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Not Strictly Confidential (31/10/08)

David Tennant, Dave Morrissey, Russell Brand, Paul McGann, Paul McCartney, Pete Price ...can the A-list names go on?

Published on November 1st 2008.

Not Strictly Confidential (31/10/08)

AND so farewell then David Tennant, a Doctor Who more supreme than the supremest of Daleks. So what next? Dovecot-born Dave Morrissey is, in the bookies' eyes, highly fancied to take the role. Indeed, and according to a handy seven-year-old who is one of Confidential's more reliable moles, Morrissey will appear in a forthcoming “special”, in a storyline where, apparently, the 10th Doc will meet a later incarnation of himself. Keeping up?

Meanwhile, Tennant, who has made the role his own, will obviously be a hard act to top. But Morrissey would not be the first scouser in the part. Paul McGann, Kensington born and bred, played the 8th Doctor rather successfully on film, and can still be heard on radio. So successfully, in fact, that it is rumoured that when the fledgling actor Tennant ran into the Withnail and I star in a London bar some years ago, the power of speech escaped the former to such a degree that no sonic screwdriver could unlock his tongue.

The reason? Tennant, a Timelord worshipper since boyhood, was simply overawed at being in the presence of a living, breathing, present Doctor, and could do little but remain silent throughout the encounter. And apparently, a few years later, he finally overcame his shyness to say so.


Meanwhile our dosh, in the kid's Dalek money box, is still on the people's choice for Doctor Who, Russell Brand. If he isn't “headhunted” into that vacant “drive-time” slot on Radio City first. What prankery and larks could ensue with a list of Mersey celebs to call up at night is anyone's guess. But then Brand has probably never heard the Pete Price phone-in. It works the other way round, around here.


SPEAKING of the minor media storm which has blown up into a major news tsunami with heads rolling all over the shop, and calls for hanging from 30,000 highly strung middle Englanders, that near neighbour of the now-Crosby-based Morrissey family, Paul White – aka comedian Silky (above) - was furiously adding the topical topic to his stand-up routine in Southport last night (and will probably do the same compering Keith Carter tonight and tomorrow, Fri/Sat 31st and 1st) at the Olympia Laughter Rooms at the Grafton!.

“I've phoned Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross's grandmothers, and told them I've fooked their grandsons...” he revealed. “That's just the start, and I ain't apologising either..”

SPEAKING of red faces, Liverpool City Council admitted this week that it accidentally paid Paul McCartney £323,000 too much when he did the Liverpool Sound gig in June.

How? Well it seems that the Culture Co got it into their heads that McCartney's production company, MPL, which had seized control of the event, was dealing with staffing costs for the Anfield gig and so, accordingly, it paid them the amount to do so. Then it turned out that it wasn't MPL doing the staffing after all. It was CoC. But they've only just found out it was them that did it, if you follow.

Crucially, however, the mistake was flagged up by MPL. “You've paid us too much,” they told the £62m-in-the-red cash strapped authority.

Can you imagine Liverpool city's ex-chief exec, Sir David Henshaw (pay-off £340k), ex-Culture Co Artistic Director Robyn Archer (pay-off, who only knows?), ex-Culture Co Chief Exec Jason Harborow (pay-off £230k) City Finance Director Phil Halsall (pay-off £500k) - all 2006-2008 winners in the great Coucil Tax windfall bonanza saying the same?


GREAT news that Virgin trains has named one of its engines after the late and marvellous John Peel and just months after The Liverpool Tate got a similar accolade from the Branson brand. By now they must be on a roll with Mersey themed trains. Warren Bradley could have a train named after him that would stop periodically to release dogs' heads from railings. The Ringo Starr train (discontinued on October 21) would never come anywhere near the place. The “2008” train would be obviously too heavy to move with its surprising cargo of 10 million extra passengers, and as for the Gravy train (see previous item).


SPEAKING of grabbit and run, this sign in shoe giant Deichmann's new Liverpool One outlet says it all. No jury in the land would convict an opportunist shoplifter with this invitation. Or, as OJ Simpson's lawyers once famously didn't say: “If the shoe doesn't fit, then you must acquit.”

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AnonymousOctober 31st 2008.

London Road - excellent point.Liverpool city council - don't get me started! What a joke - they should all pack up and go and work for the Mail! Fools.

DigOctober 31st 2008.

The Telegraph had Ross down to a tee. Drools over female guests, swaps smutty remarks about women with his male guests and brown noses the guests who won't let him do either. He's annoying, useless and rarely amusing. As warm and endearing I find Brand I don't find him in the least bit funny. I won't miss either if they're never on tv or radio again. I might smile if they had a column in a paper. The obituaries column. Did I go too far there?

London RoadOctober 31st 2008.

Is right about the hysterical Daily Mail readers. If this had happened a year ago, I doubt whether 30,000 people would have complained. I think it's a lynch mob reaction after people have spent weeks being told they are going to have their houses repossessed by the same Daily Mail. They had to take it out on someone, especially those who they thought were overpaid fatcats suddenly in the firing line. Pity, cos Brand is actually talented and warm. Ross is a total tosser who I will not miss.

RickyOctober 31st 2008.

Yorkshire, I think you will find. Silky has moved to Leeds and has forgotten his manners, clearly

William Brown-StreetOctober 31st 2008.

"Fooked"? Is that a Dutch or Flemish word? I've never heard of it before!

The BorgOctober 31st 2008.

Oops - wrong show. but anyway Paul McGann, OK, a Scousish Dr. But you forgot the Dr's Dr, Dr Tom Baker de Scottie Road. Pish and tish.

davyOctober 31st 2008.

Who was it that said that there is no such thing as bad publicity? (mitigating curcumstances of course re Kes Kat and hubby no-Mark) I dont know who has been responsible for lowering the very dull tone of radio 2 but to put Brand and Ross on there was asking for trouble anyhow. Russel Brand (if he's clean of drugs.. town hall steps - show my arse) is very quick witted, a bit off the wall, and about as at home on the beeb as rabies at Crufts. Wossie, well. If a consistent tirade of 4 letter (lick lick, smarm, smarm)earache is supposed to be entertaining, then I suppose he could be deemed an entertainer. What really pees me off is the outrageous chunk of license fee payers money that is deposited to his a/c payee every month. O yes, and they both look a pair of (rhymes with cats) with that LLB hair. F' kem both off and while we're at it, (perfect timing - Oct 31st,) let's continue the witch hunt with Jamie Oliver, Dermot O'Leary, Terry (totally NOT funny) Wogan etc

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