 23rd 2011.

Oh Colette, there is no need for that level of sarcasm, they weren't all bad now matter how many times they made the city look riduculous in the press.

Mike HomfrayApril 27th 2011.

All they did was take advantage of the large amounts of extra money which the Labour government gave them

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