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Students do their bit

Hundreds mobilised on deadline day to make sure of right to vote against the right

Published on June 14th 2009.

Students do their bit

LIVERPOOL students took hundreds of postal vote registration forms down to Liverpool City Council today to ensure their say in the European elections on June 4 in the North West.

It is the deadline day for registration and students across the city are being encouraged to make their votes “anti-fascist”, mindful of the BNP's campaign in the region.

University of Liverpool Guild President Danielle Grufferty said there had been a cross-collaboration between all of Liverpool’s students unions.

“Students have a key role to play in ensuring that a multi-cultural and diverse Liverpool remains part of its core identity, and the student body reflects and celebrates this diversity,” she said.

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Seth OlogyMay 19th 2009.

This exercise is very commendable, as long as the students vote responsibly and not for weirdo extremist parties like the Conservatives, UKIP or the Lib Dems.

ollie davisMay 19th 2009.

Its always the same, everyone picks on Liverpool students but they are the cleverest, most socially committed and above all funny young people in the world.Liverpool students are always held back by associations with poverty and crime - but Liverpool has produced some of the greatest celbrities of all time.Always remember; Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black, the Beatles, Ken Dodd, Daniel Crage, Jerry Marsden, and Beryl Banbridge all come from Liverpool and they were all students once.

Anne OafMay 19th 2009.

Oh yes and that foreign name of yours, sorry, but when the gas is turned on, take deep breaths it's quicker and kinder. Don't blame me now, we will only be obeying orders. I mean we have to keep Britain for the British. By the way has Nick Griffin had his DNA tested yet to show his racial origins?

Anne OafMay 19th 2009.

Yes Gary that would be awful, imagine stoning somebody to death for being homosexual. Yes the Nazi party from which the BNP drew its inspiration was much more humane in starving and gassing them to death instead. I mean blimey some of those stones are really sharp! Ouch! Of course it wasn't really about muslims then, it was Jews and slavs and gypsies and the mentally and physically disabled. Lots of women and children and anybody else who disagreed with the nazis. Can you still get Zyklon B or did the company go bust? Is the there still a big thing about killing Jews or is it more muslims these days? Probably best keep it simple. Only if a fascist party came to power they would need to think about planning permission for the concentration camps for the muslims and other races who choose not to leave the UK, because it can drag on you know, and there are always the NIMBYs who object to a death camp particularly on green belt land.

winstonMay 19th 2009.

Oh no... Who let the BNP out?

Gary AronssonMay 19th 2009.

Well,what a shock!Not one single person has made an attempt to prove any of my statements false! That's the advantage of being RIGHT! Keep the crude insults coming,every time you lot resort to that level of "argument"you show yourselves up for the oafs you are!

Enoch's Towel and Oswald's MuesliMay 19th 2009.

Aronsson? That's a foreign name isn't it?

Bell ringerMay 19th 2009.

Gary AronssonMay 19th 2009.

One of the things i find ironic about Students being so determined to stop the BNP is that the main longterm beneficiary of this will be the ever increasing muslim population of Britain.When Islam eventually takes over Britain these self same Students will see their own values and lifestyles made illegal.How many student bars are there in Saudi Arabia,and who gives a toss about what women want?They will take what they are given,in Saudi Arabia a woman can't even drive a car!or leave the house without a close male relative to take charge of her!And as for being homosexual,death by stoning will stop you ever calling yourself GAY!A lot of smug little lefty types are going to find out that there are things in this world worse than stopping mass immigration!

George DragonMay 19th 2009.

Has Gary Aronsson forgotten the enthusiasm of his far right chums for radical Islam not so long ago: after all, they share the same anti-liberal, anti-Jewish bigotries, belief in loopy conspiracy theories etc. When did western fascists like the BNP suddenly become the defenders of feminism and gay lib? Students of Liverpool! For what it is worth, this veteran of student anti-fascist activity in the 70s and still radical (despite yawn.snore's braindead claims) salutes you! Keep up the good work!

George DragonMay 19th 2009.

No wonder students lose their shine when faced with arrogant reactionary diatribes from such drivelling bores as 'yawn.snore...etc'. What do you prefer? Brainless chavs no doubt - because they are 'proper working class'?

AnonymousMay 19th 2009.

Oh my! I have actually bothered to go and look at that link, Benito's messy lino. How very dare he have a go at our students who are playing their part in a super way!

Weirdo Extremist PartyMay 19th 2009.

Couldn't agree more with the previous chap!

RU18May 19th 2009.

Aronsson, your 'statements' are the fevered bletherings of a bigot. They are too laughable for people to take seriously. There is no point in wasting breath arguing with a chump like you.

Tricky wooMay 19th 2009.

Aronsson? Pity there's no E in there. We could have got a good anagram including the word "arse"

D. PhilMay 19th 2009.

No they weren't!Jimmy Tarbuck? Cilla Black? Gerry Marsden? The Beatles? Students?Anyway, these are University of Liverpool students, something different entirely.

AnonymousMay 19th 2009.

Great stuff, folks! Good to see this, thanks for all your efforts.

Hopelessly confused.comMay 19th 2009.

Is that a banana in Ms Grufferty's pocket or is she just pleased to see me?

Viagra BoyMay 19th 2009.

I know. Shame on you Yawn Snore. I am surprised that a little tale about young people going out of their way to do the right thing should provoke such a limp-penised reaction.

yawn.snore........students...May 19th 2009.

Radicalism fades fast. As soon as they start scrabbling for jobs the ideals go out of the window and they will be as unscrupulous as everyone else.They are dirty, stupid, lazy and not one of them can spell properly.

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