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When do you have a Bonio?

Occasional press releases that keep the media world turning: This time: Dog biscuits

Written by . Published on July 18th 2011.

When do you have a Bonio?

Only the very churlish could wonder if the amount of money spent on this extremely worthy PR study could even go some way to paying for a football stadium. Not us though.

Sacked hacks, take note: In these bleak Fleet Street times, there is a place in PR for everyone.



Dynamo Dogs could power a football stadium

Finding out what makes dogs wag their tails has yielded some surprising results.   We’re all used to the sight of our dogs’ tails wagging with pleasure when we give them a biscuit, but a new study has discovered that the power created from all those wags is enough to light a football stadium (based on an FA standard competition sized stadium for two entire matches, including extra time).

It was discovered that the optimum time for a dog to wag its tail is at breakfast – between 8am-9am – and this has been coined ‘Bonio Time’ 

Based on owners rewarding their dog with one treat a day, the average dog using 25 Joules of energy wagging their tails when fed a treat, multiplied to represent the UK’s 8 million dogs. The total daily waggage created by treating is a massive 55.9 kWh

BonioBonioThe world-first independent study Data collected from 540 readers of Your Dog magazine, April-May 2011, commissioned by dog biscuit brand Bonio®, was undertaken with 500 of the nation’s dogs of various breeds and sizes to calculate the ‘waggage’ of the average British pet dog.  The calculation is based on simple harmonic motion – the same movement as a clock pendulum – and includes factors such as tail length, diameter, mass and the speed and duration of each wag.  

It was discovered that the optimum time for a dog to wag its tail is at breakfast – between 8am-9am – and this has been coined ‘Bonio Time’. The power surge created during this time is so great that, if harnessed, it would be enough to make 710 cups of tea a day, which is a whopping 259,150 cups of tea every year.

Man’s best friend 
While we can’t yet harness this energy to power our electrical appliances, it does have many positive benefits.  Dog owners find a wag from their dog’s tail more than twice as uplifting as their sports team winning a game.  And in interesting news for friendships everywhere, a hug from a friend is only a sixth as uplifting as an enthusiastic tail wag – dog’s really are an owner’s best friend Additional data collected from One Poll survey of 2,000 dog owners. May 2011: 

Which of the following is most uplifting for you?

  • A wag from your dog’s tail – 18.28% 
  • Chocolate – 8.09% 
  • Your favourite sports team winning – 6.99% 
  • A hug from a friend – 3.2%.

Treat me nice 
The study also looked at what gets dogs’ tails wagging, and suggests that when it comes to likes and dislikes, dogs and their owners have lots in common. Dogs demonstrate a higher level of excitement on receiving a treat (56%) than they do receiving their main meal (31%) One Poll survey of 2,000 dog owners. May 2011.

Dr David Lewis, from independent research consultancy Mindlab International, who carried out the study on behalf of Bonio, comments: “As anyone who’s ever lost a drink to their dog’s wagging tail knows, tails in motion can be powerful things. But next time Fido knocks over your cup of tea, bear in mind his enthusiasm produces more than enough energy to make you plenty more.

“The next step is for scientists to learn how to harness this power – not only is it environmentally friendly but the running costs would be low as you’d only need to pay them in biscuits!”

Ingrid Hayes, Senior Brand Manager for Bonio, agrees: “A wagging tail is visible proof of a happy dog and anyone who owns a dog knows that a happy dog is a special thing. As proven by our study, there’s certainly a lot more power to those wagging tails than you may imagine.”

The study also revealed that the combined treating ‘waggage’ of Britain’s dogs could: 

  • Lift a jumbo jet up two metres off the ground 
  • Run four households for a day 
  • Give three years of continuous laptop use 
  • Run an iPhone for 443 days 

To see further results of the study vis.... hello, is anybody there. Hello....?



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