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Mayor furious at done deal to send Mersey rubbish to Teeside

Leader learns of £1bn, 30-year contract via press release

Written by . Published on May 29th 2013.

Mayor furious at done deal to send Mersey rubbish to Teeside

NO wonder Joe Anderson is screaming “rubbish!”.

The Mayor of Liverpool is fuming after discovering – via a press release – that a massive £1 billion deal has been done to send Merseyside’s growing mountain of domestic waste to the other side of the country. 

Pressured by Europe to end the days of environment-unfriendly landfill dumping, we have given the job to to a French-owned firm that will transport all our refuse on a 300-mile round trip to the North East. 

It is a 30-year-deal that will create hundreds of jobs on Teeside, jobs that have been “snatched from our grasp”, says the Mayor. 

But nobody asked the leaders of the county's five councils about it, claims Uncle Joe, and to make matters worse, Liverpool is the biggest contributor to the purse of the quango which made the decision. 

That would be Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority – paid for by council taxpayers – which has, for some years, grappled with what to do with the household rubbish generated by the 1.5m of us living in these parts. 

The Wilton 11 Power Plant In TeesideThe Wilton 11 Power Plant In TeesideThe problem is NIMBY-ism. Nobody wants a waste-handling facility in their area, even if it’s their own waste in the first place. 

And so it is providing rich rewards for the big global players who realise where there’s muck, there are euros, dollars and yen. 

Ironically, nearing completion along the Mersey, is a massive incinerator that will handle all the waste produced by Greater Manchester. From an eco point of view that 30-odd mile journey was seen as bad enough. This, though, beats even that. 

The contract has been awarded to SITA UK, but that company is a subsidiary of French-owned conglomerate Suez Environnement (annual report only available in French) and backed by a Japanese investment company, I-Environment. 

Efforts by several companies wanting to build so-called environmental friendly processing plants here on Merseyside have faced tough resistance from ward councillors and residents. But the clock has been ticking away on deadlines from Europe that impose a sliding scale of fines for continued use of landfill. 

If Merseysiders don’t want proper facilities locally, the answer is simple: don’t create any rubbish. It has to go somewhere, and now ours will be heading to the new facility at the Wilton International site in Teeside. The construction will create hundreds of jobs and a further 50 permanent roles will be created once the plant is operational.  

The Mayor said: “I feel the city and the wider city region has had a massive opportunity for major infrastructure investment snatched from its grasp and hundreds of potential jobs, which we desperately need, have gone to the North East.

 “I want to understand why the city region leaders have not been involved in such a huge decision and why I, as the Mayor of Liverpool, with Liverpool contributing more to the Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority than any other authority, had to read about the decision in a press release after the decision was made. 

“I also want to understand how it can be more environmentally friendly and more cost effective to ship the waste of Merseyside all the way to Teeside some 150 miles away rather than dispose of our own waste locally."

RubbishRubbishBut the news is not so new to readers of the Middlesborough Evening Gazette or anyone else in the North East. Six weeks ago it reported the story, telling how two key facilities are to be built – a rail-loading waste transfer station in Merseyside and the new energy-from-waste facility on Teeside, both of which have planning permission and expect to be up and running by 2016.

According to the report, waste will be transferred into enclosed containers on Merseyside and arrive at Wilton International by rail, where it will be processed to generate electricity for the equivalent of 63,000 homes.

Mayor Joe added: “Although local authorities on Merseyside didn’t want the facility on their patch a bid was put in to have it in Ellesmere Port, which would have allowed people living in the city region to apply for the jobs created.” 

One can only imagine much gnashing of teeth and possibly a duel halfway between the Municipal Buildings and the HQ of the MRWA in the new Neptune buildings at Mann Island. 

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Paul WardMay 31st 2013.

Could the waste not be dumped on "the HQ of the MRWA in the new Neptune buildings at Mann Island?" Would look and smell a lot better.

Dawn FeerickMay 31st 2013.

We have veolia depots on our doorstep, why can't it have gone there for incineration and saved millions in.building of new plants, saved on so called carbon footprints with fuel it'll use in getting to teeside and of course kept jobs in our area safe for the 30 yr its contracted...who do you reckons had nice back handers for that little scheme?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Mickeydrippin'June 1st 2013.

Because the nimbys would kick up a stink if MRWA decided to build incinerators around Liverpool

John BradleyJune 1st 2013.

They would go ape. Though of course we used to have one power station at the docks and one at Formby www.nrm.org.uk/…/photo… which used to burn dirty coal. Perhaps they used the wrong words in describing it, I'm sure the NIMBYs will object to the Biomass planned for Alexander dock. www.alexandradockproject.co.uk/…

SaladDazeMay 31st 2013.

Give the job to Serco! They do rubbish. And health. Hmmmm... Or G4S. They do Olympic security and prison transport. Or Capita. Who hate it when you put an 'r' in it. Or can Patrick Mercer help.

Rogeredwards795@Btinternet.ComMay 31st 2013.

Arriva? EDF? This lot? How many other foreign companies are buying into GB? This has got nothing to do with immigrants - this is the face of Thatcherism! Been and being perpetrated by that b**ches philosophy which was adopted by Blair and then conman Cameron - and even if New Labour get in next time - it will be the same old sorry story.. I wonder, out of that billion, how much will be paid in taxes? Has this company (as well as Arriva and EDF) paid their fair share of taxes IN THIS COUNTRY in the past, and will they pay their fare share in the future? If not, are they even allowed to bid on such projects, never mind be awarded the contracts.. A possible case for LCC lawyers to investigate? Somebody needs to get a grip on this c(r)ap!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 1st 2013.

My, what a refreshing and original point of view you have there Rog, quite unique

AnonymousJune 2nd 2013.

Rog, stop living in the past

Leon KayJune 1st 2013.

I wish Joe Stalin would go to Teeside with the rest of the crap council

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyJune 1st 2013.

What would you replace them with.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2013.

I'd replace them with you or Rennie Ku. Self professed oracles are much cheaper. You can rely on them to be poised with their digit, anytime of the day. It's what sad people do, me included.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyJune 2nd 2013.

I did apply for the chief execs job. Said I'd do it for 40k. Is that cheap enough?

AnonymousJune 4th 2013.

If John Bradley became Chief Exec I think we'd all be stowing away in our purple wheely bins in the hope of a free ride to Teeside. God help us!

AnonymousJune 2nd 2013.

Apparently not. You'd have to lower the bar somewhat, we live in austere times, that is unless your a PR wizard from Spon End. Guru's are worth their weight in gold.

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyJune 2nd 2013.

Who is this Rennie Ku? Sounds like he might make a useful running mate as my Vice Mayor.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2013.

Who is Rennie Ku? The ubiquitous enigmatic Rennie Ku, celebrated fellow "Topostani" He/She who is invariably right, makes and talks perfect sense would make the perfect running mate JB. He/she might just edge it. One things for sure you will get plenty of coverage from the "Liverpool Echo"..........If you crack it, let me know.

1 Response: Reply To This...
John BradleyJune 2nd 2013.

L8 Would seem like a good starting point. www.192.com/…/…

AnonymousJune 2nd 2013.

your getting warmer JB

John ShawJune 2nd 2013.

That could be that "nutty slack" from Formby.

Barry TurnbullJune 6th 2013.

Dear Laza this is all quite laughable. The waste disposal authority is Labour controlled so presumably some of Joes bessie mates are on it including three city councillors. So if they arent telling him whats going on whos fault is that? Also, its Ok to ship rubbish out of Merseyside...as long as its to Ellesmere Port! Anderson is just making a fool of himself - why not say so?

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