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Shopped: Home Bargains

To some, Home Bargains is nothing short of a Mecca. We sent Heather Smith bargain hunting.

Published on June 4th 2009.

Shopped: Home Bargains

Where is it?
Everywhere! There's a fair chance you're already well acquainted with your local store, but if not find it here

At Confidential, we favour the nearby Bold Street store.

We are blessed to have so many Home Bargains stores in the North thanks to Liverpool-born founder Tom Morris. Growing from two previous shop-running generations, Tom naturally followed in the family footsteps and opened his first Home Bargains store (or “Home and Bargain” as it will always be known to real Liverpudlians) in Old Swan back in 1976. More than thirty years later, T J Morris Ltd lost the “and” but managed to gain more than 140 Home Bargains stores across the country.

Who Shops There?

An avid bargain hunter can apparently take shape in many forms. From the old dear picking up her denture friendly toothpaste and some slippers, to the thirty-something woman picking up some bio-oil and tights. A mother of three may be searching for the latest Doctor Who game and some nappies whilst the teenage boy may be feeling peckish, picking up a few packets of Pickled Onion Nik-Naks. Let's not forget the bargain boozer, keen to pick up a few bottles of Single Malt or Scrumpy Jack

What Does It Sell?

Where to start? A virtual tour of a typical Home Bargains store would run; must see bargains upon entrance, hair products, soaps/crèmes/toothpastes etc, medicines and ointments, then turning a corner, you will at some point come across a mountain of toys, before stumbling across household essentials and finally finishing in amongst the food and drink.

The brilliance is that there are surprises crammed in to every nook and cranny, From metal detectors to mud masks, look and ye shall find.

Why Go There?
Stock levels are replenished so frequently that many of the aforementioned random gems could literally be here today, gone tomorrow. With Home Bargains, you’ve got to grab it whilst they have it. Be wary though. Bargain hunting is addictive. Home Bargains make unmissable offers just that by marking them with striking “Star Buy” signs, usually situated near to the entrance intended to coax in any credulous by-passers. Guilty. We were sold.

Home Bargains insist that their success stems from one simple principle: selling branded goods at the lowest possible price. With a company genuinely committed to its Top Brands, Bottom Prices slogon, the question, it seems should be why go anywhere else?

The Future:

Home Bargains is already one of the largest companies in Merseyside but Morris, understandably, is determined to further spread the joy around the country. His 10-year plan looks to a striving target of 500 stores countrywide, potentially employing more than 10,000 staff. Blimey.

Bargain Bliss.

We sent Heather bargain hunting on a shoe string. Here's what she came back with. She's out with her metal detector as we speak.

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Penny LaneAugust 28th 2008.

There are unlikely to be any proper gentleman's outfitters on Allerton Road any more. And to think the locals wasted so much time and effort protesting about a sex shop on downmarket Smithdown Road! The fools! Civilisation is extinct in this suburb! (In fact, wasn't the murderer who threatened to kill the judge when he was recently sentenced for a brutal murder in Birkenhead from one of the 'dales' roads of Allerton Road?)

toriblareAugust 28th 2008.

Oh you are such a snob my dear Dig

DigAugust 28th 2008.

So it is possible for Home Bargain to actually go DOWN in peoples opinion? What was your opinion before it went down Prof? However, what I said wasn't an accusation. I regularly sit opposite Home Bargain stores around the country with a bag of Monster Munch and a Tab Light watching customers dodge the darts fired by Jeremy Kyle and Trisha Goddard. It's a case of survival of the fattest as the darts don't seem to penetrate fatties protective flab.

DigAugust 28th 2008.

I heard Jeremy Kyle gets his guests by shooting tranquilizer guns into Home Bargains.

jaycee2August 28th 2008.

We`ve got one here in Birmingham and yes, I agree, it`s a great shop! I`ve had plenty of stuff from Home Bargains for my flat and it sits very well, alongside my Habitat and Ikea stuff. Great choices in food at very competitive prices also.

Jonson ShineAugust 28th 2008.

I have always wondered why scousers call it Home and Bargain as sad it sounds i actually have...

A DoctorAugust 28th 2008.

Sleeper S.Hill fear not the Liverpool Confidential Help Page Service has the answer! Allerton Road Home Bargains has another Home Bargains Shop right next door specialising in Bedding and Linen, including Continental Quilts. So now you can at last throw away that health hazard you have had on the bed for 28 years. I would suggest a specialised disposal firm to limit the risk to the public.

A Doctor repliesAugust 28th 2008.

Hargreaves, i believe you were actually replaced by Home Bargains but what happy memories of Mrs Ts Teas and the lovely blue rinse ladies who used to frequent for civilised conversation about bringing back the rope,immigrants and how the unemployed should be shot. I think many of these good ladies would have fled to cyprus when the first Big Issue seller arrived. "Penny Lane Says" really should return, with Attenborough and a film crew as the Fat baldy men in Eric morcambe shorts and Football shirts has reached record levels, attracted by the new watering and vomit holes that has replaced the traditional shops and boutiques. Tis a wonderous sight with them now gathered blocking the pavements parading their bloated legs for their female counterparts who adorn themselves in silver shoes and to compliment the orange streaked legs. The owner of one particular establishment near the green lane spread has obviously tried to raise the sartorial ton bu regularly wearing a suit jacket with shirt socks and shoes. Unfortunately rather than matching trousers, he has chosen to wear Khaki shorts. This i believe is listed as one of the most heinous social crimes.

Doctor repliesAugust 28th 2008.

Indeed you are right Penny Lane, and some recent heroin dealing ring leaders up bfore the courts also resided in the Allerton Road area Of course the heroin delaers are wealthy and welcomed with open arms and later groins. Once an establishment named Bargain Booze moves into any area, relocated from Smithdown Place to Allerton Road, the end is nigh. And now as nother newsagent and specialist Tobaccoshop has bitten the dust it will be replaced by a betting shop. Yes most vices are being covered but the sex shop is still required. It would be nice to se the Post Office go too. Whilst the ladies on the cardsand gifts are civil, the post office staff are miserable wretches who find any minor task to complete before glaring at you in silent contempt to establish how you intend to inconvenience them with your custom.

AnonymousAugust 28th 2008.

I went in Thatchers as a child with my mother. As we left, they got the fly spray out.

Professor ChucklebuttyAugust 28th 2008.

Dig that is a terrible accusation! It is quite clear that guests who have already tranquilised themselves are available from the Cube photo catalogue shown in another article. There, Tori, how is that for snobbery. I warned everyone about the place in the feature on the Dispensary but did they listen?I bet they are sorry they turned down my box of skips and monster munch now.I have to say that Home bargains has gone down hill in my opinion as the place to shop, since they installed all those security cameras. I am sure Mrs C will just get probation again.

Penny LaneAugust 28th 2008.

Dear 'A Doctor Says', obviously Allerton Road is not what it was. Last time I went there I saw a bar full of foul-mouthed baldy fat men in in nylon footer shirts and Eric Morecambe shorts! I haven't been back since. I can remember when poor people were prevented from walking along Allerton Road because they lowered the tone.

Moaning MildredAugust 28th 2008.

I see silky mit are only 89p for 3!Get me a box for my arm pits wud ya

jaeAugust 28th 2008.

Shop is great but do find I buy things I wouldnt normally buy and feel I spend more on cleaning products that sit at the back of my bulging cupboards but hey "it was a bargain and I had to"!!!

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