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Not Confidential

Kim Cattrall; our naughty ranters; peer pressure; flouncing about at Anfield; Shipping Forecast and more.

Published on May 21st 2010.

Not Confidential

Infamy, infamy!
THE Liverpool Playhouse has reported record sales from enthralled Sex and the City fans clamouring to see Kim Cattrall perform as another siren, Cleopatra, in October.

Cattrall, who was born in Liverpool but whose family moved to the US when she was three months old, described her decision to star in Shakespeare’s epic love story as a “homecoming”.

She drawled: “For me to come home to my birth city means a tremendous amount to me.”

It could all have been so different for the actress had she stayed put and kept it local. But It's still not too late for Kim. Look at our favourite Cleo of all time, Amanda Barrie, who took on the role in a Carry On.... She went onto the dizzying heights of Corrie. And down the years a glittering TV role as a Grant, Corkhill or Royle has fed many a proud scouse actor's career.

A source revealed to Confidential that negotiations with Ricky Tomlinson to play “our Antony”, opposite the SATC star, are not at an advanced stage.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.
“Lord Rennard here!”
Confidential gets a great many waggish types clicking to read and rant but it is the bravest who post comments under their own names. People who do so, like Professor Yaffle Chucklebutty, Veronica Knickers and Hugh Jarse, are to be commended for sharing their insight on so public a forum.

So when “Lord Rennard”, called up yesterday, slightly apoplectic and demanding we remove a rant that had allegedly been made by him, we were rather surprised.

For a start, in this crazy internet world of smoke and mirrors, how did we know that this chap on the phone was really was whoever he said he was?

We quickly googled him, discovered he was the former chairman of the national Lib Dems, and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

What was the offending comment?, we wondered nervously.

He didn't know, but it was defamatory.


He had been told so.

How do you mean?

His Lordship explained and apparently a credulous someone at the Echo had telephoned him to ask: “Is this really you?”

We immediately got onto it. A quick search of Liverpool Confidential revealed the comment, which Lord Rennard DID NOT MAKE, nestling on a story by Larry Neild. Oh dear. “The real problem for the Lib Dems is the lack of talent they have left,” Not-Lord-Rennard opined in a stinging criticism of the newly ousted Liverpool party.

It all adds to the colourful pageant, we gaily remarked while briskly getting rid of the moniker, and his Lordship went cheerfully on his way, promising to read Liverpool Confidential which he had no idea existed until our Old Hall Street friend had helpfully pointed it out.

A good result all round, as our deputy prime minister might say.

End of the peer's show
And speaking of lords and Lib Dems, the party faithful in Sefton have dumped Lord Ronnie Fearn of Southport as their choice of cabinet member for leisure and tourism, in favour of Mike Booth.

He obviously just doesn't have the Teflon qualities of a Bradley.

Lord Fearn, who represents the Norwood ward, has sat on the council since 1973 - making him one of the longest serving councillors in the country - and has been cabinet member for leisure and tourism for seven years.

He denied it was due to the fiasco over Southport’s temporary library service, saying: “It’s nothing to do with the

library service at all. I fought as hard as anyone to retain a library in Southport.”

But he didn't retain it, and now he's gone.

But Lord Fearn didn't seem too displeased, saying that the dismissal would mean he could concentrate more on his role in the House of Lords.

“I have done it (leisure and tourism role) for seven years as a cabinet member and after seven it was time to look for somebody else.”

Very noble of you, your lordship.

What a bunch of hats
Speaking of nob-ility, a fashion PR gets in touch to gush about an “edgy headwear brand called Nobis” from Canada.

In the lingo of stylish London we are told what “great designs they are rocking this season. They’re so on trend that some of London’s 'fashion icons'; have be (sic) spotted out and about town in similar pieces”.

“Get the celeb look with the Nobis twist!”, it finishes.

Confidential thinks the lingo of stylish Liverpool should be applied to these “fashion icons'” immediately. “Nobis-heads” has such a rocking ring to it.

German bite
Have the owners of new “alehouse and eatery” The Shipping Forecast not been around the block enough, or are they basing their venue on the unique theme of weather prediction after all?

Invites for next week's opening bash show the location of the Slater Street venue on a map bordered by Wood Street, Fleet Street and, hmm, Sleet Street. Will they be serving grits?

Of course, it's not the first time this particular street has been pronounced thus, as any Delta radio operator will tell you when the late night punters start slurring down the phones at weekends.

Walking the plank?
Speaking of ships, Rafa's had a choppy week so far. Argentine star Javier Mascherano definately wants to jump one, Torres isn't sure if he's staying and now fellow Spaniard Albert Riera wants to go too.

Riera has not figured in first-team action since labelling Rafa's regime as a 'sinking ship' back in March. Not a smart move from the winger.

Now, having missed out on a place in Spain's World Cup 2010 squad,he's projecting his tantrum towards the Reds board of directors for failing to intervene in his supposed conflict with the club's manager.

"I want to leave" huffed Albert, flailing his arms and stomping his feet. Warning: that sentence was complete artistic licence.

Spotted: Celebrity crimper Herbert coming out of the Bling Bling building; Jamie Carragher, footballer, out shopping in Crosby; the cast of Hollyoaks filming in Chester. Famous people in the window of Rapid Hardware. All of these are true, most probably.

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7 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Mary HingeMay 20th 2010.

It's disgusting and duplicitous that people should use assumed names on posts. Stand up and be counted.

Jack HughesMay 20th 2010.

Who says it's my real name?

Echo snitchMay 20th 2010.

Sir, sir! Somebody has writ somethin' imflavatory on the internet sir, all about the limeral denocrats bein' rubbish and de are pretendin' to be you sir. Phone dem up sir..why don't yer phone dem, here's the number sir.

FrankMay 20th 2010.

What about me? I was using my real name too.

DigMay 20th 2010.

I've just stood up and been counted Mary. I'm 1.

Mr. Diggory 'Dig' Digworth-DiggingtonMay 20th 2010.

I think that there is someone impersonating on this site.

DigMay 20th 2010.

Why wasn't I mentioned? I rant using my real name too.

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