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Pete Price in web of intrigue

Surfers left reeling by allegation that Pete Price secret diary isn't real: Or “'net is closing in” as he might say

Published on October 12th 2008.

Pete Price in web of intrigue

BLOGS, eh? The trouble they get people into. The trouble they cause. And, in the local meeja, who worth their salt does not spend every waking hour after work feverishly writing one (us, actually. Oh, and a chap called Dougal Paver, but that's another story)?

However we do like to keep in the loop, as they say, and follow blogs when we can. And we are not alone. Guido, the political blogger, has broken many an important tale of skullduggery in Westminster, which more “conventional” journalists have taken and made much of. Anorak News keeps the excesses of the tabloids in line, No Rock and Roll Fun takes a stab at the music industry. There are satirical ones too: Welcome to the Palindrome is, supposedly, authored by everyone's favourite moose killing Republican chick, our Sarah. But it isn't.

And where does a website end and a blog begin? Many people in the corridors of power in Liverpool have no idea. Even How-Do, the north west media site, is published on the blogging software Wordpress. And what with Face Book and My Space pages....Confused? It's easy to be. But it takes five minutes to start a blog. Anything goes, and they are all at it. Some good. Some crap.

So imagine our shock this week to discover that a local blog on the Confidential radar, The Secret Diary of Pete Price, is, apparently not, we repeat NOT authored by everyone's favourite radio show host.

“I'm on legal trail of my web imposter”, thundered the lead headline on Pete's column, in what has unkindly been dubbed the Oldham Echo.

“That's right. My identity has been hijacked...” reveals PP, adding: “The internet is an incredible tool...”

Pete (the real one, allegedly, and friend of celebrities) goes on to say that he cannot use a typewriter so it can't be him, that he has never posted a video on YouTube, although there are at least 60 starring him, and that he is closing in on whoever it is and will, frankly, have them.

We consider ourselves well up on the derring-do of the web, but were left shaking our heads by this behaviour. What sort of vile, pathetic no-mark would pretend to be Pete Price? And who would steal someone's identity on Face Book (although Pete's account has since been deleted)?

Or, as the author of the bestselling book, Namedropper, puts it: “What sort of saddo spends hours sitting behind a screen putting together this piece of fiction?”

Still, there are plenty of people blogging about Liverpool and giving the place 100 alternative and widely differing voices that you would never have heard but for the web: From the anti-establishment Liverpool Subculture, apparently censored from city council computers, including public libraries, and providing the odd Town Hall spat and story material for local hacks looking for “exclusives”, to Feeling Listless (all about lists), Scribblings Jottings and Musings (news comment) and the award winning Art in Liverpool and its painstaking newsgathering which makes it a great resource.

Meanwhile, Pete Price, who says he “still talks in pounds, shillings and pence” happily signs his column off by inviting readers to visit his hi-tech, 21st century website and forums for which you must have Flash Player.

So we did. We think. But our heads hurt and we can't tell.

Oh you decide which one is best.

This: http://peteprice967.blogspot.

This: http://www.peteprice.com

Phew. At least that Professor Chucklebutty chap is real.

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38 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

The Pete Price blog is marvellous. Thank you!!

Professor ChucklebuttyOctober 10th 2008.

And you Dig, you can stop it too! The real Dig or Doug as he is called is very upset about you mocking him and his good lady wife that he met through a breakfast review. And if you continue to mock or mention what happened when they finally went on the dinner date or the resulting trial, Doug will take legal action. Just for your information the donkey is now making a full recovery in a safe house and his wife will be deported on release.

H.R.H. The Duke of EdinburghOctober 10th 2008.

What? NO!

Professor ChucklebuttyOctober 10th 2008.

Of course I am real. Do you seriously think I would have wasted so much money on trousers if I wasn't?

DigOctober 10th 2008.

A fake Pete Price. I can't even bear the real one. Does he actually change out of character after playing a panto dame at Christmas? I can't tell. Debates as to whether The Prof is the real Ken Dodd. If he wears trousers he must be. The imposter I met wears chinos or farah. Much more dapper than the real one.

CarolynOctober 10th 2008.

Quite right too. I wouldn't know what to do without all these zzzz-list celebrities to write about every week. Where's the harm?

DigOctober 10th 2008.

I never started it. I was conversing with The Prof about Pete Price having an alter ego when Lord Street decided to correct me where I didn't need correcting. You class somebody pretending to be Pete Price 'a big issue'. The actual Pete Price blog isn't even a 'big issue'. The man is a primadonna joke with delusions of grandeur. I shall leave you be to your big issues. Lord Street, London Road, accept my humble apologies.

The Word BirdOctober 10th 2008.

I see Dig has just copied and pasted that definition from dictionary.com

DigOctober 10th 2008.

alternate Show phoneticsverb 1 [I usually + adverb or preposition] to happen or exist one after the other repeatedly:She alternated between cheerfulness and deep despair.2 [T usually + adverb or preposition] to make something happen or exist one after the other repeatedly:He alternated working in the office with long tours overseas.alternate Show phoneticsadjective [before noun]1 with first one thing, then another thing, and then the first thing again:That's from The Cambridge Dictionary. All pretty much what I said in the 1st place, American slang or not. But to keep you happy Lord Street I will refrain from using Dictionary.com when I'm at work. I do have 'real' dictionary at home. Words tend to usually mean the same in America as they do here you jackass.

spelling beeOctober 10th 2008.

er, would that be moniker? That anglo-snob is going to be on to you in the morning, matey!

London RoadOctober 10th 2008.

Jeez. Hear hear Tony. Fukc off Dig, you are a pain in the arse. Which page of a dictionary do you want me to point to before you understand that?

isOctober 10th 2008.

a "UK based search engine."? Can I take it that you are an estate agent then?

HelpfulOctober 10th 2008.

They say cozy!

BoredOctober 10th 2008.

Too late Dig

How many more times?October 10th 2008.

Er, Dig...that's not the real Pete Price...And Prof Chucklebutty isn't the real Ken Dodd either. It's just people pretending...

DigOctober 10th 2008.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Why would anybody of sound mind waste their time and effort pretending to be Pete Price? I guess this individual must have delusions of delusions of grandeur.

TonyOctober 10th 2008.

what has this got to do with the excellent Pete Price blog? Can you please make a meaningful comment, Dig, rather than disappear up your own arse all the time?For all you know, the CityTalk Pete Price has set the hounds of the baskervilles onto the pete price blogger for daring to exercise some satire on the t'internet. There are some big issues at stake here - and all you can be arsed doing is swallowing a fooking dictionary. Pathetic.

DigOctober 10th 2008.

Dictionary.com is by Ask.com. Ask.com are a UK based search engine. Can you tell me why a UK based search engine and dictionary would use American slang descriptions on their online dictionary? I won't ask for an apology or retraction as I'm sure none will be forthcoming.

TonyOctober 10th 2008.

There's also Tori Blare's blogs and Prof Chucklebutty's hilarious blog too.

Philip MarlowOctober 10th 2008.

It was Mark Binny, Miss. I saw him.

Rusty SpikeOctober 10th 2008.

Erm...remind me again which is the 'imposter' site. Just logged on to them both as suggested above and beggar me I reckon the 'Secret Diary' is the real one, or at least the more literate and certainly less pompous. The http://www.peterprice.com is clearly a piss take. If it is the ubiquitous Mr Price's actual website - and I'm agog at the concept - then he'd be best abandoning his plans to oust the impertinent imposter and blag it up as the real one. In fact, he should pay them to do it. Have a quick blimp at his gushing biography on peteprice.com....naw, no one's that bleeding self important and mawkishly nostalgic. Then again...look at his gallery of snaps featuring the fragrant one with a myriad of clueless self-absorbed yet third degree celebs....Heh, heh, heh...the Secret Diary Rules! Okay!

DigOctober 10th 2008.

I always knew there was an alternate dimensiuon with my arch nemesis Doug lording it around. He must be stopped at all costs! Or am I the evil one that must be stopped? How do you tell? How did you get your alter ego to join you in this realm Prof? I suspect you have more than 1 alter ego here too. All of them evil!

MaxOctober 10th 2008.

Yeah, Pete Price should have shut up and enjoyed it. I don't think whoeever the blogger is is being mean to Pete Price. It is not a cruel blog. It's merely satire. This is the anarchy of the internet and it's fabulous that you can't gag it. Pete Price and the gagmasters at Liverpool City Council who prevent citizens from accessing blogs, just because they can't handle what they say, should fukc off to China inside that frigging superlamb banaba

DigOctober 10th 2008.

Nope Lord Street I DO mean 'alternate'. As in ;'to interchange repeatedly and regularly with one another in time and place'. 'To change back and forth between conditions, states, actions etc'. Considering I was talking about a spelling in an 'alternate reality' I think you will find alternate and not alternative is more apt.

AnonymousOctober 10th 2008.

It was him, Miss!

DigOctober 10th 2008.

Yep I did. Proved I was correct though didn't it?

The Unreal Lord StreetOctober 10th 2008.

No they don't.

Rusty SpikeOctober 10th 2008.

Aka 'watching with interest says'....North American? I've got chums in southern Illinois, even above the Mason Dixon Line who would choke on their corn ears to be called North American. Surely the REAL North Americans, are actually Canadians? No, of course not, only joking...And do North Americans say 'coz'? I thought that was a Huyton expression.

Moaning MildredOctober 10th 2008.

I think it's an absolute discrace that people are sugesting The secret diary of Pete Price is not written by the REAL Pete Price!I have had many a conversation with Pete on his blog and I know he is the real one, that one on the radio doesn't even sound like Pete Price! He is just a nothing nomark.If the real Pete Price doesn't write his diary then are you suggesting I am an imposter too???

DigOctober 10th 2008.

GETAWAY!!! Sorry, what I meant to say was, yes I know that. I'm not the real Dig either.

watching with interestOctober 10th 2008.

i keep reading comments about american style slang etc on these pages.i have even been slagged off using it myself but i have to say i am actually north american and my friend who also uses this monica to use an englishism is from the east coast so you guys are just going to have to get used to it. also i would just like to say eh dig just tell us were yer goin on yer date coz theres a lot at stake ere,see i can do english as well.

DigOctober 10th 2008.

Sorry watching with Interest I really can't say. The LC hierachy have sworn me to secrecy. If I tell they'll pull the plug on our fortnight in New Orleans. We should go back to the breakfast page before we annoy more people.

Sharon OsbourneOctober 10th 2008.

The internet is not the only "incredible tool", is it, Pete? Why don't you lighten up? I thought you were supposed to be a comedian?

The Price is RightOctober 10th 2008.

Rusty, you are right, he'd have been far better letting people think it was him writing the blog. I and probably a lot of others thought it was him when it first appeared and thought, wow that obnoxious git we hear on the radio and read in that bloody awful me me me column has just been putting on an act and he is actually a decent guy and really has got a sense of humour. I don't know what he is upset about, it is funny, it is not vicious alright it calls a few people "a friggin prat" but that is more a statement of the obvious when you look at who they are. The Herbert stuff seems to be done almost with affection. The goings on at the council are a fair target and they quality of writing and ideas is far superior to anything that appears in the Echo. If I was him I'd be quite flattered by it but maybe you need a sense of humour and less of a sense of self importance.

DigOctober 10th 2008.

That's how you spell dimension in the alternate 1. As we all have an extra you there.

professor chucklebuttyOctober 10th 2008.

Mildred you old fool, I keep telling you, that's David Jacobs you are talking to. Anyway you were supposed to stop bothering them all after Richard Baker (100 Best Loons) took out his restraining order.

watching with interestOctober 10th 2008.

i was trying to do my best scouse english!! and yes i did pick up coz from huyton.and yes i thought that moniker was spelt like monica from friends.but i do say cozy, as in get yer cozy coz were goin swimmin.i have been here quite some time now.i quite enjoy getting told off by english people i email all my friend and family so they get a good laff to.

Moaning MildredOctober 10th 2008.

I've set up a facebook group demanding they put Pete Price's account back on their site, please join if you believe in truth and justice in this world.BRING BACK PETE PRICE TO FACEBOOK

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