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Keep away from hookahs, holidaymakers warned

An hour on a pipe is like smoking 100 fags

Published on March 26th 2013.

Keep away from hookahs, holidaymakers warned

HEALTH experts in Liverpool are warning families travelling abroad this Easter about the dangers of middle eastern smoking pipes which, they say, are putting lives at risk. 

They say many people are drawn into trying hookahs while on holiday.

Furthermore, parents are allowing young children to' have a go' due to the belief that it's a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes as they think it's just fruit flavoured steam. 

But no. An hour on a bong is the same as smoking 100 cigarettes - and your vital organs won't thank you for that.

Claire Spencer, enforcement officer at Liverpool City Council's Alcohol and Tobacco Unit, said: "In some countries, shisha smoking is seen as a social activity and families and friends often smoke together. With lots of inviting shisha bars in countries like Egypt and Turkey people are drawn into taking part in this cultural activity and see no harm in allowing their children to try it out. 

Shisha Pipe
"The fruity, sweet smelling flavours give a misleading impression that shisha is a less harmful type of smoking. The fact it is smoked through a bubbling water pipe also leads parents to think the smoke is begin purified and cleaned and see little problem in allowing their children to join in. 

"In fact, smoking shisha tobacco can carry greater health risks than cigarette smoking and an hour long session can contain the same amount of smoke as 100 cigarettes."

"Shisha contains nicotine and is addictive. It can lead to heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer. Shisha also causes second-hand smoke so smoking it around others puts them at risk." 

For help to stop smoking please call 0800 195 2131.

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Mickeydrippin'March 26th 2013.

No doubt, there must be a very high rate of heart disease and cancer in places like Turkey and Egypt, with people dropping dead in large numbers from smoking Shisha. If that is not the case however, perhaps Claire Spencer will explain why the people of those countries might be immune to the effects of Shisha, whereas it is likely to cause sickness and death to any British tourists who go near it.

Absinthe & TurksMarch 27th 2013.

A shisha pipe is not a "bong". A 'bong' is a mass-produced crude plastic tube available from downmarket shops for for degenerates to inhale the fumes of weird drugs. They used to be fashioned from the cardboard tube from the middles of toilet rolls.

A shisha is for inhaling perfumed smoke from perfectly legal tobacco that is heated by charcoal. They are things of beauty and craftsmanship

2 Responses: Reply To This...
liverpool wagMarch 27th 2013.

You've mixed with some right rough types, haven't you?

Absinthe & TurksJuly 24th 2013.

Some absolute shockers - some probably slept in their vests!

Nick O'TeenMarch 27th 2013.

There is no reason the shisha smokers must inhale the smoke into their lungs anyway. Normal pipe-mokers, like cigar-smokers, derive their pleasure from the taste in the mouth without drawing the smoke into their lungs.
The highly-flavoured nature of shisha tobacco makes it more of an oral pleasure, and only hardened cigarette smokers could inhale it without gagging anyway.

AnonymousMarch 27th 2013.

I see, a bit like chewing tobacco - a proven cause of mouth cancer?

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