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Not Strictly Confidential (5 Dec 08)

Stuff blobbing about in the pool of life that you may or may not know about. This time: Leaflets and more leaflets...

Published on December 5th 2008.

Not Strictly Confidential (5 Dec 08)

THE big tittle tattle on the Dale Street circuit this week has centred around the trial of deputy LibDem leader in Liverpool Steve Hurst, who this week was convicted of breaking election law.

To recap: Cllr Hurst ended up in court after delivering a leaflet titled “Walton Scab,”through letterboxes on the Woodlands estate, in the Belle Vale ward, attacking sitting Labour councillor Pauline Walton and her firefighter husband Keith.

No details of who printed and published the piece of work, purportedly from the TUSP appeared anywhere on the pink leaflets. That's the rub and hence the charge.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Hurst, yet another fireman, colleague and fellow golf club member of Keith Walton, was caught pink-handed with the smear leaflets, by the latter, on a doorstep. Clad in shades and a baseball cap, he claimed he had just found them. Imagine the surprise when all was revealed.

Cllr Hurst is already facing a Standards Board for England investigation (who isn't?), is being called upon to resign as councillor for Wavertree, for which he receives an allowance of £9,900, and the opposition Labour group are thinking of mounting a libel action on the Waltons' behalf.

It's all prompted Cllr Hurst to relinquish his £13,000 position as executive member for corporate services and his legal team have now launched a bid to overturn the judgement.

It's not often that you see the words “Steve”, “Hurst” and “appealing” in the same sentence. Well not on Labour Party leaflets anyway...


Meanwhile, it's an everyday story of everyday folk at Liverpool City Council and Leader Warren initially responded robustly to the Crown prosecution and conviction of his chum by sternly telling local media that Cllr Hurst had been the victim of a smear campaign and went on to say: “You have to start questioning the judicial system.”

What a refreshing idea. After all, Cllr Bradley and his other pal, Mike Storey, have spent a dull year answering to authorities in the shape of the Standards Board. Bring it on, as they say.


SPEAKING of appeals, bon viveur and Radio City presenter Kev Seed lost his job last month after being convicted of drink driving.

He was fined £1,250 by magistrates in South Ribble and banned from driving for 12 months after pleading guilty.

But according to The Echo report on its website: “ The court was told Mr Seed shad topped drinking at about 1.30am”.

Good to see the reporter entering into the shpirit of things.


SPEAKING of leaflets... In the end, and for all their big talk, the BNP were outnumbered by about four to one when they attempted to take on the World in One City last Saturday.

Actually, if you count the cops, placed

on high alert for the event, it was more like an outnumbering of eight to one with a pisspoor 100 of the right-wingers showing up, against 400 peaceful protesters across ALL parties who burnt the odd leaflet and danced about a bit in Bold Street.

Thankfully there was no violence to speak of, but the big turn-out left the BNP strangely shy. Instead of going ahead with a planned peddling of leaflets by hand and foot, they decided to mostly pull a trailer around the place in their little car with blacked out windows, blasting out Kenneth McKellar's greatest hits. They did OK for hot drinks though: Confidential spotted at least one cup of coffee slipping, nay, flying out of the hands of middle aged lady pedestrians, only to land splat on the windscreen of the tiny BNP convoy when it got caught short at the lights. Oopsie.


TONY Mulhearn, he of the 1980s Hatton times, cropped up as one of the speakers at a city centre counter rally last weekend, explaining how the BNP is fundamentally an anti-working class fascist organisation and, underneath their projected image of respectability, are still the same thugs who will use violence and intimidation.

Serious stuff for bystanders to ponder. But, alas, not all. “Haven't some people got anything better to do on Saturday?” one shopper was heard to mutter impatiently to another as they proceeded through a flank of 200 policemen and into Karen Millen. Ah, the freedoms we take for granted....


FOR lovers of mummy stuff, the World Museum is opening its all singing all dancing Egyptian gallery this weekend which is nearly up there with the British Museum's. Among the items on display, says the handout, “is the mummy said to have inspired H Rider Haggard’s classic fantasy adventure She, about a queen who lives 2,000 years before shrivelling up into a pile of dust.”

This may have been a radical premise for a novel at the time, but H Rider H had obviously never heard of Herbert Howe. How different his novel might have been.


SPOTTED: Martina Navratilova camping in Lake Powell with a bunch of taxi drivers from Davy Liver. Britney Spears stripping off in the David Lloyd Sports Centre pool, Wavertree, and Jesse Jackson in the new Bootle Asda, asking his mate: “Is whatsisname going to thingy?” One and a half of these is true. No idea which.

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Silver TiaraDecember 5th 2008.

what a load of idiots the BNP have been proved to be! all talk and no action! sooo funny that they think theyre HARD and end up hiding behind blacked out windowed car with a steptoe&son -esqe style scabby trailer wiv a few flags! oooh im scared! PRATTS the lot of em! wanted to swear but im a LADY!!

poloDecember 5th 2008.

The Britney story is half true, she went to Peter LLoyd baths not Wavertree.

Big-Hearted ArthurDecember 5th 2008.

Aye thangyow! He always looked very tall on the covers of his records, but how tall is Kenneth McKellar, playmates?

Silver TiaraDecember 5th 2008.

'SHE mummy' dosent she look just like Ursula Andress who played the part in the film?? SPOOKY!!!!

MosesDecember 5th 2008.

The BNP represent a genuine groundswell of opinion in Britain. They are brave enough to voice the fears of ordinary men and women too terrified by murderous muslims and yob gun gangs stalking the streets every day.What is wrong with law and order?Why not control thieving gangs of immigrants acting as parasites on our social services?Why not make murderers, rapists,and violent thugs serve long, hard and punishing prison sentences?These things must happen. The time for change is ripe.

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