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Sefton Park gets drinks and gigs permit for up to 40,000 people

12-month licence to spill in new sound of the suburbs

Written by . Published on June 27th 2013.

Sefton Park gets drinks and gigs permit for up to 40,000 people

IT is capable of being one of the biggest open air boozers in the kingdom: Liverpool’s Sefton Park.

The city council’s licensing committee has approved an application for a full off and on licence in Sefton Park to cater for events of up to 39,999 people.

It’s part of a council strategy to attract big scale events to Sefton Park, with talk of a permanent stage being constructed. Boxing tournaments, concerts and large scale events could now be attracted to Aigburth and its Victorian green space.


There was strong opposition to the application, made by the city council which already holds a licence for events in the park.   The new licence is a 12 month permit covering the on sale and off sale of alcohol between 10am and 10pm, with the capacity increased from the current maximum of 9,999 people to 39,999.

It'll be bigger than thisIt'll be bigger than thisMore than 500 local residents lodged objections and a petition signed by 60 people was submitted, and about 20 objectors turned up at the committee meeting.

The principal concerns raised by the representations can be summarised as follows:-

(1) increased risk of vandalism and crime in/around the park

(2) traffic congestion in/around the park

(3) noise pollution

(4) increase in anti-social behaviour

(5) litter

(6) the potential for damage of green space

(7) and loss of amenity to the public

Among the objectors was Lark Lane Neighbourhood Association who fear big scale events in the park will encourage crime and disorder.

Its chairman, Sandra Warren, said: “Residents already suffer from late night revellers leaving one of the 18 licensed premises on Lark Lane,” adding licenses should be considered on an event-by-event basis, rather than an annual cover.

Judicial review

Other objectors included Lib Dem councillors Elaine Allen and Tina Gould, and the two Green Party councillors, John Coyne Sarah Jennings.

Whether the grant of the licence is the end of the matter remains to be seen.  One local objector has threatened to consider a judicial review to block it.

A number of events are held in the park, the most recent being Africa Oye, but until now licences have been applied for on an individual basis.

One worry is a permanent licence will lead to more frequent events. But a report to the licensing committee spelled out the controls and conditions that will be in place to ensure events run smoothly.

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Jesse DaviesJune 29th 2013.

Taking everything into consideration , i feel this is a good thing for Aigburth and Liverpool in general. All major,forward thinking cities ,such as Leeds ,London,Manchester etc utilise their Victorian parks to put on massive events. We just catching up - as usual!

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AnonymousJune 29th 2013.

I don't know about it being good for Aigburth. How have Anfield and Goodison, which see tens of thousands of visitors every Saturday, been good for the surrounding area?

Jesse DaviesJune 29th 2013.

I wouldn't compare Football Stadia with live music events - too many differences to list.

Biff LomanJuly 1st 2013.

And "boxing tournaments"?

Jesse JamesJuly 1st 2013.

They all attract pissed/stoned scum.

AnonymousJune 30th 2013.

Seems development ideas remain similar to those of the lib dems. Turn the city into an alcohol theme park.

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AnonymousJune 30th 2013.

Which is Bartender Joe's way of filling our half empty glasses that he complains about. The customer is always moaning.

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

This is the Council who scrapped the Mathew Street Festival because it had become a booze festival. You just can't make it up. Lets inflict 40.000 drunks on a residential area with the added bonus of too loud music. Anderson you are one sick person.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

He'll need to sell off some more park land to pay for clearing up the cans and rubbish left behind.

Sefton ParkerJuly 1st 2013.

And improve the inadequate and expensive public transport to Sefton Park. More yellow lines and higher parking charges around Lark Lane and the so-called 'Aigburth Corridor' ought to raise enough cash.

Sefton ParkerJuly 1st 2013.

The objections seem to be from affluent NIMBYs who have bought their way into the area from outside, driving the indigenous population out of the area with ridiculous property prices and a lot of silly pseudo-estuarine accents. They didn't care about the well-loved area they invaded, colonised and ruined, and time moves on. They shall be next to be ploughed under and scattered by change.

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Larks in the parkJuly 1st 2013.

Couldn't agree more. Interlopers the lot of them. What's wrong with having big gigs in the park. However, why not use the bandstand? It is a natural ampitheatre

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

How exactly do people buying and living in existing houses ruin and invade an area. Sounds like you are the real Nimby, Sefton Parker. Should we board the place up once the ORIGINALS die? A lot of the big houses around the park and Lark lane were rotting or grotty bedsits, I am glad outsiders came in to save them, if that is the case. But perhaps we should just put a big electric fence around the city to keep out anyone without a scouse accent and a rolled up copy of the Echo to wipe their gobs on after they have eaten their pasty.

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

My goodness, what a snob. I bet you send your children to Liverpool College

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

It appears that he is the sort of moneyed riff-raff that have taken over Sefton Park and Lark Lane, all fur coats and no knickers.

Hesketh GroveJuly 1st 2013.

Who does he think he is talking about people like that? I'll have you know that the original folk of Lark Lane and area spoke a lot better than this scruffy, self-satisfied shower who talk like Roland Rat that have overrun the place.

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

He obviously hasn't bothered to meet or get to know any real locals. Too busy playing with himself on his iPad. www.youtube.com/watch…

AnonymousJuly 2nd 2013.

I thought the whole point of sefton park was for big houses for the wealthy to buy? or does sefton parker think the victorians put up those huge villa's specificly for bedsits?

? and the MysteriansJuly 1st 2013.

Why can't Joe do something for The Mystery? Wavertree Playground was donated to the people of Liverpool as a recreational space never to be built upon and the Council in contravention of this built its silly sports centre (and all-important car park for the meat-heads who use it) on what used to be the children's playground area of The Mystery. The least the Council could do in recompense is to restore the facilities that have been destroyed/stolen/burned and revive the Liverpool Show. It is good for events because it is flat and not landscaped like Sefton Park.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

Ah, but there's no car parking for the massed knuckle-draggers. They don't know how to use a bus or walk.

AnonymousJuly 1st 2013.

Well to be fair the old children's playground area was wrecked and falling apart long before they built the car park and I think there may be a play area now located at the Prince Alfred Rd end, unless that is part of the nursery. As for the rest of the park, it is sadly bare. Shelters and benches gone, the old wooden changing rooms and pavilions were left to rot and then vandalised and set on fire before finally being demolished. The horse enclosure with the white fence posts that used to be part of the Liverpool Show is gone and I don't think there is a public toilet anymore, which was also part of a sports changing facility. There was some talk years ago about restoration but that seems to have been forgotten when Warren Bradley got the "International" swimming pool built and then realised it was 3ft to small for most international events. But be careful what you say or Anderson will be there with his grandson taking photos claiming it is just incidental space around the sports centre and he needs to sell it to pay for clearing up the vomit in Sefton Park.

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AnonymousJuly 2nd 2013.

Whatever was wrong with Picton Road Baths? It was good enough for swimming galas when I was a lad!

Glyn PoolJuly 2nd 2013.

Vainglorious white elephants are a badge of honour for modern politicians; they waste millions on pointless, unsustainable projects with their names on whilst the amenities people have valued and used for decades are starved of money and close down because they aren't sufficiently fashionable.

Old Nick's CaveJuly 1st 2013.

I can't see why they are objecting - we've just suffered nauseatingly extensive television coverage of Glastonbury and it is de rigueur for the middle-aged middle-classes spend a fortune to suffer it for appearance's sake to keep up with the Ponsonby-Joneses. They call it "Glarsto" apparently. They think it is "cool"!

Jesse DaviesJuly 2nd 2013.

I wonder how over cities manage to put events on in parks? www.independent.co.uk/…/music-review-the-stone-roses-finsbury-park-london-8653244.html… www.guardian.co.uk/…/stone-roses-heaton-park-talking-points…

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Jesse DaviesJuly 2nd 2013.


AnonymousJuly 2nd 2013.

The drug addled Manchester scallies that are The Stone Roses? Oh what fun!

AnonymousJuly 30th 2013.

Didn't the council just grant permission for a detox centre to open in Sefton Park?? Surely a detox centre and one of the biggest open air boozers in the kingdom should not be one in the same???????

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