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The Laz Word...on Liverpool Waters

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but whose lifetime?

Written by . Published on March 4th 2013.

The Laz Word...on Liverpool Waters

WHEN will the first shovel be stuck in the ground to herald the start of Liverpool Waters? 

Next year, this decade, or in the 2020s? Who knows? 

Supporters of the ambitious scheme will welcome the decision by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles not to order a public inquiry. But that hardly points to “all systems go”. 

Many of the 20,000 jobs promised will go
to people not yet born, so far in the future
does the project span

It represents one more hurdle that has been crossed - more Water Jump than an ordinary fence, but there is still a Grand National course of jumps to navigate in the coming decades. 

Mayor Joe Anderson should now be pulling out all the stops to get things moving.

After all, at every occasion the Mayor and his cabinet colleagues will be dancing like peacocks at the foot of the Liver Building, bigging up the £5bn-plus Peel proposals. 

Just a few days ago, local media reported how a major regeneration scheme along the waterfront had hit a funding snag. Further along the Mersey there are the skeletal remains of abandoned or delayed projects. 

Other major plans that received the thumbs up from city planners have disappeared without trace. 

Liverpool Waters PlanLiverpool Waters: Will you be around to see this?

People are bound to pose questions. Is there a demand in Liverpool for another 3m sq ft of office space, or the need for another 9,000 city centre apartments?

Many of the 20,000 jobs promised will go to people not yet born, so far in the future does the project span. 

When politicians beg to the Government for more cash because of the wide-scale deprivation in Liverpool, they may well be told the city will soon be riding on the crest of a commercial wave and surely doesn’t need any Whitehall lolly. 

All that has happened is Mr Pickles has said there’ll be no public inquiry. 

That means the master plan for the waterfront site has a green light. 

But individual building projects will need separate planning permissions, and there will be fireworks over some of those proposals for years to come - and not in a celebratory way. 

Waiting and watching will be UNESCO, ready to strip Liverpool of its World Heritage Status should any individual project compromise the integrity of the WHS site. We are already on the “at risk” register, the equivalent of a cultural naughty step. 

Will Liverpool Waters ever be started? If so, when? And what about a timetable so the public can gauge the likely progress of such a massive scheme?

When will the first of those 20,000 jobs become available? 

Mayor Joe is right when he says Waters will transform a forgotten part of Liverpool’s historic dockland. It is currently closed off to the public and is rotting away behind that huge dock wall, already owned by Peel.

If and when hard plans materialise there will be the first of many judgement days. 

Does Liverpool risk losing its WHS for the sake of investment or jobs. In the current climate the answer would be yes. But it would be better if the council and Peel added a third party to the discussions – UNESCO, to see if schemes can be devised that will meet regeneration dreams whilst retaining a much coveted title. 

And while Peel will say the project has a lifespan of 30 years or more, it is the start date that will determine whether Liverpool’s waterfront dream will become a reality or not. 

Now is the time for Mayor Joe and his civic team to roll up their sleeves and insist that it happens.

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49 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousMarch 4th 2013.

To read all the crowing you'd think they'll be starting work tomorrow. Could this green light blights other potential regeneration sites across Liverpool and Merseyside. Let's hope not.

AnonymousMarch 5th 2013.

At last some real analysis and not the gushing bullshit everyone else has trotted out.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Jd MoranMarch 7th 2013.

There seems little, if any, analysis whatsoever.

AnonymousMarch 11th 2013.

ExUrbe offers some analysis in its "Peel and the Liverpool City Region" report. Access at: http://www.exurbe.org.uk/#!publications/cgxm.

AnonymousMarch 5th 2013.

The big chief from Peel was on the telly last night saying he hoped a start would be made at the end of next year. Note the word 'hope'. I'm gonna put down the name of my yet unborn grandchild for a job there.

AnonymousMarch 5th 2013.

Does the UNESCO WH title actually mean that much? In a best case scenario with Waters (i.e. all goes well, good investment, jobs and so on) will the status actually be necessary? Is it anyway? Answers on stamp, please.

1 Response: Reply To This...
PeelogradMarch 7th 2013.

The World Heritage Site status is free publicity for tourism and tourism brings in £3,000,000,000 a year to the Liverpool City Region.

“Visitors to Liverpool City Region spend £3 billion a year supporting 42,000 jobs in the local economy. The sector grew by 5% in 2010 bucking national trends which saw a 5% drop in domestic tourism and an 0.3% drop in overseas staying visits.” (www.liverpoollep.org/…/visitor_economy.aspx… )

How much will it cost us to maintain a big ugly fence of empty skyscrapers along the waterfront?

PeelogradMarch 5th 2013.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site title can last forever and will generate lots of publicity for tourism.

An unsustainable building development to accommodate long-term, high volume, sustainable business that doesn't actually exist will not.

If they can bring in the business and the money then by all means they should build Liverpool Waters to accommodate it.
Liverpool already has plenty of empty office accommodation, houses and bars to house this influx of affluence until Liverpool Waters is built.

Building it on the offchance that someone might want to move into it in thirty years is rather like Soviet planning of the 1950s, and we're ALWAYS being told that never worked!

AnonymousMarch 5th 2013.

Yes but, no but, nothing will be built on 'spec' Even Princess Dock has empty spaces and there's no money to build there. So where is all the money coming from to extend northwards. If only spin was made of concrete and breeze blocks.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
PeelogradMarch 5th 2013.

Bring in the business and the money and the population will follow, Liverpool's economy will boom and Liverpool Waters will have a waiting list of tenants to house as quickly as they can throw up their buildings.

Everyone seems to be a bit quiet about this bit.

AnonymousMarch 11th 2013.

Perhaps there isn't any money.

Philip CoppellMarch 5th 2013.

20.000 jobs? Can we have a breakdown from Peel Holdings as to what these jobs will be. People are working from home or in cafes or anywhere you can use a computer, so do we need all this office space? There are thousands of empty apartments, do we need 9000 more? A new Cruise Terminal that will benefit Peel Holdings if it gets built. This is Liverpool not Liverpeel and this grand plan is too vague to be believed, make it smaller, make it now, not in 50 years.

PeelogradMarch 5th 2013.

According to BBC Northwest tonight Peel has had the planning permission to build Wirral Waters since 2010.

It's now 2013 and nothing has been started, let alone built. Apart from a fanciful tabletop model that is.

I am inclined to think that the thousand new trees being planted around the Wirral Waters 'site' will have died of old age by the time the first spadeful of earth is dug.

(Oh and that's 20,000 jobs there too)

1 Response: Reply To This...
SaladDazeMarch 6th 2013.

Let's face it, it's doomed. It'll be more like this, a little bit of what the Isle of Man does best, rather than Shanghai on the Birkett or Alt: www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/…/… or http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=1681 or www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/…/peel-holdings-loses-high-court-801490…

SaladDazeMarch 6th 2013.

What we need is www.thespiritof45.com/…/A-Brief-Synopsis…

AnonymousMarch 6th 2013.

It's amazing how many are against Liverpool Waters just because they seemingly hate Peel Holdings. No doubt they would jump for joy, if Peel decided to pull out and sell all the land between the working port and the Pier Head. If that occurred, that part of the city would be stuck with further long-term dereliction, until the next landowner comes up with new plans for the area which, even then, would probably be opposed for one reason or another. Since the 1970s, Liverpool has had a history of dithering over regeneration. New developments have either been scrapped or suffered lengthy delays due to local opposition, whereas Manchester and other cities have got on with it and we then wonder why Liverpool keeps getting left behind. So therefore, let Peel carry on with their plans so that Liverpool can attract much needed jobs and investment.

8 Responses: Reply To This...
Philip CoppellMarch 6th 2013.

You seem to be missing the point that Peel have not been good for Liverpool so far and this proposal is no different to previous Peel promises.

John BradleyMarch 6th 2013.

In what way have peel not been good.

AnonymousMarch 7th 2013.

In what way have they been good?

John BradleyMarch 7th 2013.

Well they have more plans on the go than anyone else.

JeggingsMarch 7th 2013.

Plans don't put food on the table!

This is like the trams all over again!

Pierre headMarch 8th 2013.

John Bradley, you are terribly naive

John BradleyMarch 8th 2013.

Pierre head & Jeggings it you that is naive and actually everything starts with a plan. Failing to Plan is Planning to fail and you haven't got one and do not know of anyone with one but still insists that this is not the best option on the table. You not only Naive but stupid.

JeggingsMarch 8th 2013.

OooooOOOoooh - Get HER!

PeelogradMarch 7th 2013.

They are allowed to own everything, because they promise everything.

Then do nothing. Waiting for land values to rise.

6 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyMarch 7th 2013.

On Liverpool Waters they only just got the final go ahead, what do you have expected them to have done before that?

peelogradMarch 7th 2013.

They got the go ahead for Wirral Waters in 2010.

Still nothing's happened.

Lucy LazziMarch 8th 2013.

Actually Liverpool Wart-ers got the final go ahead in 2012. All that's happened this week is that Fatty Pickles has said he can't be arsed to look at it.

John BradleyMarch 8th 2013.

What Peelograd you means is no holes have been dug. What about architectural planning, engineering design etc. They weren't going to spend cash on that till they got the go ahead no they have to produce all the detailed design get that signed off etc. For something like this 5 years between final approval and start of building is nothing.

PeelogradMarch 9th 2013.

They might have started something, if only the drains. It's not as if Peel spends a lot of time designing the buildings, is it? They can throw them up in a couple of months.


John BradleyMarch 9th 2013.

You really have very little idea of the process.

V. I. Lenin AirportMarch 8th 2013.

Interesting articles in the current issue of Private Eye (No. 1335).

On page 13 the 'Rotten Boroughs' column exposes the cronyism at the heart of the Peel plan: The Mayor, vested interests, 'Downtown Liverpool in Business' all involved in the "Mayoral Development Corporation" to make sure it goes ahead at any cost to the World Heritage Site status.

On page 14 in 'Nooks and Corners' the panels falling off the outside of Matt Brock's infamous black coffins at Mann Island make hilarious reading.

After all the positive work Liverpool is again reduced to a laughing stock.

AnonymousMarch 8th 2013.

Sod Peel, this is what will transform our city, My Project:

ShuttleButty MoonWaters

I have plans to build a huge city on the moon, under a huge biosphere the size of Wales, which I was advised as being the best size for such a project.

It will create 5 billion jobs and will not affect the galactic heritage status, as I have designed it to be sympathetic to the moons surface. Using the cheap shite stone left over from the X museum cladding. I have all the drawings, hotels, offices, hyrdroponics garden so I can grow my own carrots and tomatoes and I have models of rockets, adapted smart cars and server robots who promise not to go haywire and murder us all. And I will have Moon Trams, using all the millions of pounds of track left over from when Henshaw wrecked the tram proposals for Liverpool.

I have limited the shops to only 3 Tesco metro per sq lunar mile as I want some choice and have Sainsbury in there too. Hoping to get Harvey Nicks there too and another Debenhams.

In terms of finance, unlike other so-called exciting projects, I actually have the backing.

Miss Interstella Shiu, one of my Chinese investors has offered me 20billion Centauris out of Uranus Investments, the company she chairs. I have a photo of her eating lunch with me to prove it.

Now with Eric The Merciless having approved the plans, a passing martian task force has shone a green light on the project. So it's all systems go.

Over the next 50 years, this will transform the moon and I hope to have started work on the project well before 2063. to coincide with Liverpool Waters and with that in mind we will offer a shuttle connection to their new cruise terminal so that tourists from all over the Galaxy can pop over to Earth and visit the Beatles Story.

That will annoy the hell out of Southampton.

All the haters and the whingers are out in force, saying I will never do it, and because it's based on the moon complaining that I pay no tax. Or they say it's just a meaningless plan and a computer graphic with empty promises and I will just sit on it until lunar land prices rise. Rubbish. How can I sit on the moon? Idiots. There isn't even the first Tesco in place yet, where am I going to get my groceries? Ignore the haters this is fantastic news for Liverpool and the Galaxy.

Watch this Space.

6 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 8th 2013.

By the way...how do you make gravity?
Is it by spinning around fast? Only I'm worried all the stuff will fly off the shelves in Tescos.

I don't want to have to wear big heavy boots stomping around - you have to consider the neighbours downstairs.

Mayor Joe SontaranMarch 8th 2013.

This is more like it! Where do sign?

Mayor Joe SontaranMarch 8th 2013.

This is more like it!

Where do I sign?

R. BistoMarch 8th 2013.

Gravity's easy. You make it in a boat and measure it with a gravimeter to get the right strength..

AnonymousMarch 8th 2013.

Thank you R. Bisto but I was rather hoping to get Linda Bellingham to create Oxogen.

Mr. CubeMarch 9th 2013.

Can you be sure she hasn't got any horse in her Bovril though?

Sir Howard WayMarch 9th 2013.

I can't see why the Liverpool leadership has been taken in by all the Peel puffing and allowed wishful thinking to dominate the decisions.

No-one in the real world (i.e., away from the gangster bars around Liverpool Town Hall) is remotely convinced by Liverpool Waters:


One cannot trust men in suits who do not wear ties.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
mickeydrippin'March 9th 2013.

Of course certain politicians and businessmen from Greater Manchester will attempt to pour cold water on Liverpool Waters, as undoubtedly they would do with any major plans involving Merseyside.

John BradleyMarch 9th 2013.

You have to wonder why Sir Howard hates Liverpool so much.

Mickeydrippin'March 9th 2013.

You cannot expect politicians or business people from Greater Manchester to support any major Merseyside development can you?

Mickeydrippin'March 9th 2013.

Sir Howard Way. You cannot expect a politician or businessman from Greater Manchester to support any major Merseyside development can you?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 9th 2013.

Somebody should tell that Sir Howard's End that you can't expect an optician, a busy man from Greta Garbo that.. that...er...that er....LIVERPOOL!!!!

AnonymousMarch 11th 2013.

Thanks Count Arthur!

R. A. MateMarch 11th 2013.

dem mancs are no good

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 11th 2013.

Is right lad.

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