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Ousted Lib Dem councillor jumps ship

Rosie Jolly heads for Labour leaving ranks in single figures

Written by . Published on May 9th 2013.

Ousted Lib Dem councillor jumps ship

LIB DEM councillor Rosie Jolly defected to Labour  today, taking the main Town Hall opposition group on Liverpool City Council to just nine. 

But the Lib Dems had already ditched her, saying her work in the Wavertree ward was “well below” what was expected and and had selected another candidate, Steve Maddison,  to stand for them, at the next election. 

Cllr Jolly came to office in May 2010, joining ex-Lord Mayor and former leader Mike Storey as one of her ward colleagues. 

A year after she won,  Mike Storey was beaten  in the  2011 elections by Labour’s teenage wonder boy Jake Morrison. He has just announced he is leaving the council chamber himself in 2015 when his term of office is up. 

From today the line up in the council chamber will be Labour 75, Lib Dems 9, Liberals 3, Greens 2, Independent 1.

Rosie_JollyRosie JollyCllr Jolly blamed the Lib Dem’s part in the Coalition Government for her decision to join the Labour ranks. 

She explained her decision in a lengthy resignation letter to Lib Dem leader Cllr Richard Kemp. 

Cllr Jolly wrote: “I believe the Liberal Democrats nationally have failed the country and more importantly have failed our city. The lack of challenge by the party on key Conservative policy issues, changes to the Welfare State and the controversial Bedroom Tax, which directly impact on some of the most vulnerable individuals in this city is unforgivable. 

“This coupled with the disproportionate cuts to funding Liverpool has had to implement is a classic example of how the national party has let down the city and its people when they have repeatedly failed to listen to the implications the cuts have for a city like Liverpool and its demographic profile.


“When I joined the party I was proud to call myself a Liberal Democrat but since the formation of the Coalition that pride has gradually turned to shame and I can no longer defend the indefensible. For some time I have being taking stock of the national position and concluded that the party has placed me in an untenable position. My values and aspirations as both An individual and politician are more aligned to those of the Labour party and as such I have decided I can no longer remain a member of the Liberal Democrats.

“My decision to leave the party is purely  based on the failures of the national party who in my view have sacrificed local Liberal Democrat groups for their own ends. The party's role in central government is not, I believe in the best national interests and certainly not in the best interests of the people Liverpool, nor any other core city faced with the same challenges. When you feel ashamed to call yourself a Liberal Democrat, it becomes time to move on.’’ 

To which Cllr Kemp replied:

Dear Cllr Jolly,

Thank you for this. I am not really surprised as frankly your efforts since you have been elected have been well below what we expect of a Lib Dem councillor in terms of ward work, committee work and attendance at group and Party meetings.

You will also be aware that we have already adopted Steve Maddison to replace you as our candidate for next year's elections.

I wish you well in your new career.

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AnonymousMay 9th 2013.

I think she already answers Kemp's reply when she says: "When you feel ashamed to call yourself a Liberal Democrat, it becomes time to move on" Who in their right mind would want to go around the ward and face the public as a representative of the coalition trying to apologise for or defend the indefensible ?

AnonymousMay 9th 2013.

Will any of us sleep tightly at night knowing we have a powerful Labour Mayor who can call upon 75 of the 90 elected councillors. With no dispect to any councillor or politician, a healthy opposition is necessary to keep the ruling party in some kind of order.

Ben JMay 9th 2013.

75 is not sufficient. It is clear that only with 76 Labour councillors can the people of Liverpool be defended from the evils of the bedroom tax and win billions in inward investment. In fact, 91 should be the clear target.

AnonymousMay 10th 2013.

Her statement is largely bull crap. She goes on about how the lib dems nationaly have failed the people of liverpool yet she was perfectly happy to join the lib dems and stand for election for them at a time when nationaly they were no hoping 3rd placed opisition fodder with no influence on anything. All thats happened is the Lib dems ditched her and this is a petty attempt at a) revenge and b) a hope at keeping her seat and allowences when she is next up for election.

AnonymousMay 10th 2013.

Not so dozy Rosie! It only took three years to cotton on, she's defected to a crew, who will see the trend of national politics change for the better. I only wish the same could be said for local politics, Big Joe is doing is utmost to alienate himself and his fellow lemmings from the public in this metropolis.

AnonymousMay 12th 2013.

Whilst a Lib Dem Councillor, I attended all Group meetings & not once did I ever hear Rosie criticise the Government about anything. In fact she seemed more like an apologist for the Government - that’s the few meetings she actually attended. I went on the march against the Government cuts, as did many Lib Dem Councillors & activists – I don’t recall Rosie being there. Then she was often conspicuous by her absence – I’m not surprised she was deselected. I am no longer a member of the Liberal Democrats - I think they left me rather than I left them. Rosie was also a harsh critic of the Labour Group in Liverpool – it’s amazing how she suddenly changed her views after being deselected. Good luck Joe with your new “quality” Councillor – you’ll be needing it. Not only will you need luck, you’ll need others to do her surgeries and casework etc. for her whilst she’s “away”. Unlike previous commentators, I will not remain anonymous. Jan Clein (ex-Councillor for Greenbank Ward)

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AnonymousMay 12th 2013.

I am inclined to believe Jan Clein, who was one of the few principled Lib Dem Councillors, not afraid to speak against things she disagreed about within her own party. So yes, good luck Joe. My own view is that a defection to another party should amount to a resignation from the seat and a chance for the electorate to decide on which party they wish to represent them. That would deal with any opportunists who have sudden conversions on the road to Dom Tescos.

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