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Fancy that: Man dresses up as giant pigeon

'Do not feed' signs go up in city centre

Published on October 24th 2013.

Fancy that: Man dresses up as giant pigeon

IS it a bird, or is it a Liverpool Direct employee who has been put on the naughty step? 

A giant scabby pigeon sits forlornly in Williamson Square with a sign around its neck saying “Please Do Not Feed Me”.

His only friend is Pete Price. 

A very British coo: Pete Price and the pigeonA very British coo:
Pete Price and the pigeon
He has been put there by the council-run Business Improvement District. It is having a week-long public awareness campaign all about chewie, ciggies litter, begging and how much it costs to deal with it all as well as "rats with wings".

For example, they say: “It takes Liverpool’s street cleansing team 80+ staff hours per day to clean droppings from streets and buildings, at a cost of £100,000 + a year.”

Some in lofty positions might say that's chickenfeed. Nevertheless Europe’s pigeon population is estimated to be 28 million and 100,000 pairs of breeding urban gulls are on rooftops around town and cities across the UK. That's a lot of steak bakes. 

City Central BID surveyed the public and found 8 out of 10 people consider the city centre as clean – and are aiming for 10 out of 10 in the 2014 survey. 

Steve MunbySteve MunbyThe organisation, which represents 630 businesses in the city centre has been using each day of the week to highlight a particular topic and issue polls on a whole range of topics such as the proposed 5p charge on shopping bags to £80 fines for dropping gum.

The campaign is part of City Central BID’s role as a Love Where You Live Ambassador with Keep Britain Tidy with support from Liverpool City Council, the city’s cleansing contractors Amey and Merseyside Police.

Williamson Square is to feature new signage asking people not to feed pigeons. 

Councillor Steve Munby said: “We all have a part to play in keeping Liverpool clean and tidy.”

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AnonymousOctober 24th 2013.

Could the council not get Joe Anderson to wear one of these?

watch the birdieOctober 24th 2013.

Poor pigeon being lectured by Pete Price.

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AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

Could be worse, Steve Munby could be giving him a sprinkle

Fairy NuffOctober 24th 2013.

Liverpool showcase their new winger

Snap HappyOctober 24th 2013.

Pete has many photographs of celebs. Just another of "watch the birdie" exercises..........Wonder if he's got one with Big Joey......Just a thought.......I thought I thought a puddy tat.

AnonymousOctober 24th 2013.

I once saw a notice in Liverpool asking people not to feed the pigeons, as they should eat their NATURAL FOOD - which is grain! Where would the pigeons go to find grain? The answer is out in the country where they will be blasted out of the sky by farmers. The alternative is they will starve to death, which may please Councillor Munby who obviously wants the city centre to be bird-free?

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John BradleyOctober 24th 2013.

Their natural food is far more diverse than just grain. The number in town far exceeds natural densities.

AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

I once saw a seagull picking at a dead pigeon in Roscoe Lane

Snap HappyOctober 25th 2013.

They seem to thrive on discarded McDonalds, the silo has been gone for some time now. They used to shoot them there and send them off to Chester Zoo for the snakes.

AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

Can we not invite the aristocracy into Liverpool or perhaps the directors of Peel, Langtree and the MacGull (no pun intended) groups for a days shooting? The unemployed can act as beaters. I see this as vital towards making Liverpool a Premiere European City. It's another reason why the BID team should run these buskers off our streets. They are frightening the pigeons away with racket. What would be better evidence of Liverpool's thriving economy than the sight of stout chaps and refined in tweed, hip flask at hand blasting away all along Church Street and Williamson Square. We could donate any unwanted scabby ones to the foodbanks. Yet again the Mayor fails to cash in on the city's assets. This is why the council is happy to let the developers destroy our heritage and Georgian buildings because the pigeons sit on the window ledges pooing on Joe's pasty as he parades down the street painting out bus lanes with ketchup. No forward thinking. We could have Dr McElhinney dressed as Dick Dastardly and Ged Fitzgerald as Muttley singing Stop That Pigeon. If Joe Anderson doesn't get his act together over this, I can see somebody launching a coup.

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AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

Shouldn't that be a coo?

Linda MacOctober 25th 2013.

I bet Pete Price thinks that pigeon is real

Steve FaragherOctober 26th 2013.

Didnt the LIB DEMS spend a fortune on robotic peregrine falcons which were going to drive the pigeons back to the parks, pathetic not robotic, cost over £10,000 allegedley

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John BradleyOctober 26th 2013.

Once walk by the Augustus John I saw a load pigeons bolting for cover followed by a Peregrine type raptor, followed by its handler, who was having problems getting back, but the real think does seem to work. I saw a buzzard do the same to some gulls. I did seem some research where various model plans where flow over fields and if they had the classic Falconiforme shape it worked other silhouettes didn't. SO perhaps this type of kite flying from the Beacon or some other building would be better, cheaper than what the lib dems paid. www.scarem.co.uk/… Kites on roof topps would be fun anyway.

Steve FaragherOctober 26th 2013.


Steve FaragherOctober 26th 2013.

Councillor Turner said it is making them "overweight and gives them a scruffy, unhealthy appearance".

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John BradleyOctober 26th 2013.

Saying nothing.

Walter PidgeonOctober 27th 2013.

You'd expect that the birds would hang around the sign for Millets on Ranelagh Street. At the river the ships attract the seagulls because as the song instructs: 'All the nice gulls love a sailor'.

RobinOctober 27th 2013.

Why all the fuss over bird droppings? The rain washes them away in a short while. Far more persistent disgraces in the Liverpool city centre are chewing gum spat out in public by scum, and of course buskers. Perhaps the buskers could be given real work to do, scraping the chewing gum off the pavements that they claim to own (but for which they make no financial contribution)?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
BudgeyOctober 27th 2013.

Who ruffled your feathers and rattled your cage.

RamseyOctober 28th 2013.

In what way do they "claim to own" the pavements? They don't pay to be there, if that's what you have in mind, and quite right too. I don't pay to walk there either.

BudgeyOctober 28th 2013.

Don't speak too soon.

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