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The Laz Word....on Elizabeth Pascoe

Moving day for the grandmother who created major hold-ups on Edge Lane

Published on February 2nd 2010.

The Laz Word....on Elizabeth Pascoe

SO “battling grandmother” Liz Pascoe has, to use a language beloved by the meeja, packed her bags and left. A bulldozer will do its worst to the place she called home in Adderley St, off Liverpool’s Edge Lane.

If we believe in a system of justice , Mrs Pascoe was well within her rights to make her case, to drag her fight through the courts

What surprises me about the Pascoe years, and her battle against the CPO in and around Edge Lane, is the venom and vitriol her stand has generated.

Some, it seems, say she should have saved everyone the trouble by rolling over to allow for some kind of civic tummy tickling. She has been vilified and demonised.

When I worked as a television editor in Beijing I remember editing a story about a road widening scheme. I realised the project would mean the removal of hundreds of beautiful mature trees.

Hope there’s a green lobby to persuade them to spare the trees, thought I. When I gazed, bleary eyed, out of my window the very next morning, all the trees had gone. They don’t hang around here I thought.

If we believe, in this country, in a system of justice , Mrs Pascoe was well within her rights to make her case, to drag her fight through the courts - two public inquiries and six High Court hearings - against plans to widen Edge Lane and tear down hundreds of houses.

Edge Lane has, for too long, been an eyesore, but I like the style of Georgian,

Victorian and Edwardian streets, with their more ornate masonry work.

Driving into London, the bustle of the street scenes is remarkable. Will we end up with boring, bland frontages onto Edge Lane? More importantly , will it make a lot of difference?

For months there were delays and hold-ups, caused by work on the earlier phases, from the Rocket interchange to towards the city.

We started with a dual carriageway and ended up with, err, a dual carriageway. Except now we had posh street lights and trees and probably a better pavement.

I had hoped we would have done something more ambitious, like creating a dual carriageway and an exclusive 24-hour bus-only lane in each direction.

So it will be interesting to see what happens to the new stretch of Edge Lane as it gets its makeover.

The cost of the work must have rocketed as a result of the delays caused by the 62-year-old's stand. Had she capitulated at the very start we would now be driving along (possibly) an improved roadway. It would have cost much less to construct.

But it’s a small price to pay for democracy. It is a nuisance in the eyes of some, but why should people be forced to hand over their homes without a fight. If they had offered Elizabeth Pascoe a luxury home in West Derby with a swimming pool, and a chauffeur driven Bentley it would have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Except Elizabeth Pascoe was not in the fight for a life of luxury, she just wanted the right to remain in her little house on the hill.

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DigFebruary 1st 2010.

One single lady standing against the progress of a whole city and the millions who will benefit from it. Unfair? I think not. The M62 is the major road link into the city from the rest of the country, then you hit the bottleneck that is Edge Lane. It needs doing. No vision? Quite the opposite.

SeanFebruary 1st 2010.


DigFebruary 1st 2010.

If they bring their driving licence and insure the car for as long as they want it we do. What's your point, if indeed you have one? What's the relevance of my vocation and your apparent perception of my naivety?

Gary GlitterFebruary 1st 2010.

Let us not forget that they were talking about widening the road 6ft and mrs Pascoe lived 100ft away. Why shouldn't she ask why?

younger-than-twiggy-anywayFebruary 1st 2010.

All valid comments here, but the bigger story is that Edge Lane is not the only area to be decimated. The economics are as follows: It costs less to renovate than knock down and rebuild (approx 10 grand versus God knows what, but multiply by at least 10). Renovation has a ten year life expentancy. Re-build 30 before redemolition (pay attention - not renovation as the new builds are not constructed to last like the terraces they replace). Apparently everybody wants a garden. The road widening bit is so that we can speed into town and get lots of speed control tickets, and crash into the council buildings. Then these will qualify for a massive Eu grant. Only kidding - partially. Actually the road widening bit already gets a massive grant so "lets use it, no?". After all, employment will rise. Back handers will rise. All the fat gits will be happy and communities will be torn apart and transported into wimpy-style houses with weed invested back gardens. I have a much better idea if ANYONE UP THERE IS INTERESTED.

DigFebruary 1st 2010.

Like I said in an earlier rant why criticise the council before a spade is even in the ground in Edge Lane? Let's wait for the results then decide whether it's been a success. If it isn't then we can start the witch hunt.

Cyprian ChurchFebruary 1st 2010.

Lest we forget...www.liverpoolconfidential.co.uk/index.asp…

ElucidateFebruary 1st 2010.

Meaning what, precisely, anonymous?

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2010.

I am sorry, but the city will rue the day that it tore down its houses

DigFebruary 1st 2010.

I just happen to think it will be good for the city. Sorry for being cheeky enough to disagree with you. Catch up with you in a couple of years. Plenty of time to think up a good apology for the insults. Luddite.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2010.

Do you allow politicians and property developers to go on unaccompnied test drives then?

Dee MollishFebruary 1st 2010.

The Council preferred to spend at least £3million in legal fees fighting Mrs Pascoe while they were offering the people who lived around Edge Lane a fraction of the value of their homes at the time of the house price boom.

garry glitterFebruary 1st 2010.

Did u mean to say "walking" dispisition?

Mole of Edge HillFebruary 1st 2010.

I agree with anonymous. What was wrong with those houses anyway? There are so many homeless families. The city denies them the right to live in social housing in yuppie-fied Sefton Park so where are they supposed to go? Clearly not into these fine rows of brick houses covered in ridiculous 08 hoardings. So tear it down. Thank goodness that attitude was not adopted in tatty areas of London like Shoreditch, for example, which has risen up. No imagination. No vision.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2010.

One can only feel discomforted by the fact this 'regeneration' project involved a major development company likely to make a huge profit. I wonder who will play Ms Pascoe in the film.....

steve faragherFebruary 1st 2010.

this whole thing has very littler to dowith road widening as th road is already 4 lanes wide, its to do with greedy speculator and builders (Bellway from sunny newcastle) stupid politicians, equally greedy "joint ventures" with Mouchel and the notion that they could all rush in and make a quick buck. The DVD produced by Liveprool Vision and HMRI spuriously shows the place as it was before the demolitions started and this being the reason the place was being cleared. when the reality was the derelcition was a direct result of RSLs voiding properties, owner occupiers being swindled out of their homes and the lack of skill of the highly paid prefossionals who drafted up the CPO, incoreectly as it happens (can we have our money back). Yes it was true there was a successful demonisation campaign against Liz. and dont get me onto the murals they stuck up in 2007....£75,000 down the toilet

DorothyFebruary 1st 2010.

I feel really sorry for Elizabeth. She tried SO hard to keep her lovely home. I know how I'd feel if I was turned out of my home. The city will regret destroying all these fine houses. Good luck in your new home Elizabeth!

DigFebruary 1st 2010.

Just because I disagree with you doesn't make me naive. You're surprised I sell cars? I happen to be very good at it.

Fat GitFebruary 1st 2010.


DigFebruary 1st 2010.

Why am I so naive? Just telling me that I'm naive just doesn't cut the mustard. To answer your question about my living arrangements, I live in a motorhome. I used to be parked just off Edge Lane. I've moved now though. Who am I to stand in the way of progress and the future of an entire city?

DigFebruary 1st 2010.

Instead of the cynicism why don't we wait until we see the final results of the Edge Lane expansion. Nobody is homeless or dead, it's just progress, hopefully. A few hundred people have moved on, yet done properly the expansion will benefit millions. I thinks it's extremely selfish for one stubborn lady to do what she did.

Santa DashFebruary 1st 2010.

Good on Liverpool City Council for giving all this land to bellway homes for free.

Mrs. Pascoes Legal TeamFebruary 1st 2010.

Could we have advised her differently and saved everybody lots of money? Ha Ha Ha. Good one that. Anyway, got to go, the limbo competition is about to start on Copacabana Beach. It's us and Liverpool Councils Legal Team bending over this time.

casting couchFebruary 1st 2010.

Julie Walters probably.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2010.

had Ms Pascoe campaigned FOR the wholesale destruction of a community she would have been given the freedom of the city, and perhaps an OBE. People making a stand is what puts the greatness in Britain. Selish, stubborn lady indeed, come on Dig that's so unfair.

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