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Update: Mayor's cabinet approves Sefton Park meadows sale

Opposition mounts to £10m executive homes plan

Published on March 22nd 2013.

Update: Mayor's cabinet approves Sefton Park meadows sale

LIVERPOOL City Council Cabinet  approved the Meadowlands sale this morning.   

The proposal, revealed here on Liverpool Confidential and sparking masssive reader debate, is backed by Mayor Joe Anderson.

The proposal, which would see high-band executive homes built, had been called-in by Lib Dem Councillors Elaine Allen, Tom Morrison, Richard Oglethorpe, Erica Kemp and Richard Kemp (Lib Dem Group Leader). 

They gave the reason for the call-in: "To enable full scrutiny of the sale of land at Park Avenue L18.  This is a matter of great public importance.  We need to protect the green spaces of Liverpool." 

It will now go to a scrutiny committee, though the committee has no power to overturn the Cabinet/Mayoral decision.

Meanwhile, a petition on the Mayor’s website to stop the sale of Sefton Park Meadows, on Park Avenue, has gained over 330 signatures in a couple of days.

There is also a petition in favour of the sell off which, at time of publishing, had amassed just seven signatures. 

Sarah Jennings, Green Party councillor in neighbouring St Michael’s ward, says there is a huge strength of feeling in the community about the issue.

“Liverpool hasn’t got enough green space as it is," she said. "The idea that a Labour council would sell off green spaces, which every member of the public can access free of charge to walk their dogs, have picnics and spend quality time with their families outdoors, in order to benefit just a small minority of people who want to build luxury houses, seems absurd."

"The current proposals coming from the Mayor mean that no piece of Liverpool’s open green spaces will be safe. We will fight against his approach in every way we can.”

The petition against the sell-off is accessible on the Mayor's website by clicking here.   

Update to "update": A mass family picnic to show support for the retention of the land as a green space is being held next Easter Monday at 2.30pm-4.30pm on Meadowlands, Park Drive, itself. 

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30 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousMarch 22nd 2013.

When Joe Anderson was elected mayor his boast was he there was to carry out the wishes of the people who put him there.... by the people, and for the people. Here's a chance for Joe Anderson to show he is not the dictator some people thilnk he has become. Feelings are running high about this land grab. As somebody else said on Confidential, it's not his land to sell. It belongs to the people, and the children of the people and their grandchildren in the future. If in a hundred years time the people find there is not an inche of building space, then re-visit this. The problem is the council is dominated by Labour members and none of them dare stand up to the Mayor. We need the biggest ever petition to demonstrate to the Mayor what we think.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyMarch 22nd 2013.

Peoples wishes are for a prosperous vibrant Liverpool, this is part of a plan to get it. If in return anequal area of brown field site is turned into a grass rectangle the city will have lost no green space.

BeansmartinMarch 23rd 2013.

John, a prosperous and vibrant city shouldn't come at the cost of green space! To build on this land then replace it with a turfed over failed construction site in the north of the city isn't the same or justifiable! So, If they do build on this land.. where next?? We will soon have a city with no green spaces and brown failed construction sites, which in fact we have plenty of already. Do you have a garden John? If, so.. shall we use that next?? Thats a green space.. and I will lay out a bit of turf in Croxteth for you, to balance things out nad you haven't lost your green space!!

Teresa GreenMarch 27th 2013.

Houses don't bring prosperity, shops, businesses, factories, etc. do.

Building houses will not produce a prosperous, vibrant Liverpool, it will simply produce a big ugly housing estate with no full-time proper jobs in commuting distance.

AnonymousMarch 22nd 2013.

I wonder if the mayor and his cabinet just happened to come up with this idea or was it hinted at by one of the interested developer, i.e. stuff the brown field sites and affordable housing for those that need it, but we'll have that nice slice of land by Sefton Park, we could make a killing on that.

AnonymousMarch 22nd 2013.

And will they be felling the trees around the area as well?
This needs to be stopped. It's not yours or you forelock tugging silenced pretend cabinet's to sell off.

John Steele.March 22nd 2013.

errrrrmmmm. i recall. a certain Derek. Hatton. ? selling of. public spaces. in some dodgy. deals. !!! nothing changes hey !!! if you havent read Animal farm by George Orwell. you should. !!! snouts in troughs etc. typical. Liverpool. scallies.

John Steele.March 22nd 2013.

and dont forget. Allerton golf course was on his list off. money spinning assets to plunder !!

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2013.

Can we stop calling these "high-band executive homes" and start calling them mansions? That is what they are planning.

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2013.

Of course another promise from Mayor Anderson was that if 60,000 people signed to say they no longer wanted him to be the mayor, he would accept that, see it as the will of the people, abide by it and step down. Maybe it is time to start such a petition and try to restore some local democracy.

The way things are, the councillors we elected to represent our wards have no voice and no power. And it seems they dare not speak against anything the Mayor decides.

Memories spring to mind of Lord Hailshams views on the "Elective Dictatorship"

By the way, where is the £135 million we would lose if we didn't go for a mayoral system and the reason why we were denied a chance to decide if we wanted one?

BeansmartinMarch 23rd 2013.

John Bradley, a prosperous and vibrant city shouldn't come at the cost of green space! To build on this land then replace it with a turfed over failed construction site in the north of the city isn't the same or justifiable! So, If they do build on this land.. where next?? We will soon have a city with no green spaces and brown failed construction sites, which in fact we have plenty of already. Do you have a garden John? If, so.. shall we use that next?? Thats a green space.. and I will lay out a bit of turf in Croxteth for you to balance things up, therfore you wouldn't have lost your green space!!

4 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyMarch 23rd 2013.

This is just a bit of turf it is nothing else, it is not landscaped. What would produce this vibrant city then, lets have your plan to raise the money to do something.

John BradleyMarch 23rd 2013.

It belongs to all the people of the city not just the locals. It is to be used for the benefit of all the residents of Liverpool not just a small group.

BeansmartinMarch 23rd 2013.

YES.. FINALLY YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING THAT MAKES SENSE and we will agree on!!! It BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY.. THANK YOU!!! Not to the council to sell, the council speak on our behalf and as the petitions speak at the moment over 500 want it saved and 11 dont.

I'm not here to make money for the council or our city.. I work bloody hard and pay my taxes and it is them how have messed up.. if they, the government and the banks didn't fuck it up for us in the first place we wouldn't be having this conversation.

People come to this city for many reasons.. houses are not one of them, the green spaces are. I know people from around the world, America, Australia, Ireland who have visited this city (and have signed the petition) for its History, its Architecture, its parks, its culture... You don't get many people coming here to look at concrete, failed construction sites or our luxury housing or council estates. Its not just for locals... its for our future generation... if they build on every available piece of land, I will be telling my grandkids its because of the likes of you they will live in a concrete jungle!!

John BradleyApril 5th 2013.

The people and the people are entitled to sell it as well as keep it. You don't get a veto.

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2013.

Are you seriously suggesting that felling 100-year-old trees and concreting over three hectares of Sefton Park for new-build housing is OK if we plant a few saplings and a play area among the boarded up shops in Kenny? BTW, have you ever thought of applying to be Joe's £90k spin doctor John Bradley? There's still a vacancy going.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyMarch 23rd 2013.

It isn't Sefton park, Doing that in Kenny would have more benefit as growing trees absorb more carbon than mature trees.

BeansmartinMarch 23rd 2013.

Why don't you campaign to have some trees planted in Kenny and a playground then, there's plenty of flattened ground there now.. try improving the area instead of ruining others.. I'll put in for some turf for you if you want...

John BradleyApril 5th 2013.

Still have to sell of something to pay for t. What do you suggest?

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2013.

So let me try and understand this so called democracy thing. The Council mayor and cabinet agree to the sale, but it is subject to consultation. Then we see the democratically elected land-flogger Malcolm Kennedy slagging off anyone who dares to criticise the sell off of a much loved piece of green land. Isn't it telling those of us who elected him and his fellow dictators, we are wasting our time. The decision has been made. OK, they will go through the motions, but this city is not in the hands of elected dictators. Democracy in action? Bollocks. I hope thousands of people sign the petitions, just for future reference if nothing else.

Teresa GreenMarch 24th 2013.

Isthere any recent news on Mere Bank, the last Council cock-up in Sefton Park?


Is it still standing empty?

AnonymousMarch 24th 2013.

This fb posting was cut and pasted by a Labour Party member...
Posting by Counsellor Malcolm Kennedy:
No matter how many signatures the campaign gets from Washington DC or any place around the world no one will stop Liverpool from concentrating on improving parks around the city and making sure the resources are there to do so. Well that's tell us!!!! So there it is, no democracy anymore. Sod the voters, sod the electors, the Labour Party in Liverpool is officially and Dictatorship. How on earth can Kennedy be involved in any way in the consultation exercise when his mind is already made up. His posting by the way was linked to a grand scheme for Everton Park (now there is a place to visit for dog-poo spotters). Makes you wonder whether the beautiful meadowland is being flogged to pay for this expensive thing in Everton.

AnonymousMarch 26th 2013.

If we are going to justify selling this land to raise £10m then that £10 would have to be ivested in something sustainable long term and extremely valuable for the city's future. Unfortunately its going to be spent on buying a few months stay of execution for some council service or other. Presumably in the hope that labour get in at the next election and loosen the purse strings.

Ultimately a policy of selling the family silver to delay making cuts will do nothing but leave the city's residents worse off in the long term for a very limited short term gain.

AnonymousMarch 26th 2013.

The International Political Press has now picked up on this story.

Rob DansonMarch 27th 2013.

I got a barely literate response from Councillor Kennedy to an e-mail recently but I have to say that there is no intrinsic reason why empty land should not get built on if it is improving the lives of Liverpudlians... It is however a shame that privatisation has become the only strategy for such civic benefit. Some of these NIMBYs hide behind the logic of social good but they'd be complaining if a public building was built there....

Chris BernardMarch 27th 2013.

I wonder what was in it for them?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 27th 2013.

A piece of dog poo according the to the Mayor and his main reason for justifying his decision to try and sell it off.

AnonymousMarch 30th 2013.

Beware .. those who doth protest too much ... may find that 'skeletons in their cupboards' may be found.
Just ask Herbert.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Teresa GreenMarch 31st 2013.

Herbert Who?

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