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Plan to turn 23 Georgian terraces back to townhouses

Demand for high-end homes in Catharine and Falkner Streets

Published on January 21st 2014.

Plan to turn 23 Georgian terraces back to townhouses

TWENTY-three Georgian terraced houses in Liverpool 8 are set to be restored to their original use as townhouses. 

The historic Falkner and Catharine Street dwellings have been used as student flats in recent years, but developers say converting them back into high quality townhouses is the best way to regenerate the “hugely popular” area. 

The plans have been submitted to Liverpool city council by Holinwood Homes, part of Preston-based Marcus Worthington Group as part of a £50m project that includes building a 354-bed student housing development in the Philharmonic Court complex. 


There will be another phase at Great Newton Street which will see the transformation of a former car park and disused university property into a further 267 student homes. 

Mark Chadwick, residential development director of Hollinwood, said: "We've completed extensive research into the types of properties that would meet the local housing needs in this area and have discovered that the best use would be to restore them back into townhouses. 

"This area is hugely popular and by bringing these homes back into use, we are not only helping to regenerate this part of Liverpool, we are providing some much needed, high quality homes that are modern and desirable on the inside, but retain their distinctive characteristics on the outside." 

The properties will keep their external appearance and all will have private gardens. It is expected they will be finished in 2016.

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AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

That's more like it. Why don't they do these up for high end executive homes instead of building on the nice green lung of the city, Sefton Park?

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John ShawJanuary 21st 2014.

yeah, I wouldn't mind one of them, and I live by the park.

John ShawJanuary 21st 2014.

Does anyone know why the student accommodation adjacent the Anglican Cathedral in Upper Duke St is lying empty, and has been for some months?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyJanuary 21st 2014.

They where LHT not student, I think.

John ShawJanuary 21st 2014.

They had some nice hanging baskets, they had them away........beat me to it.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Again the poor get thrown one side to make way for the rich. Most of the Georgian area was earmarked for demolition by our wonderful council at one point, and squatters saved them. In the 80's no one wanted to live there and yet as soon as the area becomes trendy, let's kick the poor out, even though they kept the area alive for years

5 Responses: Reply To This...
Fairy NuffJanuary 21st 2014.

I'm surprised that you ever thought that we were ever were part of the equation. We're expendable, and we always have been. The fetlocks that shackled us in the past have taken a different guise. The landed gentry are the people who have the clout, they have been since William the Conqueror, and remain so. They own where you shop, where you play, where you holiday, where you bank, where you ask cap in hand for your mortgage. There isn't anywhere were their influence isn't felt. ....Just keep yourself handy, in case they want a war fighting

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Not surprised at all, just depressed at how predictable all this is.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Right on brother, we losers must stick together! Did you read all that white somewhere and thought it sounded good?

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Shite, not white! The ruling classes are in charge of our iPads!

Amos NonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Lets not forget brothers we're all in it together.......the crap that is.

Emma BJanuary 21st 2014.

I considered Falkner St until the rioters attacked the cars.

Amos NonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

Would it be possible to point the council in the direction of Percy St, there are some wonderful Georgian houses at the Upper Parliament street end in need of attention, much more so than Catharine Street.....They would fetch a bob or two.

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

The only reason the developer is 'restoring' the homes is down to money- they can get more from them than from student rentals. It's all about money. Also note the plans to build a '354 bed complex' at the back of said houses. They're either going to knock down and rebuild on the plot including the car park. Whoever lives in the 'restored' houses will have no light in the back of their house and will have a view of a wall. Right next to the Downing student development aswell. I live in the area - I doubt the houses will be restored properly and I really don't want to live next door to yet another student tower block. Conservation area my arse.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
catharine streetJanuary 22nd 2014.

You're a bit of a sourpuss aren't you?

Abe R. CrombyJanuary 22nd 2014.

I think it's a cunning plot to eradicate the scouse accent........"I say Carruthers old bean, do be jolly careful with that sticky bun"......It doesn't translate too well......"Watch it pal, or I'll shove that up your jacksy"

AnonymousJanuary 23rd 2014.

I just don't trust planners - look what they allowed at Mann Island. That modern monstrosity completely wrecks the view from Albert Dock, yet they probably regard it as a perfect blend of new and old. Wrong!

Sir Howard WayJanuary 23rd 2014.

I doubt that these houses would have that much appeal as upmarket unless they include the large back yards and coach houses where the well-off can keep their cars. Student accommodation is very advantageous to landlords. The rent is paid in advance for each term and as the students are effectively booted out every summer they don't get the chance to accrue those tenants' rights that the Tories have yet to abolish. That's why normal people with jobs aren't allowed to live there.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Abe R. CrombyJanuary 23rd 2014.

The inner city areas have been targeted for years, the indigenous people that were there, have over decades been shipped out to pastures not so new. It's the equivalent of ethnic cleansing. Once vibrant communities have been decimated to make way for hordes of students and day trippers and weekenders. The smart money buy apartments for their offspring then sell at a handsome profit once Toby and Jessica have attained their 2:2. The Universities like The Russell Group, not only get 75% of the government funding on offer, they con unsuspecting students into saddling themselves with debt for the rest of their days. All this whilst accruing land in prime positions. Not only are the students mislead in believing there is worthwhile jobs at the end of this process., but so are our gullible council.

AnonymousJanuary 23rd 2014.

The phrase you're looking for is "social cleansing". The same thing happened in London. Council properties are run down to the point of being unlivable and then when the last people are kicked out, the money people move in and make a huge profits.

Abe R. CrombyJanuary 23rd 2014.

I stand to be corrected, you obviously get the gist of what I intended to convey. Perhaps anti social would be more descriptive.

AnonymousJanuary 25th 2014.

I think it's shocking how these universities have students living near campus. They should stay down Smithdown, where they belong.

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Brook FarmJanuary 25th 2014.

Smithdown road was a vibrant and decent community before the students moved in. It got so bad by the 1990s that even footballers started drinking and dragging their knuckles around there. No wonder half the shops are boarded up nowadays.

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2014.

Do we really need so much student accommodation in the city?

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