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Men behaving badly

Proof that Warren met the Queen and shock and awe in the chamber

Published on December 14th 2007.

Men behaving badly

It has been compared to a fledgling European democracy, and comes at the end of week where its leader denied denying that he had met a former city council employee in his home.

Liverpool city councillors' behaviour at a full Town Hall meeting on October 17 earned them just un point from shocked Audit Commission inspectors.

Was this the same meeting where Chief Executive Colin Hilton, head in hands, was allegedly accused, by the Labour opposition leader, Joe Anderson, of

falling asleep, bringing huge mirth to the packed chamber with the line: “Wake up, Colin! You know what happened to Joe Riley!” (Livconf past) Who knows?

Not that anyone is accusing the Commission's inspectors of having no sense of humour, but after beleaguered Councillor Warren Bradley remarked on this latest story, that some councillors' behaviour is, indeed, appalling, even they could soon find themselves taking a walk on the wry side.

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17 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ArsonistaDecember 14th 2007.

HM: And what do you do?WB: Firefighting, Ma'am.

AnonymousDecember 14th 2007.

Warren: When I said we needed a meeting I didn't mean for you to bring along all this lot as well.

larryDecember 14th 2007.

Warren: 'If you take the piss out of that guy behind you, I will get you sacked."

MikeDecember 14th 2007.

Bradley: "If you ever tell anyone we met, I shall deny it."

Stanley RoadDecember 14th 2007.

Paul Clark is saying: "That's another fine mess, Ollie..."

TarbyDecember 14th 2007.

Ho ho ho!

Only in LiverpoolDecember 14th 2007.

Those audit commission guys must be wondering what the hell they have walked into.

Can't stop laughingDecember 14th 2007.

I can't!

Crown Prince HarpikDecember 14th 2007.

Bah! Confound those Windsors!

Lao HugongDecember 14th 2007.

Ah, how the ague takes those who wield the baton of leadership. It was the Roman philosopher and sage Seneca who intoned that no man can find the right port - or something along those lines - if the wind is in the wrong direction. Seneca later died by his own hand...although perhaps something more symbolic - and prosaic - might suffice in this instance....let's say, resignation whilst howling about the perfidy of the media dogs. Mind you, Warren old sausage, it might be useful to ponder that power, like the spoken word, is transitory and fades like the morning dew - the written word tends to last forever.

The Toxteth TerrorDecember 14th 2007.

The Queen is say: "So you're doing to Liverpool what Philip does to me every night".

LIZDecember 14th 2007.

MADGE SAYS:"You seem like a nice young man, if I promise to keep it secret, do you think I could have a butchers at your parakeet?"

London RoadDecember 14th 2007.

Queen: "Heads will roll"Bradley: "Yes, starting with mine."

AnonymousDecember 14th 2007.

Bradley: Fancy coming back to my place after this? We can lose the t**t in the glasses.

tonyDecember 14th 2007.

Bradley says: That bloke behind the camera is lee forde. The bastard is trying to frame me again.

TerryDecember 14th 2007.

Queen: Nice place you've got here.Warren: Ta Queen

John Lennon AirportDecember 14th 2007.

The serious point though is surely that you can't keep squealing like a cornered rat every time the media puts you on the spot. Well, some of the media anyway. Most have been content to stay away from this shocking state of affairs. Why do you reckon that is?

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