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The VIPs, the night and the music

Gordo is bowled over by love and a free bar at the Liverpool Sound

Written by . Published on June 6th 2008.

The VIPs, the night and the music

LIVERPOOL Sound, and that Paul McCartney had been mithering Gordo all month.

"Please Gordo, it won't be any fun without you." Gordo relents in the end and got to be in a better gig than the editor who was with the hoi polloi while Gordo found himself with the VIPs.

It's a good job
Warren wasn't
down in the mosh
pit, he would have been torn limb from limb by the masses. Lovely feller though

First spotting his pal, Jo Bloxham, there with husband Tom. "What do you think of George winning Britain's Got Talent?" asks Jo, the tenth person to do so that day. "Bloody traversty," comments Gordo. "The 12-year-old girl should have stormed it."

"But George Sampson is one of ours, the Warrington kid who has been busking all over the place," says Jo. "Oh shit," thinks Gordo, hastily reworking the conversation in his head.

Gordo was given a glass of free champagne. Nice, but not as nice as a cold pint of Guinness. Gordo orders one of these at the bar. The lad serving refused Gordo's money. It was at this point Gordo realised he was going to have a good night. The bar staff were fantastic.

Sir Richard Lees, head gaffer of Manchester City Council, was next in line to butter him up with his fabulous daughter, Jo, who makes up for her dad. Sir Richard, better known to Gordo's boss, Mark Garner, as a "tricky bugger", was endearing himself to Gordo with his usual schmoozing. "It's because you talk shit all the time," was Tricky's answer to an honest question from Gordo.

Warren Bradley, Tricky Dickie's oppo in Liverpool, was bothering Gordo as well.

"Come on Gordo," says Liverpool's most famous fireman. "Take me out on the piss with you. I need cheering up, mate." Now, why would that be Warren?

It's a good job Warren wasn't down in the mosh pit, he would have been torn limb from limb by the masses. Lovely feller though.

Claire Sweeney arrived with her mum, the fabulous Cath. Claire is looking bloody fab as well. She is, by all accounts, currently single. Gordo was getting excited. "Where are you up to next week, Claire?" he enquired. "As far away from you as possible, Fatty," replies the highly intuitive actress. Torquay as it happens. Claire is currently touring with her show, Shout!. It's well worth seeing for her legs alone.

Someone else with great intuition is Peter Kilfoyle, MP for sunny Walton. On his fortieth pint, Gordo asked him for his card. "Not a chance, piss off," was the reply. Blimey. This could upset lesser men, but Gordo gets up, dusts himself off and goes over to the Bloxham table to bother the Lord Mayor, AKA Steve Rotherham. Steve had the Lady Mayoress with him. Fit bird this. After five minutes Gordo tells Steve not to forget Liverpool Confidential. "I don't know about Liverpool Confidential, but I'll never forget you..." came the reply. It's nice to have people like you.

Gordo could hear Steve saying to Howard Sharrock, Confidential's chairman: "Is that mental case for real?"

"Now," thought Gordo, "You shouldn't talk about poor old Tom Bloxham like that."

Gordo was at the event as a guest of the Culture Company who very kindly had donated 150,000k from the night to the charity he supports, Nordoff Robbins, as well as a load of dosh to LIPA. Kris Donaldson, the Culture Company gaffer, isn't such a bad lad after all.

Belle of the ball status goes to Alison Scott, Bob Scott's wife and an utter delight, sharing with Cath Sweeney, a smile that knocked Gordo's socks off.

Finally, Mel C asks Gordo what he thought of the winner of Britain's got Talent.

"Bloody fantastic that George Sampson. He's one of ours you know..."

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Angie the EdJune 4th 2008.

Gordo, for your information, the "hoi polloi" you refer to actually contained The Kaiser Chiefs, The Zutons and Peter Kay in their number, sitting in the same row of cheap seats.Jeez, I turn my back for one minute...

Tricky WooJune 4th 2008.

He's the one who got to sit on Warren's shoulders during the human pyramid bike ride contest that took place in the car park after all the champers had gone. It's part of the World Dustbin Man Games taking place at the Echo margarine arena.

TonyJune 4th 2008.

Is it a coincidence that whenever the bosses and high-ups get involved the quality of the writing on livconf takes a turn for the worst and it suddenly becomes a forum for self-indulgent twaddle?

PatJune 4th 2008.

But who the **** is this Gordo bloke? And why does he talk about himself so much?

Anne FieldJune 4th 2008.

If these are V.I.P.s then they are being very poorly looked after! Many of then appear to have been reduced to drinking lager from the bottle like tramps and winos! It would be just like the so-called Liverpool culture Company to organise a big piss-up and forget to order the glasses! "DUHHH!" (as they say!)

toriblareJune 4th 2008.

Nadia ate Larry Neild, that was her reward.

KnowledgeableJune 4th 2008.

I was right about Carolyn Hughes being barred out of the vips lounge. Today her column was all about a party at a dentists and pictures of Frank McKenna

Titchy WitchJune 4th 2008.

You are very heightist today, aren't you? And very correct on the booze front. It was a warm egg mayo sandwich and a packet of Walkers for the likes of us. Although I realise that that isn't booze, Catch 22!

Mark Garner, proprietorJune 4th 2008.

Not enough, obviously

Angie the EdJune 4th 2008.

Ok, Catch 22, more slowly now. Gordo (him what wrote this) was boasting that he was mixing with "the VIPs" and that his editor (me) had to slum it in seats with "the hoi polloi", as he put it. I pointed out to him (above) that on the same row of cheap seats as I, were the aforementioned performers who, at some point, came and sat down there to watch the rest of the gig, to the casual nudge of the crowd around them. Certainly not "VIP guests" in the pedants' sense, but I don't do VIP dos anyway and leave that to the Large Man. It shut him up, anyway! Can I go and do some work now?

bemusedJune 4th 2008.

blinking 'eck, can't you figure out the purpose of the Gordo character, he's there to take the piss. Tony, any person who uses the term 'self indulgent twaddle' instead of, let's say, ****e, clearly is a self indulgent twaddling pillock.

Mr. Brocklebank-ReaderJune 4th 2008.

In the same column Mr. Brocklebank revealed the lattitude and longitude inscribed somewhere in the so-called "Liverpool One" shopping precinct is meant to indcate the position of Liverpool's first ever dock, is actually a spot out to sea in the Moray Firth...

Liverpool County CouncilJune 4th 2008.

yeah, the crowd booed the city council. It says on the macca concert review on here somewhere, but he said county council. Is that the best Brocklebank can do now that Larry Neild has left? Incidentally, Confidential, where is Larry?

Mark Garner, The PublisherJune 4th 2008.

who is this 'Mark Garner, proprietor' bloke?

Robyn ArcherJune 4th 2008.

WRONG!! Paul Newman from the Culture Company has his own brand of pasta sauce. HA HA!!!!

AnonymousJune 4th 2008.

I'm surprised you could tell, with the amount of booze you were drinking!

celebrity squaresJune 4th 2008.

In the very first picture, Kris Donaldson appears to be waiting on a man in a very flowery shirt. I wonder what he is saying.

Gerry AndersonJune 4th 2008.

Yes! The bloke holding the pint of Guinness is a Thunderbirds puppet version of 'Diddy' David Hamilton!

GordoJune 4th 2008.

That pink shirt was definately a winner!

TonyJune 4th 2008.

who is this Gordo bloke?

KnowledgeableJune 4th 2008.

Actually, Carolyn Hughes wasn't allowed in here, I don't think. So just orange faced estate agents and solicitors again this week in the Daily Post

toriblareJune 4th 2008.

I sat in my back yard and listened to Macca, I can't afford to attend concerts.He was excellent.Notice though how Mr Bradley gegged in again.I also see a bi-election coming up in Walton if Peter Kilfoyle doesn't take stock and change his lifestyle, I.e lose some weight,he has already suffered a heart attack!Is that Billy Butler? I thought he was dead, he was about 80 when I was a kid in the seventies!Is Gordo the one in the checked shirt?How the hell did that Pete Price get in???Do coronation Street know that Sinbad aka Jerry, is not really in hospital having a heart by pass, but really living it large, literally, with Pete Price???Agree with Catch 22, a splatter of MP's an old and new Lord Mayor, a few radio gobs and god knows who else?

Pete PriceJune 4th 2008.

I'm not surprised that they wouldn't let vile no-marks in. Only the A-List got to go in here. They know who the real celebrities are in Liverpool. Like me and Michael Stark. I love Liverpool and all the scousers in it. That's why I go home to the Wirral every night.

Catch_22June 4th 2008.

Angie, The Kaiser Chiefs, Zutons and Peter Kay were performing (were they paid to be there?) and weren't VIP guests there is a world of difference. One I would expect the editor to get !

How obnoxious?June 4th 2008.

What a fantastic gig this was! The music the venue were all fantastic!Unfortunately I had the misfortune of sitting near an obnoxious guy wearing a pink shirt who was full of self importance! Not everyone is interested in what you have to say and it may come as a surprise to you but you aint even that interesting mate!

Mr. Brocklebank-ReaderJune 4th 2008.

Is it true that when Peter kay thanked Liverpool City Council that the crowd booed?Well fancy that!

mancJune 4th 2008.

Just a load of self amused scousers......not good , not good

GordoJune 4th 2008.

I thought Titchy Warren was a dustbin man Angie? Why have you sliced my copy up you naughty little witch? Anyway, I bet I got more booze down me than you did...

not bemused at allJune 4th 2008.

How much does gordo pay the confidential staff to come to his aid like this?

Champagne SocialistJune 4th 2008.

I see the health secretary Alan Johnstone isn't averse to slumming it with the Lib Dems either if there's a free glass of bubbly in it. Do I win a Lambrini for spotting him?

angelaJune 4th 2008.


GordoJune 4th 2008.

Gordo is the world's greatest foodwriter, raconteur, lover and all round fab feller.

V. I. Lenin AirportJune 4th 2008.

Yesterday walking through Williamson Square in front of the Playhouse and who should I see walking along, talking into his moby but Loyd Grossman!I thought I'd mention this because it's about time this web page about V.I.P.s had a real celebrity mentioned on it. Have any of the above presented 'Masterchef' (in the days before it became lumpen, cockney yobbery) or had their own brand of pasta sauce?I THINK NOT!

Tsar Lar!June 4th 2008.

What? Nadia Stewart, or Nadia that Russian bird on AA Grill's excellent St Petersburg review, the one who was after a rich bloke. She ate Larry? Blimey! Lucky Larry!

Catch_22June 4th 2008.

I thought this was about VIPs? I recognised the bishop, a couple of councillors how turn up to the opening of an envelope and Ms Sweeny the great champion of COC. Honestly was this shower the best Liverpool has to offer in terms of VIPs ? Frankly I think you should be ashamed at publicising them.

V. I. Lenin AirportJune 4th 2008.

" Actually, Carolyn Hughes wasn't allowed in here, I don't think. So just orange faced estate agents and solicitors again this week in the Daily Post"HA HA HA! Excellent, Mr. Knowledgeable!

Tricky WooJune 4th 2008.

Isn't that Alan Johnstone next to Kenny Dalgleish there and that bird who "left" radio city? Toriblare, you can come to my pub quiz anytime on the spot the face round, I'm crap at it.

V. I. Lenin AirportJune 4th 2008.

Crikey - who are these people? There's the Bishop, a bloke who looks like a Thunderbirds puppet, the fat bloke from Brookie and - er - that's it! It's one of those dreadful, overblown 'society' articles in the Daily Post. Just pictures of loads of half-pissed, pink-faced blokes glowering into the camera trying to look hard! What a joke!

Tom TubigripJune 4th 2008.

Eh up! I'm frum Oldham you know! It's reet champion! 'Home of the Tubigrip Bandage'.

Uncle BenJune 4th 2008.

Lip up fatty...

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