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City on its knees: Liverpool 'could be bankrupt within two years'

Revealed: Mayor Joe's stark letter to Cameron spells out death by cuts

Written by . Published on February 5th 2013.

City on its knees: Liverpool 'could be bankrupt within two years'

COULD the City of Liverpool be declared bankrupt within just two years? 

Mayor Joe Anderson revealed yesterday how he spelled out the stark warning to David Cameron when the Prime Minister visited Liverpool a few weeks ago. 

Liverpool, says the Mayor, will not be able to fund its legally mandatory obligations within that time frame because of cuts in government grants. 

52,000 Liverpool families will be hit by the bedroom tax and face paying more from their benefits

The money the council will have then will all go on supporting critical adult services, Mayor Joe warns. It will, he fears, mean fatalities among the most vulnerable citizens in this city. 

At a media briefing, answering questions posed by Liverpool Confidential, the Mayor of Liverpool revealed, for the first time, details of what was said when he met Mr Cameron on the PM's "secret" cloak and dagger visit to Liverpool a few weeks ago. 

Mayor Joe handed him a list of the consequences of punishing cuts. At Liverpool Confidential's request, the Mayor agreed to give details of that communication – and as of today there is NO response to Mayor Joe's plea from Number 10. 

This is what the Mayor told Mr Cameron: 

* Spending power in Liverpool, because of cut backs, has been cut by a staggering £252 per person – compared to the average £60 – even less in the wealthier south of England. 

* Over the lifetime of the Coalition Government, Liverpool's rate support grant will have been cut by 52 per cent - starving Liverpool of a crucifying £283m.

* 52,000 Liverpool families will be hit by the bedroom tax and face paying more from their benefits. 

* The case-load of benefit claimants in Liverpool – at 83,000 – is the highest ever. 

* 70 per cent of Liverpool graduates quit the city after receiving their degrees because there are no jobs for them here. 

Taking a cue from the television programme Secret Millionaire, the Mayor has urged the Prime Minister to send one of his generals to Liverpool to spend some months here and capture a realistic picture of the impact of the devastating cuts. So far there is no queue forming at Euston of willing volunteers. 

Joe Anderson: People have a right to be angry. I am'Joe Anderson: 'People have
a right to be angry. I am'
The Mayor's briefing was called to outline the latest phase of likely spending cuts to be presented to the city council later in February. These will amount to £32m.

As options run out the Mayor and his deputy, Paul Brant, said they will be facing the needs to make more savings in coming years - £40m in 2014, £32m in 2015 and £38m in 2016. 

This is a selection of some of the measures put forward:

* A review of public libraries.
The council will have to pay £2m a year for the new Central Library because their hands are tied by a PFI contract signed by the previous Lib Dem administration. This could lead, next year, to the closure of half of the city's libraries. 

* The municipal golf courses at Allerton and Kirkby – losing £300,000 a year – will be reviewed.
Everyone playing a round of golf is subsidised to the tune of £5 by the council. The Mayor hopes private operators will take over or the losses met by increased green fees. But he says if all else fails he'll consider selling the land, possibly for housing. 

* The Youth and Play Service, sheltered housing wardens and homeless hostels will all be hit. Four heavily subsidised children's nurseries will be sold to save £800,000 a year. 

* About 400 council jobs are at risk, but many are likely to be switched under the TUPE rules or redeployed.
The Mayor said he wants to avoid compulsory redundancies. 

* To cap it all, Council Tax will be going up by 1.8 per cent in April.
The £400,000 generated by this increase will be channelled into a newly created Mayor's Poverty Action Group. The Council Tax for Band A householders will mean paying £15.70p more. 

Mayor Joe described the process as “horrendous”, and he is already preparing for an onslaught when the city council meets this month to discuss the programme. 

He commented: “People have every right to be angry because I am as well.” 

More information about the budget can be found on the council's website, here

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Mark TwainFebruary 5th 2013.

What! Council taxpayers without two ha'pennies to rub together are subsidising GOLFERS?!

How dare the Council close libraries and public toilets while this is happening!

7 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

They subsidise swimmers and football players and jsut about every other public sports facility so why not some Golf as well. There are plenty of golfers in liverpool who arent wealthy and cant afford a private course.

As you clearly view golf as an elitist sport you should be pleased the council are keeping the costs down and helping the less well off to play the sport.

Mark TwainFebruary 5th 2013.

It's a 'sport'?

The Voice of ReasonFebruary 5th 2013.

My heart bleeds for golfers who can't afford the full cost of sauntering about on well-watered greens all day.

Personally I'm more bothered about those who cannot afford to eat properly, keep warm and even keep a roof over their head.

P.E. For AllFebruary 5th 2013.

Why subsidise sport at all?
Most people use it an an excuse to lounge around eating junk food growing fat while they watch it, and the few participants that are successful and become professional are always incredibly thick and support the Tories.

AnonymousFebruary 8th 2013.

Liverpool should be proud that it has lots of working class golfers, places like allerton are key contributors to that.

AnonymousAugust 18th 2014.

Sport has huge health benefits for participants which are well worth the councils investment.

P. E. For AllAugust 18th 2014.

- says a man who sells trackies...

tricky WooFebruary 5th 2013.

So what exactly are the people of this city going to do? Roll over and look at some pictures of kittens on Facebook?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

I prefer the pictures of puppies

John BurnsFebruary 5th 2013.

It has taken a while, but evil Maggie's wishes are coming true

Prof Y ChucklebuttyFebruary 5th 2013.

I can understand the huge pressures in having to deal with the slashing of the grants by the coalition and I am pretty convinced that the majority of those in the Labour group did not seek office to preside over the enforced devastation of vital services and the loss of facilities that are the mark of a civilised community.

I understand that many of then will feel the pain and the sense of despair in having to deal with this brutal situation being forced upon them and the accusations of doing the coalition's dirty work. BUT what I cannot understand is that there is no mention in any of the savings or cuts regarding the City Councils contract with Liverpool Direct and BT.

A contract that costs the city over 60 million pounds a year, a supposed joint venture, raking in a fortune with outside work and services for other cities and agencies, from which the city council side of the joint venture never sees a penny from those huge profits and can't even see open accounts.

The LDL venture should be bringing money into the city but it all goes to LDL and BT and we see nothing from the sham joint venture. This is in my view an area where there are savings to be made. This appalling contract, set up by the Lib Dems when in control of Liverpool was a con from the start. No transparancy, no accountability and bleeding the city dry.

I generally support the administration but pussy footing around the LDL contract and letting it continue to soak up millions is a great let down by the leadership.

There should be a full external audit. Although last time they attempted scrutiny, it was all kept secret and the person leading the investigation suddenly found themselves out of a job.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Beatie BellmanFebruary 5th 2013.

Hear hear Professor!
People will bicker and split amongst themselves over paltry things like councillors' expenses while they say nothing about the tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash being siphoned into the BT trough.

Katie54February 8th 2013.

The really sad and shocking thing about the LDL contract is that it was set up properly. All the right things are there in the joint venture agreement (proper governence, LCC control of external work, proper accountability and transparency, a guarantee that BT would not overcharge LDL, price benchmarking etc. etc.). But none of this ever happened.
There's now a whole series of FOI requests on whatdotheyknow that make it all crystal clear.
Henshaw and MCElhinney deliberately subverted the whole thing, aided and abetted by incompetent and/or spineless city solicitors. Quite what they told elected councillors is not clear, but they definitely conned them.
The several attempts to get to the bottom of things (by people such as KPMG) were undermined by an absolute determination on the part of LDL to ensure that no real information was supplied to LCC, despite very specific provisions in the JVA.
This is why we all thought that the whole thing had been set up wrong - it wasn't. But we only found this out in December 2010, far too late to be able to affect the refresh negotiations, although several people did try.
The refresh negotiations were a good example of the technique:
- submit a proposal full of unsubstantiated claims about savings to be made, promise investments and threats of huge penalty payments if the contract is cancelled - all totally unsubstantiated;
- prevent proper scrutiny by providing little information and no real evidence to the LDL Scrutiny panel,
- persuade councillors (Anderson in particular) that there is no need to get any external legal advice about the actual cost of cancellation - the ridiculous amounts.
- get Ernst & Young to provide an "opinion" on the proposal without giving them any of the baclground information, basic costs or much else.
The current situation with ITC procurement is another one:
- sideline the IT strategy (developed by the team who investigated the contract and lost their jobs). This prescribed basic stuff like proper business cases for new equipment, establishing who owns what, etc. etc. It was approved by the full council and the District Auditor
- change the Council constitution to avoid proper procurement practice, and any scrutiny of LDL prices
- buy massive amounts of new equipment with no scrutiny. LDL actually boasted that they had the best year ever, in terms of sales. That's sales to our cash-strapped council.
- bonuses all round, proposed by McElhinney and signed off by Ged Fitzgerald and Joe Anderson (explained in the annex to the refresh proposal, released a couple of months ago in response to another FOI request).
All this stuff is in the public domain - on the LCC website or on whatdotheyknow.com. So we now have the information - and someone needs to step up and sort it out.

AnonymousFebruary 8th 2013.

As one who was steam rollered into LDL from Social Services I cannot agree more with Katie54 and Prof Y Chucklebutty. Henshaw and Mc Elhinney brainwashed 'the powers' into actually believing that a call centre was the right place for the often emotional and delicate issues of vulnerable service users to be discussed on the phone. I remember other workers in LDL, coping with nothing more awful than a bin not being emptied - actually laughing as I had to raise my voice so that an older person with very poor hearing could listen to me trying to establish how I could help him!! On one occasion, all lines into LDL were blocked due to an overload of callers trying to obtain tickets for a Peter Kay show. God help those trying to call at that particular time to report child abuse/a disabled person suddenly left without a carer/someone desperate for a place in a care home.
Still, as long as BT profit. Hey ho.

Leon KayFebruary 5th 2013.

well is this the end of a once fine city?I cannot beleive that this happening after the Capital of Vultures fiasco when this city said a week later that "it was the most poverty sticken city in Europe along with Scilily et all ie the GDP was well below every one else the words piss and wall come to mind ie monies pissed up against the wall.What the hell have you done with all that cash for the ordinary joe ,Joe?
Well we got a nice shopping centre with no shoppers.A tourist hot spot and a few arts events.But no jobs loads of PFI plans the Royal Liverpool Hospital is going to cost a fortune.John Prescotts plan to pull down livable houses went all wrong were no new houses were being built 50,000 empty properties JOE!!! add you want to build more on a golf club question who the hell is going to buy 'em when there are no jobs and no money in the kitty and the bankruptcy looming!!!Get rid of the outsourcing and let the city start looking after it's own affairs.Also get your hand out of Peel holdings pocket for the waterfront.Wake up and smell the coffee Joe your times up.

14 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

this once fine city? When was this then? for the first half of my 40 years living here I remember it being a dump.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

We're all glad you fukced off, don't worry

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

I'm still here and love my city but lets face it i'm the 70 and the 80 it was a sh#t hole

Irate of SmithdownFebruary 5th 2013.

No it wasn't a shit hole. It was a highly cultural place. Students came and stayed and made a difference. Now they come, vomit, wear plastic Paddy outfits and ship out to Newbury and Hereford

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Students came and stayed because the house prices in Liverpool were well below the national average. Now they have caught up with the other big cities. The town centre was a shit hole but over the past 25 years it has been turned around.

It's later than you thinkFebruary 5th 2013.

"Turned around"? All that's happened is that we now have a bright, shiny, plastic gewgaw in Liverpool One that delights and fascinates the simple-minded.

We have far fewer proper shops and lots more betting shops and pay day loan sharks.

"Turned around"? Turned over, more like.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

I'm thinking more the restoration of the Albert dock and the fact that the pier head is no longer the site of the ugliest bus depot known to man next to the dirtiest river. The arena is also a welcome addition. Im not a fan of Liverpool one myself but it is a vast improvement on what was there prior to to 2008. Can't imagine many people would miss the old moat house and the second ugliest bus station known to man.

Real LiverpudlianFebruary 7th 2013.

What was wrong with the bus station? It was usefully at the centre of the ferry and local rail network and it afforded protection from the wind and rain whilst offering excellent river views for people promenading at this world-famous landmark. And it did so without obscuring our architectural treasures.

AnonymousAugust 17th 2014.

If Liverpudlians just for one second stopped listening to the Beatles, wiped the fake tan and removed their fake eyelashes from their eyes, it may open their eyes to the fact that Liverpool is a massive Sh#t hole. I have no idea how it won the European capital of culture, it is a cultural void. I have never been to a city that is so lacking in diversity. It is by far the most cliché, tacky, cheesy place I have ever had the misfortune to live in. To a scouser a cultural night in involves a curry and a bottle of lambrini. Then a cultural trip abroad consists of a flight to Benidorm for a stay at a British resort, complaining that the English breakfasts arnt up to scratch, and that they can't get signal on their telly as they're favourite BBC three show is on tonight. What does get me most of all and I do have to admittedly envy that fact you all love your shitty city so much. You all love your tacky nights out in town thinking you have an ounce of class when at the races. You all love your completely absent taste for any music other than if juice fm plays it. You all love your packaged holidays away to Benidorm. You all love your 'boss' takeaways, I haven't mentioned yet the state of the quality of the food here, I mean for takeaways to serve up what they do serve , people must be eating from them. Let me say the bar of expectations is set very low. I honestly do envy how you can all love something so shit and still be so cheerful.

EverybodyAugust 17th 2014.


AnonymousAugust 17th 2014.

A troll offering advice on culture! How very novel. The appalling spelling let it down somewhat but otherwise an excellent fishing trip from someone strangely clued up about trash lifestyle considering how very highbrow you must be.......LOL!

Cliff Edge HillAugust 18th 2014.

Dear 'Anonymous' (the one who started their post "If Liverpudlians just for one second..."); You are Carla Lane and I claim my five pounds. The 'lifestyle' portrayed in your post is one I only ever see in unfunny, ill-informed, television situation comedies supposedly set in Liverpool.

Ramsey CampbellAugust 18th 2014.

I think the anonymous poster has betrayed the level of their taste by assuming that the only food to be had is from takeaways (rather than in the dozens of fine restaurants we have).

Ramsey CampbellAugust 18th 2014.

And by referring to the local taste in music without acknowledging our splendid orchestra.

Gerard DeanFebruary 5th 2013.

there is no dobt in my mind,,we the labour party in time will be held responsible because we implemented the coalitions cuts

Gerard Dean shared this on Facebook on February 5th 2013.
London RoadFebruary 5th 2013.

The Labour party in Liverpool will never be as hated as the Con Dems. Your likes of Tony Mulhearn might try to say that the Labour group will be responsible because they refused to set an illegal budget, but what is the alternative? To have Whitehall run the city directly?

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyFebruary 5th 2013.

and the rest of the SWP/Militant throw backs.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

And as Councillor Brandt should know, the Nuremberg Defence "I was only obeying orders" is not valid in court. If you state that people will die as a result of this, you will have to answer.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Shameful that a Labour Council are implementing these savage Coalition cuts,stand up and fight Joe,what are you a man or a mouse,or a Tory puppet?

Tony KellyFebruary 5th 2013.

Joe you might as well join the Tory party,you are just doing their dirty work for them.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Other than set an illegal budget, what can Joe Anderson realistically do?

year of the kindleFebruary 5th 2013.

Bit worrying that we're millions of pounds in hoc for a new library that nobody is the faintest bit bothered about while others in communities are shutting down as a result/

1 Response: Reply To This...
Slightly FoxedFebruary 5th 2013.

It is NOT a new library. It is a silly tourist attraction for gormless knuckle-draggers, planted where a nationally-reputable, proper library full of books used to be.
For your information:
(a) Kindles are made by Amazon and only
(b) Amazon sells the e-books you can read on them.
(c) Amazon doesn't pay its fair share of taxes in this country.

Your position is even worse than that of the bell-end Wirral councillor who thought it was OK to close the libraries because there is a Waterstones with a coffee bar in it.

Angry BirdFebruary 5th 2013.

there are three councillors to every ward, each claiming up to £20,000 in expenses every year. why are cuts not being made to local government, instead of to services needed by the most vulnerable in this city? joe talks about 'austerity with fairness,' but be sure he and his cronies won't be going without. lead by example, take a pay cut!

5 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

The most vulnerable in the city would have no representation at all if there were no councillors

Angry BirdFebruary 5th 2013.

fair enough, but do we really need three to each ward? at such an expense? and what exactly are the councillors doing for their money? cutting services.

Angry BirdFebruary 5th 2013.

fair do's, but i think there needs to be a lot more accountability from those in charge. what are they doing for their money? and how are the representing the interests of the most vulnerable by cutting their services?

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Agree. Three is too many, especially when half of them never show up to council meetings.

It's later than you thinkFebruary 5th 2013.

Cameron wants to cut the number of MPs for the same reason. Be careful who you sup with.

If you think £20,000 per year is too high a price for accountable democratic representation, perhaps you ought to get out more.

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

Looking at the link to the council via this (thank you Liv Con), it would seem a lot of good Labour councillors have been working their socks off to make these terrible cuts as least draconian as possible. We ought to be thankful we have a Labour council. Imagine the cut and slash cuts if the Fib DEMons had been in control.

pen pushers popular frontFebruary 5th 2013.

I rather imagine that will be a very small banner, come the revolution

1 Response: Reply To This...
Clenched Fist SaluteFebruary 5th 2013.

Not if we use one of Fatty Pickles' shirts.

SaladDazeFebruary 5th 2013.

Meanwhile the bankers get their bonuses, the NHS is sold off, the cabinet share country suppers with the Murdoch mafia, Leveson gathers dust, the bobbies steal dead kids' identities, the gilded ball pushers throw matches, the deck chairs are rearranged at the Albert Dock... Even Richard III turns in his car park... The Greeks have a word or two for it...

KitchenerFebruary 5th 2013.

Will Liverpool now take its punishment for years of insolence towards the Conservatives, that is the question

AnonymousFebruary 5th 2013.

What about getting up off your salubrious throne and courting industry to attract more new business to the city and the job opportunities that go with it. Manchester focuses on how it can appeal to new opportunities and also industry, thereby retaining its graduates, wheras Liverpool bemoans the reduction in its 'grants' We need to stand up on our own two feet!

1 Response: Reply To This...
Christ on a bikeFebruary 5th 2013.

All cities get Rates Support Grants, even the wealthy boroughs of London. So what are you on about?

Andy HopleyFebruary 5th 2013.

I'm so sick of Joe Anderson pulling the "I'm doing everything I can" card. Was it not a few months ago he hired a £90,000/year spin doctor? He did this to: "ensure that the Mayor’s actions and decisions are engaging, transparent and efficiently communicated to the public”.

Here's an idea Joe. Tell us yourself what your ideas are so you don't have to do it via a £90,000/year lie magician. I suspect the spin doctor will be used to put a floral bent on your highly questionable relationsip with Peel holdings, and your lack of action with the LDL contract.

The sooner we get rid of this crooked, self-serving Mayor the better. My hope is that the people of this great city will one day vote for the best candidate, rather than knee-jerk towards labour because of the injustice shown by a dying old woman in London in the 80's.

7 Responses: Reply To This...
EveryoneFebruary 5th 2013.

Spot on Andy

John BradleyFebruary 5th 2013.

Joe was the best candidate. The other where even worse. It is not like people are battering down the door to invest in Liverpool, Peel are at least doing something. Here is an idea Andy you tell us what you want rather than just shouting not this. Name the people other than Peel, as for LDL that was the LibDems, why don't you direct your questions to Liam Fogarty, he has gone all quiet since on the board.

Peel the other oneFebruary 5th 2013.

Ahem! Peel is doing NOTHING.

It has bought prime development land for a song from the gullible Council with fanciful talk of a new Shanghai-on-Mersey.

Now, like all the other carpetbaggers who moved in the 1990s it sits on its investment waiting for property prices to rise while doing NOTHING.

(Apart from those of them who have set their rents so high that their shiny new developments and the once-proud buildings they bought stand empty because no-one can afford to live or work in them any more.)

JulieFebruary 5th 2013.

John, here is an idea! Where has all the money gone? We were told that we would be GIVEN extra money by "electing" a Mayor of Liverpool. An election that was "imposed" on us, the taxpayers in Liverpool.No referendum held as to whether we even wanted one! NO DEMOCRACY THERE THEN!! I ask the question again..."WHERE has all of that extra money gone?"

JulieFebruary 5th 2013.

Joe Anderson is so negative! He is happy to spend money on salaries for those in Senior Local Government, advisors etc ,including his own, hefty salary now!!...when everyone else is having to take a cut...or even losing their jobs! Then to start cutting services for the elderly,vulnerable,sports, libraries,play groups etc....IS TOTALLY DISGUSTING!! And to say this City is broke??? Buck UP and STOP WHINGEING ...JOE ANDERSON....there are better ways to do this!...BUT IT DOES MEAN that you NEED to look at the Finances properly, starting with the salaries at the top. You have continually looked for cuts....but never looked for savings, when they are so apparent!! YOU, JOE ANDERSON, ARE A TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT TO THIS WONDERFUL CITY OF LIVERPOOL!!!!

Real LiverpudlianFebruary 5th 2013.

Now now, don't be daft. Sacking all the Council staff would not raise a fraction of the money withheld by the Government.

If you really can't grasp that then you might as well join the Taxpayers Alliance because they think that short-sighted penny-pinching is a good thing whilst completely failing to see the true cost in taxpayers' money of their curmudgeonly meddling and sniping.

John BradleyFebruary 6th 2013.

If Peel have done nothing then find someone who has and would have started by now. These things do take time peel has sought planning permission, it cannot start till it gets it.
So few people have turned out at the referendums for Mayor in other places that any result would not be valid. There was no lack of democracy because the vast majority did not care so leaders made a decision. It is about the only demonstration of leadership they have actually shown. When you say people didn't want an elected Mayor, they did not say either way. If the population refuses to make a decision someone has to.
The City Deal was never going to pave the streets with gold. Whether Joe was misled by Got or decided to misled us I don't know but it was never billed as a panacea.

Leon KayFebruary 5th 2013.

Joe was the best candidate does not say a lot for the rest then. what a joke!!!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyFebruary 5th 2013.

I'd say on the whole Liverpool's politicians are low grade.

P. E. For AllAugust 18th 2014.

Father of Michael Grade?

February 6th 2013.

Joe Anderson is is VILE MAN! he only has his own interestes at heart!,, anyone who supports the IRA shouldnt be in any sort of office this man is a sham!

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyFebruary 6th 2013.

and this is based on?

Iain ScottFebruary 6th 2013.

Is it not obvious to Mayor Joe and the other complainants that if you run a city economy based on public sector employment and welfare you end up in trouble when government runs out of money. Ed Balls the minister with ahem - special responsibility for the city of London (under Labour) was quite happy to let the bankers indulge in savage, unregulated, suicidal greed as long as the tax receipts (up to 20% of UK's total tax take) kept coming in so they could be spent on cities like Liverpool therefore maintaining the client state and labours vote. However now that the funny money has run out and the unholy alliance of finance and the state has crashed the same vulnerable people suffer.
I hear the same voices of complaint as were heard 30 years ago demanding that government solve all the problems. Luckily the city has transformed since then (anyone who thinks it was better in the 80's is surely certifiable) so lets hope we are resiliant and we don't descend into "grotesque chaos" but these long standing economic problems remain and will do until the basis of the cities economy is changed. Periods of high government spending provide no basis for sustainable economic security.

1 Response: Reply To This...
JulieFebruary 6th 2013.

Hear Hear!!

Leon KayFebruary 6th 2013.

Oh by the way Rapid Hardware has just gone into administration turnover 10,000,0000 pounds 95 staff gone the rot is really setting in now good luck

2 Responses: Reply To This...
JulieFebruary 6th 2013.

Rapid Hardware is to continue trading and the shop is OPEN. The staff still have their jobs. Leon, please don't put people off from shopping there or ordering anything from them. This is a family owned business, who will continue trading, via the administrators, until a buyer is found. BTW when was the last time you set foot into the place? It's in the old George Henry Lee's Building on Church Street, now...and has been for quite a few years!!!

DIY DerekAugust 18th 2014.

It didn't last though did it?

Tourman.February 8th 2013.

Anderson is the Mayor we did not want or need, he used his position as Council Leader to push is through, now employing a dozen people in The Mayors Office, including the 90 grand man. Pushing 20 mph speed limits on suburban roads, with all the cost of signs and inflicting 1000 bikes on the city at what cost? No Joe, shut up about "the savage cuts" until you start making some sensible cuts and I don't mean libaries and golf courses, I mean climate change officers, political officers and all the other pointless people that you have stuffed the council buildings with. We could save millions over night if you made a few sensible cuts.

AnonymousFebruary 8th 2013.

So you think we should throw more people on the dole? That will really help the economy of the city won't it?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
JulieFebruary 8th 2013.

The cuts proposed by Anderson, WILL put more people on the dole.It's a question of which is the lesser evil? Slim down the excessive posts in the Council, and look at ways to make it run more efficiently....OR Take away the support systems for the elderly, the needy,nurseries, local charity groups,close libraries, swimming pools AND raise the Council Tax etc etc. His proposals effect every single person in this City...whereas a slimmed down and more efficient council, would only effct "the few"...It's a No Brainer, really.

Little BongsFebruary 9th 2013.

Define "slimmed down" and "efficient" will you please?

Judith PattersonFebruary 9th 2013.

Everyone should pull together and stop name calling and show how much you love liverpool, you did it before, and you will do it again, show your love and willingness to bring liverpudlians together, call on the children of liverpool, mainly paul mccartney without the american, all English together.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 9th 2013.

Not much chance with all the haters on here
They hate the council
They hate Peel
They hate L1
They hate mann Island
They hate the Mathew St festival
They hate the railways
They hate taxi firms

But they do like hating

AnonymousFebruary 9th 2013.

That new library is a pile of crap too

Only in LiverpoolFebruary 11th 2013.

I love the word "haters". It's so idiotic. If only whoever put that last but one comment - and the council - sat down calmly and read the very succinct analysis by another anon below, then we might be in a better position. But no, you are either for it, or against it. Howe very childish.

The only thing worth hating is cheap spin by rich people. I don't see the people of Liverpool prospering. Just Peel, Maghull and their complicit organ of choice, the ECHO

AnonymousFebruary 9th 2013.

I'm glad the anonymous above has worked out what Paul McCartney minus the American saving Liverpool with the kids means. I don't hate the council or the railways or the taxi firms. No issues about Matthew St Festival if people enjoy it still. L1 is alright but the impact on the rest of the city centre wasn't planned strategically and that has been damaging but overall we are better with it, I think. But yes I justifiably hate Peel because I think they are just pulling the wool over people's eyes, they will never build their Shaghai, I doubt they have the mysterious Chinese investors and they completely conned Salford with the media centre using exactly the same spin, ended up costing them virtually nothing, makes them a fortune in rents already paying for it 3 times over since built and created hardly any new jobs. I hate Mann Island for a wasted opportunity to build something outstanding or create an open space garden without detroying the views of the waterfront and absolutely despise the ugly glass slab coffin structures they put up. I dont mind the X Museum although it is in the wrong place, crammed into the waterfront and finished in ugly cheap materials inside and out. It could have looked fantastic if set in it's own grounds in a more open space. It is an eyesore where it is.

But to add to your list, I also hate the plans for the boring overpowering and completely out of place student flats to be built on Hope Street by the same vandals who destroyed Josephine Butler house and lied about preservation work to the stone cladding and then smashed the front, left it open to the elements and let it rot so they could demolish it. I hated Concourse House at Lime street and the row of 60s shops. But love the opening up of the front of Lime Street Station and the steps. Is that alright with you? Or in your book do we all have to stand and applaud every stupid decision and every hideous plan to show we love Liverpool and accept third rate architecture and fast buck developers? It is not about hate you pillock, it is about trying to get some common sense into people in power who have only one mantra and that is to build more apartments and offices and keep doing it in the desperate hope that somebody will move into them, when we have fabulous buildings standing empty and rotting and thousands of empty offices and apartments and what is now thought to be an unsustainable number of hotels.

Oohhhh! Shiney things! More more more. Tell it to the kids and they might believe you. Paul can write the requiem....without the American....(Who is the American by the way?....Disney matter)

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AnonymousFebruary 9th 2013.

And I have doubts about what Ms Patterson means by All English together. Is that a no to our Chinese Investors then? Or is it non English in general? Explain yourself madam! .....

Only in LiverpoolFebruary 11th 2013.

Exactly - to that first anonymous

Every LDL helpsFebruary 11th 2013.

Everybody should read this thread, especially the comments by Katie54.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2013.

Libraries are an outdated form of info gathering. No form of sport should be subsidised. Its only a luxury in these times. Protect jobs. The council is already cut to the bone.

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Slightly FoxedAugust 18th 2014.

Libraries are not "outdated". Libraries are not just for "info gathering". Libraries are important to all sentient people but particularly to the young, the old, the curious, the poor and indeed the unemployed. And if you hadn't noticed libraries provide employment for educated, qualified people who are an asset to the city.

AnonymousOctober 5th 2013.

You don't need to spend millions on putting The Christians and the Philharmonic Orchestra on in Sefton Park either.

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