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The Laz Word: Kilfoyle's world domination plan

... or do the people of Warrington and Chester really want to be ruled by a mayor in Liverpool?

Published on November 10th 2009.

The Laz Word: Kilfoyle's world domination plan

IN the 1970s, a highly controversial report was produced detailing the creation of a new city sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester. It was given the code name Silver City.

There would likely be more support for the re-opening of Wavertree Town Hall as a way of returning power back into the hands of the people

The authors of that report most certainly didn’t strike gold. Their doomed theory was the land between the two great North West rivals would eventually become one big urban sprawl as Liverpool spread its wings east and Manchester towards the west, What was needed was something in the middle – a wooleyback city based on Widnes, Runcorn and Warrington.

There was some logic to the idea. Thousands of Liverpudlians had gone to live in exile in the Warrington suburbs of Penketh and Sankey, thousands more were lured to Runcorn New Town and to the Upton Overspill estates in Widnes. Meanwhile Mancunians were heading west in their covered wagons for the prairie lands around Birchwood in Warrington.

There are still wide open spaces between Liverpool and Manchester, a greenbelt where tractors and combined harvesters have yet to be driven out by 4 X4 people carriers and new-build estates of semis.

The Silver City report gathered dust, though Widnes and Runcorn formally allied themselves to Liverpool by joining the Mersey Partnership.

Now Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle wants another “Super City”, led by an elected mayor, with Liverpool as its centre, but taking in Warrington, Chester and possibly even parts of North Wales.

It’s enough to spark off a war of the roses and the leeks, with the Manchester yeomanry threatening to march on Dale Street unless it drops its expansionist dream of swallowing up Warrington for its own.

Perhaps a new Offa’s Dyke will be built on the outskirts of Chester to stop marauding scousers attempting to take over Flint and Wrexham.

It’s taken years for the leaders of the five Merseyside boroughs - Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley and St Helens – to work closer in a

collaborative way – and without creating a kingdom known as Outer Liverpool with a population exceeding 2m. Especially with a power throne in a new Palace of Liverpool.

I’m still trying to get a street lamp repaired at Otterspool without worrying about sheep in North Wales or nipping over the border to buy fresh Eccles cakes in Eccles.

Peter Kilfoyle has for some time promoted the concept of a directly elected London-style mayor for the Liverpool City Region. And there is some logic in drawing in surrounding places that are linked economically to Greater Liverpool, such as West Lancashire and Ellesmere Port.

But would a king-size mayor, ruling from Liverpool, with powers to raise taxes, impose road charging and a waste tax, find favour? I’m not sure that would be an attractive proposition among a majority of Liverpool people, let alone among our funny-sounding cousins out there in the sticks.

There is no place for the petty squabbling and local rivalries that dogged Merseyside’s progress for so long and the main problem will be convincing a suspicious electorate, who already see politicians (unfairly) as power-hungry, expensive fiddling thieves, that big is beautiful.

Indeed, there would likely be more support for the re-opening of Wavertree Town Hall and other long-gone seats of local governance as a way of returning power back into the hands of the people.

Larry Neild

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Escapee No 62345November 9th 2009.

We always called Woolton Snob Hill. I can't possibly afford to live there, unlike the one time nomadic Foy453. Calderstones and parts of Mossley Hill are also excused. I was going to excuse parts of West Derby, especialy the big houses, but I thought better of it.

Escapee No 62345November 9th 2009.

My dream has always been to spend my old age away from dodgy Liverpool by buying a nice little retirement bungalow on the banks of the Sankey Brook in Warrington. I'd really prefer the banks of the Dee in Chester but that's way too expensive for us. Now it looks like there will be no escape from the Scouse Kingdom. Please tell me this is not true. I've already started to have lessons in Lancshire Dialect to prepare me for my peaceful exile.

Foy453November 9th 2009.

Escapee No 62345. I have lived in Widnes, Manchester, Warrington and worked for Eleesmere portCouncil drivign to Parkgate nearly every day for two years. I now live in Woolton Liverpool..and its the nices by far. You are an anti -Liverpool snob. So go and live in Sankey. Its a dive.

Professor ChucklebuttyNovember 9th 2009.

Harry, you've changed your tune, you said you would do the PR for my campaign to be Mayor, don't tell me now that PR meant supplying Profiteroles and Ribena for the meetings, lovely as they were. I was hoping you could actually kick-start my campaign once more as that Foghorn Leggarty and his "An Electric Tram for Liverpool Campaign," still can't find the petition he needs to get filled in so that he can buy me the hat. I've told him I've got my own! I think he's lost interest to be honest. When they started deleting my speeches from the campaign website I started to suspect I had lost their support. Nevertheless, I am still ready to offer myself for selfless public service which i feel is not only my destiny but also my solemn duty. ( what's the pay? Any idea? don't tell me all this expenses stuff has mucked it up?) But yes all systems are go here I even have a new mayoral limo that will save on council tax. Mr Clack from the Keycutting shop has been renovating his old Norton motorbike and reattached the sidecar. Gold stripes curtains everything! Although instead of "Mayor," the idiot has painted on "The Mare of Liverpool" at least it's on the back of the sidecar where Mrs C the Lady Mayoress will sit. So come-on Baz don't go cold on me now. I'd romp home to victory, especially now I have the wirral vote in the bag after I saved all the libraries by bringing it to the worlds attention. Don't forget how I also won us the Capital of Custard and the World Cup. (well the World Cup hasn't been confirmed yet, I'm still waiting for Eric Bristow to call me back) Word on the street is that Jane Kennedy, may well have decided to quit in order to devote time to my campaign - well alright, only on my street and it was Mrs Hewitt who said it. But if I have to choose between you and her Gaz, you are definitely top of the list. Just don't bring your micro-wave radiation detector egg whisk to meetings, it puts people off. Anyway very interesting. I think he was right not to come back on stage.

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