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Taggart Avenue in shock name change

Hope Park signs go up after bid to ban traffic is thwarted

Written by . Published on August 12th 2013.

Taggart Avenue in shock name change

RESIDENTS in south Liverpool were amazed when they discovered half of their street has disappeared. 

Look at Google Earth and Taggart Avenue, in Childwall, runs from Woolton Road to Childwall Abbey Road.

The bid by residents to have the old name
restored has been rejected by councillors,
saying a change would be too costly

But just a few weeks ago Taggart Ave was reduced by half, severed in two at the junction with Irene Road. From there to the crossroads at Woolton Road it has been given a new name, Hope Park.

When Lib Dem councillor Pat Maloney fought a council battle on behalf of residents to have the old name restored, he was shocked by the response: the re-naming of Taggart Avenue to Hope Park was agreed as long ago as 1996 – but most local people were unaware of the switch.

Taggart Avenue Liverpol Renamed %283%29Taggart Avenue renamed 

It came to light earlier this year when people from the area embarked on a battle to halt a proposal  by Liverpool Hope University to turn the same stretch of Taggart Ave nto a pedestrianised area.

It would have meant buses on the busy 61 route being diverted, and a detour for other drivers. Even the police objected, citing the road as a designated emergency route. The plan to ban traffic was scrapped in the wake of the outcry.

Taggart Avenue Hope University %283%29
No sooner had local people started to celebrate their victory, when the new Hope Park signs appeared.

The retained part of Taggart Ave is 30mph,  the stretch now called Hope Park is a 20mph zone.

Cllr Maloney said the fear among many local residents is that the traffic-free zone will emerge at a future date.

The campus of Hope University stretches either side of Taggart Ave as it is an amalgam of the original, and separate Christ College and St Katherine's College. As such there is a constant stream of students and tutors crossing the busy road.

Just one battered Taggart Ave sign remains at Childwall Abbey Road end. Four signs mark the start of new Hope Park.

Taggart Avenue Hope University %282%29
Even the bus stops and litter bins along Hope Park are branded in Hope University insignia.

The bid by residents to have the old name restored has been rejected by councillors, saying a change would be too costly.

Cllr Maloney now plans to write to the Vice Chancellor of  Hope, Prof Gerald Pillay, asking him to spell out the university’s intentions.

Cllr Maloney said: “Local people are highly suspicious and see this name change as part of a scheme to eventually close off half of Taggart Ave to facilitate a free flow of students from one side of the campus to the other. The problem is that would have a ripple effect  over a wider area.

Taggart Avenue Hope University %281%29Hope UniversityOne reason for the idea to pedestrianise what is now Hope Park was said to be because of accidents. I checked the figures and in five years there have only been two accidents in Taggart Ave, neither of them close to the university.

“They have a 20mph speed limit, and whilst the campus is well run and is long established, any thoughts of blocking off what is a busy through-road would be unacceptable.

“That is why local people wanted the name reverted to what it used to be. There will be a lingering suspicion that somebody might try to just slip in a pedestrianisation scheme for the Hope Park stretch. It would be good for the neighbourhood if the university confirmed it had abandoned any aspirations to consume or pedestrianise the lower half of Taggart Ave, and by that I mean Hope Park.

"It would be even better if the university supported the return of the old name.”

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AnonymousAugust 12th 2013.

Remember when the streets around Abercromby Square were all open to traffic and the public, before the Uni swiped it in a land grab. If Hope gets its hands on Taggart avenue it will disappear as a public thoroughfare.

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AnonymousAugust 13th 2013.

They did, in 1996.

Penny LaneAugust 12th 2013.

Once again, private vested interests thinking they own the public highways

AnonymousAugust 12th 2013.

Perhaps they should change the name to Targeted Ave. Just driven this way and you can tell they can't wait to get their hands on it.

Ah NostalgiaAugust 12th 2013.

I am of the opinion that whoever is in charge of the signs throughout the city, doesn't have a clue. There is a hoarding at the junction of Stanhope St and Mill St proclaiming it as "Dingle". Some years ago Vauxhall became "Everton". There is a council publication on the net re Joe Anderson saying Kent Gardens is near Dingle. There are nice new wooden plant boxes telling the people of Toxteth that they live in L8. Just in case they're not sure, there is a mosaic to remind them. Don't they realise what a waste of money this is, the majority of people know where they live. Whoever comes up with names like "rope walks", must not have anything worthwhile to occupy his time.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Dairy LeaAugust 12th 2013.

And then of course there are the "Quarters" and "Triangles"

Ah NostalgiaAugust 13th 2013.

We've had squares, we must be due a rhombus, they'll probably come along two at a time, then again we could be waiting for a long time......Tuebrook Trapezium, has a certain ring to it.....Maybe not.....Old Swan Oblong....I'm due my meds, matron is doing the rounds.

AnonymousAugust 13th 2013.

The idea of pedestrianizing the area is unjustifiable. Yes, students & tutors may need to cross the road, but they are all (well-educated) adults, so surely they could manage to get themselves across the road safely? Around the corner in Woolton Road is a primary school for 4-11 year-olds. Shouldn't Woolton Road be pedestrianized as well then?

Ah NostalgiaAugust 13th 2013.

Councillor Maloney has only to call for an impact study to be taken on roads in the vicinity. Taggart Ave has a major arterial road on its doorstep, a ring road that runs parallel, a ring road that intersects at Menlove, shops, schools and densely populated residential area. It has operated successfully for a long time, and will continue to do so, if they leave it be.

Sue PadupaAugust 13th 2013.

Why can't they construct a bridge connectiong both sides of the college similar to the one that used to connect the two TJ Hughes buildings? The college wants to ride roughshod over the residents and the renaming and rebranding of street furniture is part of this slow creep.

AnonymousAugust 13th 2013.

The idea to close the bottom half of Taggart will re-emerge next summer when Labour have a virtual stranglehold on the council. Say what you like about the Lib Dems, but we are walking into a total Socialist state, and what a state the city will be in when they have no opposition to speak of.

Ah NostalgiaAugust 14th 2013.

Belitia beacons, zebra crossings, panda crossings, have worked for decades. No need for tunnels, bridges etc. If Hope aren't happy tell them where to get off, the residents live there permanently, anyone else is just passing through.

Student GrantAugust 15th 2013.

In the days when only bright people went to university, they were quite capable of crossing the roads on their own without all this rigmarole.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Ah NostalgiaAugust 15th 2013.

"Only bright people", with rich Mummies and Daddies. Lots of bright people didn't aspire to university, they were too busy working for a living. Their parents were not able to indulge them, unlike some future captains of industry who are incapable of not only crossing roads, but have yet to master tying their own shoelaces.

Student GrantAugust 16th 2013.

I'm talking about the time up to the mid-1980s when social mobility was much greater and students received grants rather than loans.

Pools WinnerAugust 15th 2013.

Students at John Moores University have to routinely cross some of the busiest and most complex road junctions in the city to go from one building to another. You don't hear LJMU whining about it and demanding the pedestianisation of Dale Street, Byrom Street, Tithebarn Street, Rodney Street etc. They must have much brainier students.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Ah NostalgiaAugust 15th 2013.

Most probably, the sort who are able to perm any 8 from 10.

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