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PR Puffs: Musicians have better sex, says poll

Why a fast fret hand is a win win

Published on January 2nd 2014.

PR Puffs: Musicians have better sex, says poll

PLAYING a musical instrument can supercharge your sex life, it says here.

A report by Warrington-based Dawsons Music, which has shops in Liverpool and many other places, found that "playing an instrument can make you more attractive, a better parent, more employable and even a better lover".

The independent survey, of 1,000 UK residents, looked into the wider effects and benefits of playing a musical instrument.

Highlights of the findings include;

  • The majority of those questioned found musicians more attractive than non-musicians

  • A third believed playing an instrument improved your career prospects

  • Nearly a third believe playing makes you a better lover

  • Nearly three-quarters wished they had spent more time learning to play when they were young

Mark Taylor, managing director of Dawsons, which sells musical instruments, said: “As musicians we know the benefits of being able to play go far beyond impressing people. Musicians are more creative, better at solving problems and, as this report confirms, more attractive to a potential partner.

”Spending just half an hour playing, once or twice a week, can have a hugely positive impact on your wellbeing, and could inspire you to look at other parts of your life where you could make changes for the better.”

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34 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Dr. WindyblowJanuary 2nd 2014.

Fret work is for conformist old men. The Alpenhorn is what gets the ladies...

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AnonymousJanuary 6th 2014.

Never mind the ladies, I've always had a Crush on a piano player called Bobby,

Sad SackJanuary 2nd 2014.

There's many a good tune played on an old violin........So I'm led to believe........I speak as one who played the comb.............aspired to the spoons.......story of my life, it was never musical.

Debbie McGeeJanuary 3rd 2014.

I can remember a time in Baton rouge when "Our Monica was blowing Sad while our Bobby sang the blues."

AnonymousJanuary 3rd 2014.

"Anyone can make mistakes," said the bagpipes climbing off the octopus

1 Response: Reply To This...
Wee DuncJanuary 3rd 2014.

Talking of bagpipes remind me of a throw away line from The Big Yin. A line you never hear "She's the one who's Sh###ing the banjo player"

Dizzy GillespieJanuary 3rd 2014.

That's torn it, there's going to be a queue to join the Salvation Army.

Wee DuncJanuary 3rd 2014.

That's not the Duchess of Argyle on that Joanna is it ?

Sad SackJanuary 3rd 2014.

Don't know.....but it looks like the Monocled Mutton Ear tickling the ivories.

AnonymousJanuary 3rd 2014.

If playing an instrument makes you a better lover, do drummers suffer erection problems?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Biddy RichJanuary 4th 2014.

Gene Krupa, fine trouper, no drooper.

Clarrie NetteMay 16th 2014.

Keith Moon, complete loon, held it up with a spoon.

Dizzy GillespieJanuary 4th 2014.

The only problem I had with erectile dysfunction was spelling it, I couldn't spell for tofie.

AnonymousJanuary 4th 2014.

"BIDDY RICH Gene Krupa, fine trouper, no drooper." And how would you know this exactly?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Biddy RichJanuary 4th 2014.

Sorry about that I got lost on another page.......How would I know?..........Dizzy just told me in the corridor.

BiddyJanuary 5th 2014.

I just nipped in next door........ there was a hell of a barney going on..........So I thought I'd beat a hasty retreat.........I bumped into Dizzy in the corridor......All perfectly innocent

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2014.

Are you sure it was a corridor and not a back passage?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Old BiddyJanuary 6th 2014.

Now that you mention it, it could have been, it reminded me of the blackout, you had to light up to see who had brought you home.

French BidetJanuary 6th 2014.

I remember having sax with Charlie Parker, the it suddenly went darker.

Liverpool PhilJanuary 6th 2014.

There's far too much sax and violins on this thread.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Vaseline PetrenkoJanuary 6th 2014.

you're right Phil. It's no way to conduct oneself.

mickeydrippin'January 6th 2014.

I only wish people would stop harping on about sex!

Polly PropoleneJanuary 6th 2014.

Salad should be along any minute now to tell us about his organ......think i'll put the kettle on.

AnonymousJanuary 6th 2014.

If music be the food of love, do Echo and the Bunnymen go hungry?

6 Responses: Reply To This...
Mal VolioJanuary 6th 2014.

Ah! A thespian quoting the Bard, how refreshing.......Echo and the Bunnymen, they went to Hollywood with some geezer called Frankie and his mate Benny.

AnonymousJanuary 7th 2014.

I thought Frankie and Benny's was on Edge Lane, but wondered if that might be too classy for Ian McCulloch and co.

Martha FitzsimmonsJanuary 7th 2014.

I read on wikipedia that Ian McCulloch bought two council houses on his old street and had them knocked into one, apparently he spends his days standing on his balcony smoking and going "NERRR!" at the job centre opposite.

Ah NostalgiaJanuary 7th 2014.

That was one of our kids, "NERR". He was always saying it. He sounded lie Maggie Ranson's goat.

Esther Rantzen's teethJanuary 7th 2014.

So Ian McCulloch is a NERRR-do-well?

AnonymousJanuary 7th 2014.

He waved at me once from a Taxi. He was smoking a cigar with his other hand.

BiddyJanuary 8th 2014.

I've just seen Noddy Holder next door....He ignored me............Mind you I've been ignored by better than the likes of him.

Onchan EdJanuary 10th 2014.

I wanted to play with Ivy Benson and her band, but they wouldn't let me.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Phil The FluterJanuary 10th 2014.

Yeah, the same happened to me with the Dagenham Girls Pipe Band

Liverpool PhilOctober 4th 2014.

What about Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens? www.youtube.com/watch…

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