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Pete Price – not in my name

Secret Diary blogger apologises and says 'I'll never do it again'

Published on February 17th 2010.

Pete Price – not in my name

A 25-YEAR-OLD MAN from Southport has written a letter of apology and has been cautioned by police after he was identified as the author of a blog purporting to be by the Radio City DJ Pete Price.

Outspoken Pete was foaming with rage when he discovered a blog had been set up in his name, in which various well known “sexy networking” types in Liverpool were described as “scumbags” and “vile no marks”.

The blog, The Secret Diary of Pete Price, went live at the start of Capital of Culture year and was initially very entertaining, given that the fun it poked - at figures within the local media, the Culture Company and Liverpool City Council - was mostly harmless.

All written in the characteristic, hot-under-the-collar lingo of PP, the Secret Diary of Pete Price also displayed a knowledge of its victims that prompted many conspiracy theorists to speculate that it must be an insider job. “What sick mind in Radio Merseyside would stoop this low?”

Some, perhaps more naïve, people thought it was the real Pete Price. Here at Confidential we remained of the opinion that the author was merely a random listener of Pete Price's radio phone-in, who had taken inspiration from other stuff out in the blog-sphere already. That seems to be the case.

It could and should have ended there but a second incarnation of the blog, last year, lost its way and unfortunately sacrificed the clever wit for far less funny barbs about some individuals who are best categorised as innocent bystanders. It has to be said that whoever was responsible was still handy with the old Photoshop, below, though.

And yet still some people thought it was the real him.

PP told the real Echo: “My friends were starting to say ‘Is it Pricey?’ It came to a head when a jewellers were slagged off and they asked what they had ever done to Pete Price.

“There was also an occasion when a stranger came up to me and threatened me at Aintree Racecourse because of something that was written about their friend.”

The real blogger, perhaps hoping to avoid court action, has penned the following contrite letter to the real PP, who once snorted cocaine and then felt so bad that he turned himself into police. Guilt garnering is obviously infectious and the real PP could perhaps use this skill to get a highly paid job with the Catholic church if he ever falls on hard times.

Thus: “I was unaware to the extent to which the blog had caused and the grief it has created to yourself and those mentioned within the blog,” says the unreal PP.

“I am not proud of my actions, and did come to realise enough is enough, therefore stopped doing it many months ago.

“Originally it was to vent my anger at certain people (those mentioned) and by posing as yourself would cause publicity. The power of the internet is immense and it got blown into massive proportions.

“I do deeply regret doing the blog, and I promise that I will never do anything like this again.”

Google won't remove content from blogs without a court order and although the secret blog has closed, the second, public blog is still online. But we have forgotten what it's called, which is probably just as well.

In the meantime, we have often wondered how on earth veteran Mersey mirthmaster Ken Dodd found the time in 2008 to do this.

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Sitting on the blogFebruary 16th 2010.

Of course one should not be bullied into ending one's blog. What a waste of police time. Shouldn't the police be out catching rapists and the like?

Linda MacFebruary 16th 2010.

It was an excellent blog, I have to say. Who can forget when the Bangles video, I'm Going Down to Liverpool to Do Nothing, was posted under the headline "If Jason Harborow could write songs..." Genius

CorrespondentFebruary 16th 2010.

No, Professor, your work is not yet done. We still need you. Postpone those memoirs (the Oldham Echo wouldn't serialise them anyway) & resume your sterling work.

POLOFebruary 16th 2010.

To Prof, I feel as though a friend has left the world. What can I say, I agree with everything you said up there.Pete Price needs to chill out and enjoy the fame it gave him. It was clear very early on in the blog that it was someone taking the michael, rejoicing, what is Pete Price.He thinks too negatively.

DigFebruary 16th 2010.

What a hellraiser you are Prof. It's all sex, drugs and sausage rolls with you.

DigFebruary 16th 2010.

Breaking news..... The leader of the Taliban military, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has been arrested hiding in Karachi. Apparently he was in hiding with Professor Chucklebutty.

AnonymousFebruary 16th 2010.

Sorry Peter, no disrespect intended, but if I really want to hear about your life problems I would read the Echo (which I don't do anyway as it contains so much miserable, depressing stuff about people with life problems and issues, as well as asbos and gun crime)

Professor ChucklebuttyFebruary 16th 2010.

Well I asked for sterling Correspondent, but as you know the Custard Company paid me off with 200,000 sausage rolls from Sayers. Mrs C and I managed to lob most of them over the wall into Mrs Hewitts back garden until a particularly stale one went through the window and set the alarm off and we had to run inside. Actually they provided a useful fire-break and probably saved our house from going up when Mr Clack and I accidentally set her house on fire after the petrol tank exploded on that nicked motorbike we were trying to burn in her garage.But anyway, thank you for your kind words.

DigFebruary 16th 2010.

Just for the record I have never invited The Professor around to my house to show him my home video's or had a beard. I occasionally wear a mirkin & mankini but I've never had a beard. Oh sorry, you mean...Gotcha.

AnonymousFebruary 16th 2010.

So Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye.

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