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The Laz Word...on the trouble with Gordon

Or why Brown's determination for Number 10 could signal the end of the party this Thursday

Published on May 5th 2010.

The Laz Word...on the trouble with Gordon

MILLIONS of us will dutifully go to polling stations on Thursday to participate in our so-called democratic process.

Once he went unchallenged for the leadership, the die had been cast – Brown’s acceptance speech could well turn out to be Labour’s suicide note.

Yet the future rule will not be determined by the Queen, or any of the three party leaders.

It will be down to a handful of political wheeler-dealers brokering a pact to keep the wheels of government turning.

Such a conundrum became inevitable as soon as Gordon Brown was crowned successor to Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

Brown was probably the best man to steer UK Inc through the stormy waters that lay ahead.

The reality is Brown is the right man at the wrong time: put simply Gordon doesn’t resonate with the public. On paper he’s good, on the screen – well let’s say he’s got a great face for radio.

Simon Cowell would have had a far better chance of leading Labour to a fourth term of office. Even fellow Scot Susan Boyle would have stood a better chance.

Brown’s determination to flit from 11Downing Street to the house next door could well condemn Labour to the political wilderness for a generation.

History may well show the only hope for Labour was for Gordon Brown, voluntarily, to decide he’d stand aside and let some body else become PM.

Once he went unchallenged for the leadership, the die had been cast – Brown’s acceptance speech could well turn out to be Labour’s suicide note.

Despite Labour staring at third place, Brown could remain as tenant of No 10. It depends on the number of seats won

by Cameron – 310 of the 650 and he’ll claim the crown, 300 or less and the Westminster bun fight begins.

Labour could form an alliance with the Lib Dems with Nick Clegg and Vince Cable at the First Breakfast at No 10 in the Cabinet Room.

Recruiting Cable would be a master stroke for Labour – he has the confidence of the nation as a safe pair of hands.

The price for such an alliance will be the biggest shake-up in the voting system for over 100 years, the Lib Dems’ Holy Grail of Proportional Representation.

It would propel the Lib Dems into the very front line of politics, but would also reduce, perhaps forever, the chances of a majority government.

If Cameron wins enough seats on Thursday we would see a Conservative Government installed. And that would leave Labour and the Lib Dems wiping away each others tears, and wondering what could have been.

My own prediction? Truthfully, I don’t know. We are entering unchartered waters. Look at the old newsreels showing PMs of old and you realise that in today’s era of X-Factor style, Hello/OK!-celebrity, starry-faced a-listers, most of the PMs of old would have been “sent home”.

Meanwhile if ever there was a time for Labour members and supporters to rally the troops for Gordon, it is now.

Larry Neild

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18 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CamboMay 4th 2010.

The only problem with this is that the editor of the Oldham Echo is well known for his staunchly Thatcherite Conservative views, and several Echo high-ups are lucky enough to be able to afford the privilege of public school. Is this an attempt to "get down" and connect with what he perceives to be the readership, ie, single mothers from Halewood and the drug scum the Echo glorifies every day?

Dirty LinenMay 4th 2010.

Labour should have realised a strong local candidate was needed in Wavertree to replace Jane Kennedy, but they foolishly demanded an all-female short list. It was always going to be the most vulnerable Labour seat in the city and cried out for a strong, local, well liked and respected candidate. Having said that Luciana Berger will, if elected, make a terrific MP for Wavertree. She's so well connected and will quickly rise up the ranks to be come a government minister. Having a government minister as your MP can only be good for the Wavertree constituency. I also read today's Daily Mail about Colin Eldridge and his cleaning business. Those massive doubts of £160,000 did not suddenly happen in the weeks between his resignation as a director and filing for insolvency. When you study the list of creditors you can well imagine the continual trail of invoices, reminders and final demands that must have landed on the step of the laundry business. Mr Eldridge should do the decent thing and offer to pay every penny owed to creditors during the time he was a director of the company.On another point it was interesting to observe that he stood for the Lib Dems in a Bristol constituency in 2001 and came third. In 1997 the LibDems increased their vote by around 6% and came 2nd. As I just mentioned in 2001, the LibDem vote fell and Mr Eldridge came third. In 2005 the Lib Dem vote went up again (with a different candidate) and the party came second. Doesn't that tell you the people of Avon were not that fond of Mr Eldridge.....

AMMay 4th 2010.

Red or dead, please find me an example of when Brown uttered the words 'Global Economy' befote this crisis. He never referred to conditions in the Global Economy when referring to previous Ztory governments and economic situations.We are the developed nation who saw the deepest recession and has taken longest to crawl out of recession. That is down to this government.

EldridgeMay 4th 2010.

Joe Anderson is correct, talking about Colin Eldridge in Wavertree, that there's no shame in a business going bust. But the Oldham Daily Post and the even-more Oldham Echo both today allow the Lib Dems to excuse the collapse of Eldridge's business, saying it's a smear campaign. The justification - that Eldridge quit the business three weeks before it was made insolvent. Surely Eldridge would have known for many, many, months about the mountain of debts. Anyone whe has delayed paying a water bill or a leckie bill knows only too well how they haunt you day and night for the money.Had Mr Eldridge already been an MP when his business, or his rather his ex-business, gone under with debts running into six figures I wonder whether Mr Clegg would have been there to defend him.I think this issue needed to come out before the election so people can at least vote in the knowledge of what's happening.

FloaterMay 4th 2010.

Gordon Brown seems to have gained a second wind. He's speaking with more confidence. Maybe there's life in the old Scot yet. Still undecided but I'm erring towards Labour, particularly after hearing about the mess the EU is in with Germany and Greece. We are protected from that and I fear we need a steady course. Captain Brown has so far had a steady as she goes approach to the Steamship Britannia.

Wash and spinMay 4th 2010.

I see Colin Eldridge is in the national news today, not the Echo, of course, for his tens of thousands of pounds of unpaid debts, including a five-figure sum to Liverpool city council when his dry cleaning company went under. Labour will still get my vote.

Vote!Vote!Vote!LabourMay 4th 2010.

Laz's article is a dose of reality. I'm sure if things are bad for Labour on Thursday, there'll be all manner of people saying exactly what Laz has said today. I'll still be voting Labour as I take the view it's better the devil you know than risk things with the uncertainties a Conservative Government would bring. My plea to all Socialists is vote, vote, vote for Labour on Thursday. Gordon Brown is a Saint compared to what will happen if Cameron and go rule. God Help Us if Labour loses and God Help Merseyside.

AnonymousMay 4th 2010.

I agree. Vote Labour

BluenoseMay 4th 2010.

Unfortunate connotations from that picture

Red or deadMay 4th 2010.

AM, you conveniently forget that this is a global problem.t

Echo!ReadAllAboutItMay 4th 2010.

The Echo, can you believe it! They are backing Brown and Labour. Just when you thought the local thunderer was out of touch with 'their' people they nailed their rose to the mast on Wednesday and are backing not only Labour, but Brown.

AMMay 4th 2010.

Further to Descartes post: Brown is the man who ran up a defecit rather than putting money by when the times were good. He also sold 60% of our gold when the price averaged $280 an ounce and watched the price rise to over $1,000, costing us £7bn! He's stolen billions from our pensions and has borrowed £6,000 for every household this year. Little wonder some of our figures are frighteningly close to those of Greece and the IMF are getting mentioned, just like in 1976.

AnonymousMay 4th 2010.

Don't like the look of the poll's. If you haven't voted, go and vote Labour.

AristotleMay 4th 2010.

Are you saying that Greece isn't a developed nation?

AnonymousMay 4th 2010.

Come on you Labour, only a few more points to go....

A. Ball-ShevickMay 4th 2010.

God bless 'er!

Red or deadMay 4th 2010.

Bank of England governor Mervyn King reckons that the cuts to come will be so unpopular that whoever wins the next election will end up being out of power for a generation. So result if it's the Tories

Socialist SarahMay 4th 2010.

A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for Cameron. There is no choice but to vote for labour.

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