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Emergency food packs for 'older' people

If you're over 55 that's you. Bingo!

Published on January 17th 2014.

Emergency food packs for 'older' people

OLDER people are being given emergency food packs they can store and use in case there is severe weather making it difficult to leave their homes. 

The packs, which contain long-life food, are being distributed to those aged 55 and over on Monday 20 January at the Oakmere Centre, Cherry Lane, Walton (11am to 2pm).

“The idea is that these are something people can put in the cupboard so that if we have really bad weather they need not worry about getting to the shops – they will have some food in store,” said Councillor Gerard Woodhouse, Mayoral Lead for Older People.

“We may have missed the worst of the weather so far this winter but who knows what the next few weeks will bring, and when we get snow and ice it can be a real worry for older people who have great difficulty in going shopping.

“We don’t want anybody in this city to go hungry- these packs will ensure that some older people have a few days of food at least in hand for emergencies.

“While this event is aimed at the over 55s , anybody who has not reached that age yet will still be very welcome on Monday – they can enjoy a bowl of soup and have  a free game of bingo.”

The packs have been funded by the Merseyside Residents Network and the event is supported by County Ward councillors and Registered Social landlords.

Leaflets about the hand-out have been distributed to eligible residents and those attending are asked to bring the leaflet with them. Disabled people who are unable to attend are asked to ring 0151 707 – 0707 to arrange for their packs to be delivered.

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John ShawJanuary 17th 2014.

Here we are in the vanguard of western civilisation, having to behave like a third world country. "Crumbs from a rich mans table". A worthy effort by all concerned with the welfare of others, you are to be commended. It's a shame that people will seek to go out, sooner than sit in their fuel poverty stricken homes.......Still, never mind we'll have a game of bingo.

AnonymousJanuary 17th 2014.

Utter nonsense that smacks of some hidden political agenda that's reinforced by this ridiculous gesture. How many of these people truly lack the capacity to select and buy their own stock of dried and tinned goods that might carry them over a few days? Come on, what's the real story here and how will this guff feed some other snarky point that someone wants to make?

1 Response: Reply To This...
John ShawJanuary 17th 2014.

Perhaps the " Hidden Agenda" is to reinforce the news that the council has reported Mr Cameron to the UN for being allegedly in breach of "economic and social rights convention". The bingo must have been Joe's idea.

Everton MintsJanuary 17th 2014.

Old people would never eat 'Werther's Originals' because (a) they only appeared in this country about 15 years ago and (b) they are German and the old folk remember the War (c) they would much prefer proper, British Murraymints.

HBJanuary 17th 2014.

"Councillor Gerard Woodhouse, Mayoral Lead for Older People." What kind of a title is that? Does he have the Mayoral Lead in his pencil?

AnonymousJanuary 18th 2014.

They should contain over boiled vegetables, over cooked meat, and be seasoned with a liberal dose of moaning

5 Responses: Reply To This...
O.A.PJanuary 19th 2014.

Maybe you could go and chew it for them, sounds as if your jaw never stops moving.

AnonymousJanuary 19th 2014.

That was so harsh it almost ruined my morning listening to taped versions of "Tune Tonic" with Monty Lister

O.A.PJanuary 19th 2014.

It's not Monty Lister you want pal, it's Monty Python.

O.A.PJanuary 19th 2014.

SHhhhhush, eyes down look in.......On it's own number eleven.......".What was that?"......".I can't hear him for all the sucking noise"......".Keep your wig on, there's no call for that sort of language"

AnonymousJanuary 19th 2014.

Dude, please....stop. Me ribs are givin' me gip from over-chortle, besides it must be time for your slot at the Legion

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 19th 2014.

Another perk for the elderly another burden on the honest taxpayer.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Beau GesteJanuary 20th 2014.

Your bosom buddy Brads isn't too far off all the fives, go and share a bowl of pea-wack with him.

Wee Dunc and DorisJanuary 20th 2014.

That should of read "besom". I heard he wiped the floor with you..........Right get a couple of chairs Doris, ..This should be good.....

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 21st 2014.

Do stay on topic children.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

Can't we all just calm down and have a game of bingo?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Sad SackJanuary 21st 2014.

I had a game once, I was sweating on seven numbers.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2014.

I was only waiting for one.

Mutt and GeofJanuary 21st 2014.

On its own Kelly's lamp number 1, straight along the dock Rd. Did I hear "House"......"sorry about that, I was asking if there was any more Scouse"......."Sit Rover sit"

AnonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

I heard that....Pardon!

Amos NonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

A thought just pervaded the morning mist. It came to me as I was surveying my boiled egg. The No1 bus.....Ah you may ask.....what's this old fool on about now....In a divided city where transport has clear demarcation lines ,wouldn't it be nice to have a bus that travelled the dock road, just like the overhead railway. It could run from Aigburth Vale the length of the dock road to the Bootle Strand. They run a bus service from The Dingle to Crosby, I don.t know if it does much business. It could double with the northern line as an alternative for when there is leaves on the line, .......YES.....Now where did we put those dockers.........Me eggs gone cold.

Amos NonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

After giving it more thought, I've decided on some fine tuning, the No1 will now run from "South Parkway" to Jericho lane, so people can access Sefton Park, Otterspool and all the attendant activities such as, firework displays, marathons, musical events etc. It will then service Riverside Rd to accommodate the intended new housing projects, the industries at Brunswick, and the new Cains complex and the Baltic whatsit. It will then progress to the Albert Dock, Mann Island, in order that all the council employees, or what's left of them, can access The Cunard Building, it will then wend it's way in a northerly direction to deposit the POSH at their cruise terminal. Stopping at points yet to be determined by Peel Holdings. Finally terminating at Bootle strand, shopping complex, At "South Parkway" and "Bootle Strand" it will interface with the railway network and the rest of the World. We're still waiting on JB and Mickeydripping for plans for the rest of the World...............Shit I forgot Liverpool 1......."That's you that, letting me egg go cold" ........"I told yeh to use an egg cosy"

Amos NonymousJanuary 22nd 2014.

It's only me, Mam........I've just popped in to see how you are..........you couldn't knock us up a couple of boiled eggs could you.......That soft cow doesn't have clue.....she can just about manage to boil water........Hey Mam, do us some soldiers as well.......I've got a bus to catch, you'll have to put a move on.......they're only every Preston guild.

Amos NonymousJanuary 23rd 2014.

It is with regret that I have to announce a detour to the planned No1 route. The Dock Rd north of the Pierhead may be subject to some road closures, once Peel get their act together. In the interim the No1 will travel via Gt Howard st and Derby Rd.....This is only a temporary measure, and normal service will be resumed in a few years time.....I think....Season tickets will shortly be on sale....Cheques may be made payable to Amos C/O HMP Altcourse.

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