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SATURDAY NIGHT BREAKING NEWS: Morrissey hit on head by glass

Echo Arena gig dramatically halted after missile is hurled. Fans are very annoyed at him

Published on November 11th 2009.

SATURDAY NIGHT BREAKING NEWS: Morrissey hit on head by glass

A BOTTLE or a glass, or something, hit Morrissey on the head tonight minutes into a much anticipated concert at the Liverpool Echo Arena in front of 10,000 fans.

The ex-Smiths frontman was just into his second song when a plastic vessel filled with drink was thrown from a member of the audience as he was kneeling down to shake the outstretched hands of people in the front row.

According to reports, it hit him squarely on the head. Immediately, the 50-year-old singer shakily stood to his feet and appeared to mumble “Goodbye” before leaving the stage. His band then downed their instruments and followed.

Morrissey's current tour has been plagued by misfortune. He collapsed on stage in Swindon two weeks ago and was taken to hospital unconscious. There were doubts as to whether the tour would continue.

But wearing a brown suit and a blue shirt, Morrissey opened tonight's concert at the Arena by telling the audience who had paid upwards of £32.50: “It's Liverpool. It's Saturday night. It's raining and it's perfect.”

He then launched into This Charming Man and was into the second song on the set list, Black Cloud, when the assault took place.

One audience member said: “It was shaping up to be an excellent gig and then this just happened. A horrible bolt from the blue. Morrissey got up and walked off and everyone in the audience was furious. They wanted the

idiot who threw the bottle evicted.

“I'm not sure if the security actually tracked down who it was, but after about 15 minutes the house lights went on and it became apparent that Morrissey wasn't coming back on.”

As the disappointed crowd dispersed through the exits, Arena staff handed them pre-printed flyers which read "Tonight's concert isn't going ahead' and advised them to contact ticket providers for further information.

Another concert-goer told us: "The Arena security guards came on the stage and they were panning around the audience with torches while there were shouts of 'knock him out'.

"Quite frankly I am very disappointed that Morrissey didn't dust himself down and come back on. I have waited years to see him and I feel he has punished the audience for this one dickhead.

If had reappeared he would have had the whole 10,000 crowd behind him."

Morrissey's condition was unknown at the time of publishing but we'll update you.

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23 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Bill HaleyNovember 7th 2009.

"Part and parcel of rock and roll"? Yes I suppose being a nostalgia tour for the over-fifties you could say that. Are The Grumbleweeds still doing the rounds?

Toxteth TerrorNovember 7th 2009.

A blue shirt with a brown suit? A totally justified attack.

EditorialNovember 7th 2009.

It was a plastic glass apparently. Perhaps it was you who threw it, This Charming Man. If anyone else is confused, apologies. We were talking to so many callers at once on Saturday night, all with differing accounts, that we kept having to change the version of the story. It is now corrected-ish, so thank you for bothering to point the error out so graciously and eloquently and with such liberal loveliness towards the sexual orientation, or otherwise, of others, TCM. However we did have the story up online just about FIRST, not bad seeing as we never normally do this work stuff on Saturday night

CuriousNovember 7th 2009.

Has anyone seen Nick Peet's piece in the Echo which completely condones this assault and ends by saying Merseyside music fans should unite to buy whoever chucked the missile a pint? What a tosser.

InterestedNovember 7th 2009.

Come on. You get to 50 and have a pot of piss lobbed at you. I'm surprised it wasn't a cup of Horlicks given the average age of the crowd.

Foy453November 7th 2009.

Think it was a little over the top to leave. Particulaly as The Smiths and Morrissey in particular used to cheer on crown decent and invite fans on to the stage in their heyday - much to the annoyance of the security guards. Either way he was an idiot who through it. From a friend who went the concert everyone started ranting and hecklling the culprit at strait away calling him all sorts and about to give him a good shall we say telling off before he was dragged out by security guards for his own protection. Another pal of mine says a guard later told him the bloke who through the beer (it wasn't piss) was from Burnley. So lets not all get on the typical scousers crap. Could happen anywhere.

NarcissusNovember 7th 2009.

Isn't it strange how the name 'Echo' is nowadays associated so closely with misery and misfortune?

This Charming ManNovember 7th 2009.

Was it a bottle? Was it a glass? Was it a plastic glass? The dumb person who wrote this obviously never had a clue, couldn't be bothered to decide, or were just making it up as they went along. How amateur.Morrissey is a queen.

MikeNovember 7th 2009.

I was at the gig! Was disgusting that Morrissey was hit on the head by a glass (plastic or otherwise!). But it was equally disgusting that Morrissey made 9,999 other fans pay for it!!!!

DigNovember 7th 2009.

Morrissey should have had the gig stopped and lights turned up. Then asked for the crowd to help identify the culprit. If the culprit wasn't i.d'd he should have threatened to end the gig there and then. If he was i.d'd then he should have had the person brought up on stage to explain his actions to the crowd. Then Morrissey should have give the person a choice. Go back into the crowd or leave with security and wait for police. Either way they would have been dealt with appropriately rather than getting away with it and spoiling 8000 peoples night out.

Phil McCrackenNovember 7th 2009.

Heaven knows what has made him miserable now.

StephenNovember 7th 2009.

Well...first of all this doesn't do Liverpool's reputation much good. The idiot responsible should be proscecuted and banned for life from every concert venue. God knows what possessed the moron.Secondly, fair enough of Mozzer. Unless someone stands up and makes a point about bad, rude, aggressive and unthinking behaviour, it will continue. But every audience who he now plays to, will know the risk that is being run.Thirdly, he's an artist and he can decide who he wants to play to and when and under what circumstances.Fourthly, come back to Liverpool quickly.

Professor ChuckabottleNovember 7th 2009.

What surprises me is that it actually is Morrisey, I always thought it was pre-recorded and just an actor dressed in the Bob costume. Anyway, people are quick to blame drunken scousers, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Spud the scarecrow that threw it.

websterNovember 7th 2009.

There's no way he should have gone bck on. It's the Echo Arena security that appers to be out of control

AnonymousNovember 7th 2009.

Sack the managers of the arena I say. Something like this was bound to happen and the people who manage the place have just let things happen. We have read time and time again about anti-social behaviour during events at the arena, and yet the managers of the place have not stopped it. I think if a few heads roll it will send out a message to everyone who works at the arena that they had better control things nor they are also out.It made national news and people will be saying, what do expect ... it was Liverpool. The managers are to blame for this and they should be booted out today. No ifs or buts, just kick them out.

Lawrence RoadNovember 7th 2009.

Who is this Morrissey? I saw the photo at the top and assumed the article must be about Jack Duckworth and his cabaret alter-ego, Vince St. Clare.

Professor ChucklebuttyNovember 7th 2009.

Yes Dig, I remember that Morrisey kid him and his mate nicked Mr Clack's car one summer to go on the run in Ben Lechhhhhhhhhh. Didn't he try and pass himself off as a Doctor as well? I always knew that lad would end up with his name in the papers. I'll have to wait for a bit now before I make any comments on LDL as my therapist tells me off for multiple rants.

FoyNovember 7th 2009.

apologies for my poor grammar and spelling. I wrote it rather quick while my boss was at the loo..

queeny eyeNovember 7th 2009.

Apparently this was a glass of piss. Nice.

Voice of experienceNovember 7th 2009.

That'll teach you to leave your mobile on!

DigNovember 7th 2009.

Sorry everybody it was me. I thought it was David Morrisey. He used to bully my uncle Cornelius at school in Knotty Ash so I thought spending £30 to throw a cup of piss at him was a bargain. By the way Prof he was from your neck of the woods. Are you acquainted?

The PrattmanNovember 7th 2009.

Come now, it's bloody annoying enough having music get in the way of people drinking £7 a pint lager at my venue, but if they can't handle a bit of spillage as they sing they should ***k of to the LG Arena in Birmingham

hrcnowNovember 7th 2009.

Whatever was thrown at him, it wasn't nice. But that's part and parcel of rock and roll. I was there, he didn't look that shaken to me. He needs to remember the fans who have supported him for 20 plus years.

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