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Liverpool Day: How would you mark it?

Larry Neild reveals a special annual 24-hour jamboree for the city is being proposed by councillors

Published on May 16th 2009.

Liverpool Day: How would you mark it?

FORGET Empire Day, St George’s Day and May Day, put your hands together for Liverpool Day. A proposal going before the city council next week will see Liverpool celebrating itself for 24 hours.

It will be an antidote for critics across the country who still view us as hub cap-stealing idle layabouts who spend all of our time moaning and whingeing.

Mind you having been the victim of an attempted hub cap theft, some people may have a point. Had I not been having a snooze while waiting to collect somebody from an evening gig in Hope Street, I would never have been alerted to the driver of a black cab trying to yank off a hub cab from my car.

He said he had had one of his caps stolen and when he spotted my car he thought the hub cap could have been his. The cheeky thief.

But would citizens embrace a celebration, and how would they mark Liverpool Day?

Mums could make sure the kids go to school with their necks and fingernails scrubbed clean – that’s assuming the schools don’t close for the day.

We could have free parking for the day, not just the evening. People heading to Liverpool could come for free on the ferries or escape the tunnel charge.

The city council could hold its meeting in Williamson Square to let the people see democracy in action.

The idea is being put forward next Tuesday by two councillors Paul Twigger and Paula Keaveney.

They believe the success of the celebrations during Liverpool’s splendid reign as European Capital of Culture gave residents and visitors to Liverpool plenty of opportunities to celebrate the city.

They want to tap into that enthusiasm for the celebration and harness it by creating an annual day to demonstrate pride in the city.

Liverpool Day would complement and not replace existing events and could provide a focus for participation by residents, communities, voluntary organisations, faith groups, businesses, the media. Indeed any person who has an association both here and aboard.

They will be calling on council leader Warren Bradley to establish a group to begin work developing the initiative with a view to the first Day taking place in 2010

So how else could we mark our day? We could issue a Liverpool postage stamp, providing people are still communicating by snail mail in 2010.

We could, for once, forget the gory headlines about death, misery, misfortune and concentrate on the positive.

Some may think, depending on the chosen date, whether Liverpool will be able to mark the end of 12 years of Lib Dem rule in the city or the end of 13 years of Labour rule at Westminster.

Beneath the unfair veneer Liverpool remains a most remarkable city, inhabited by a resilient population.

So maybe it is a good idea to, just for one day, pack up our troubles and shout to the world hooray for Liverpool. Because one thing is certain – if we don’t shout that message nobody else will.

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82 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Liverpolitan credentials? What does that mean? That isn't an insult, I'm just asking.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

With regard to Cliff Edge Hill ref to Liverpool Show. Err what u said about the Mathew St festival actually happened and it got to the point that all the screaming drunken yobs,and parents let their little oiks run amock resulting in no one going. Also it became very expemsive the Council had to pay Merseyside Police£ 50,000 to Police the event so it became a serious money looser.At least the Mathew St festival gets 300,000 visitors and brings lots of dosh into the City Centre in the likes of Hotels,shops restraunts,etc. This is something that the Wavertree Show could never do. It was an excuse for a piss up in the park and a place for parents to dump their kids to run amock.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

Doesn't the fact this has turned into a conversation about the Beatles, say it all really?

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

Council houses were highly desirable in the 1950s when the majority of all social classes rented their homes.John Lennon's house had the servants' bells but in the 1950s McCartney's house had gardens front and back, a television, a fridge and a telephone, rarities in working class households until the 1970s or later! McCartney's brother Mike went to art school, when working class 15 year-olds went to work, and McCartney's dad had his own business.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

or how about a bank holiday-just for the people of Liverpool. Could that be arranged??? ;-)

Indy PendentMay 12th 2009.

Blimey they read LivConf at the Observer!

Rolf etc.May 12th 2009.

How about half day closing? you know on reflection, i am not as wound up about that soft idea as it comes across. it's the sodding neighbours two doors away. A warm evening, the french windows open and the stench of their stupid bloody barbeque fuel has filled my entire house and when you go outside you can hear them having orgasms with the excitment of cooking a sausage in the yard when the kitchen is 3 feet away! Bring back the rope! So you see when i read Larry's article- it caught me at a bad moment. It is still a stupidand cringe inducing idea though. And thank you for your support Susan,erm, sorry Dig, by jove!

DigMay 12th 2009.

How about a Liverpool Heritage day?Not to be confused with Liverpool Heritage Market Day. How about events all around The Albert Dock & waterfront to celebrate our World Heritage Site status. If we have to do it lets do it properly and celebrate something where the boundaries between The Mathew Street Festival & Beatles Day aren't blurred. Ian says celebrate the best of Liverpool, albeit sarcastically, but he makes a good point and Liverpool waterfront is one of the best in the world.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

It makes Liverpool seem like a one trick pony. To be honest, internationally, people see Liverpool as that poor place where the Beatles are from. The city needs to move away from it, not forget it. The examples you mention above are from smaller towns. Honestly if Liverpool had a Beatles day, you could just hear the cackles from the rest of the country. And they'd be right. Move on, be a real force of a city and celebrate the here and now.

Jimmy AndrexMay 12th 2009.

It's Izal if you try.

Stanley StreetMay 12th 2009.

Think about it! I imagine you already have Liverpool Confidential display boards for conferences etc that could adequately clad a smallish float. As for staffing it, all you'd need is a few volunteers in trilbies and corpie macs carrying carboard mock-ups of Speed Graphic cameras as per your logo and you're away!(Offer to pay for the beer afterwards and you'll be inundated with volunteers)See, it's nimps!Now you add the promotions, offers, etc., to turn it into a show-stopper! Tap some of these posh hotels you're always puffing for a bit of sponsorship - you can't fail!

ObserverMay 12th 2009.

Even Larry's at it now.

Professor ChucklebuttyMay 12th 2009.

If we want to improve our image, we have to start by spelling Beetles correctly. I can’t believe Dig hasn’t picked up on that, I do after all employ him as a prof reader. Had anyone else noticed? It’s on all the albums. But if the Beetles is all we can go on about let’s get a few things straight.All this debate about a working class background is a nonsense, the whole thing was fabricated. They were put together by Ronnie Hazelhurst after a bet with Ted Ray following an all night gin rummy session at the Floral Pavillion. Ronnie put out an advert in The Stage similar to the way they created The Monkees in the states “wanted four mop topped Arthur Askey types” Lennon had been working in the theatre with Terry Hall in the Lennon The Lion Show, McCartney was touring in the Winslow Boy, George Harrison was starring in the Huggets with Jack Warner and his real life mother Kathleen Harrison (one time Mrs Thursday, with Mr Hunter who went on to be the vicar in Emmerdale Farm) and Ringo Starr was Lazoon in Fireball XL5. They answered the ad and were trained under directionRSC classical actors Victor Spinetti Hoops, Wilfred Bramble and Norman Rossington. They are a complete fake, not even from Liverpool. Lennon tried to tell you this himself - that it was all synthetic and a whitewash - when he formed The Plastic Omo Band. You have all been conned! Well anyway this is what my friend Mrs Hewitt says, she got it straight from last month’s War Cry in the waiting room at the chiropodists.That reminds me Dig, if you were on Bookface you would be aware that ken The feral Moggie has done a Reginald Purrin’ and faked his own death. He’s now living with Mrs Hewitt from three doors down, pretending to be her missing cat, that one that I accidentally flattened while lowering a skip into the back garden. He’s doing well, calmed down a bit, but still can’t resist sneaking under the duvet and ragging his claws down her shins during they night. I’ve had to buy earplugs. I’d expose him but he knows it was me who flattened Mr Fluffles and slid him under her mattress so she’d think she squashed him in the night. Unfortunately she mistook it for a fur hat and wore it all through winter. I used to feel terribly guilty and a little nauseous watching her secure it with the hatpin and the flies got her barred from Sayers. Luckily a pack of dogs in Sefton Park chased her from the far end of the boating lake right up to the palm house before they sent her flying and tore it to shreds. She was there for an hour telling the statue of Coppernicus what had happened, thinking he was Larry come to do a story on dog doings. Which brings me to the point of this rant. I am devising a new panel game for Radio 4 called “Larry Nield says..” a simple formula, Larry will read out something, an opinion, a comment on a topical news issue and a panel of Celebrity guests will rant on totally unconnected topics for a minute without repeating any of the subject matter Larry has referred to. So far I have approached Pete Price, Sonia and Les Dennis to be on the panel for the pilot, I approached Anita Harris, but the restraining order is still in force, so she is out. I don’t suppose Dig, you could use your influence with Ms Samples from here to see if she’d do it, she’d be good on the newsy bits, a bit like Mrs Merton on “Have I Got News at Ten” There is plenty of time to work on it, the pilot won’t go out until Christmas, when I have an unexpected free couple of nights in my diary. I don’t know whether to chair it myself or get Gordon Burns, probably Gordon if we want to get the housewives. I may do the panel as regular like Dickie Davies on Q.I. I suppose it all depends now on Larry really. He never replies to me though, all my messages come back saying not known at this address - try Bartlett or Shennan. I bet Joe Riley would do it, but how do we keep him awake for the whole half hour? But nobody has Larry’s gift for creating debate, come on Larry we could move to BBC 3 in six months and then who knows, we could end up on Celebrity Come Dancing, with Brucie! But anyway yes Liverpool Day – very interesting.

DigMay 12th 2009.

I think the town hall of every major town and city should fly a flag with a Liver Bird on it for 24 hours. Logistically simple and cheap to implement. The flag has already been designed. See neutral black and white above as not to offend Evertonians. An exiled Scouser in each town and city can raise the flag and be saluted by locals.

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

I bet that McCartney had Parker-Morris standards in his house, an indoor toilet and a car! In the 50s there were still families living in single rooms wth no water supply since the war ten years earlier.

Dicky SamMay 12th 2009.

Can't we celebrate something worthwhile rather than Iain Jones' list and bloody football millionaires as usual?

Tricky WooMay 12th 2009.


AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

Dig, calm down. You had a go at Gaz for pointing out the Beatles moved to London and he thinks the city should be past that. That is not being an a***hole, as you put it. Liverpool doesn't need you sticking up for it, especially when it's not being attacked, you're an embarrassment.

DigMay 12th 2009.

I wasn't actually calling Gaz an a***hole. It was the anonymous people/person further up and somebody in another article. Hub cap stealing/ vomiting contests. That's just an idiot attempting to offensive for the sake of it. It happens regularly in various articles on here. They are the people whom I insult and question the intelligence of. With good cause. My sincere apologies if it appeared my ire was directed at Gaz.

Cliff Edge-HillMay 12th 2009.

Dear Anonymous, last time I went to the Liverpool Show my friends and I were offered cut-price tickets several times by teenaged scallies on Smithdown Road. They all had stacks of pristine, unissued tickets and the money from any sales they made certainly didn't go to the Council. We kept to our principles and paid full price at the garden shed by the gate. What a disappointment. The Show was crap; no horses, motorcycle displays, helicopters or RAF flypasts (even though a crappy little Lifeboat station in Hoylake can get The Red Arrows every year). It was just a crappy, bottle-strewn fairground filled with dubious characters and shifty types. And you're telling me the Council paid £50,000 for the policing? What policing? We cut our losses and went to the pub instead.

ObediahMay 12th 2009.

I had a schoolmate who lived in Eversley Street off Princes Avenue and his family didn't even have plumbed-in hot water - and this was the mid-1970s!

Rolf Sings but Walt Dis nayMay 12th 2009.

Does Mr Twigger's idea include a facility whereby we could post all our letters for free? Otherwise this is one of the most pathetic ideas i have heard of for quite some time ( oh sorry I forgot Beatles Day) and just the type of thing that makes a lot of people outside and in the city, stick their fingers down their throat looking for a bucket. Makes me think of the skit on Sonia being interviewed where in answer to every question she replied " Ooooo, Livvapewl !!" A lot of local people came out to events for CoC (free ones) but to say they now want to harness that enthusiasm for a special day as if you can dip back into to the effect of a whole year plus all the years leading up 12 months of Culturally focussed events with natiuonal and international coverage is just idiocy. The whole idea is meaningless and so open to making us look ridiculous to the outside. I am surprised that somebody as bright as Ms Keaveney should put their names to this. Miss , please miss, can we have Walton Week, Fazakerley Friday, Wavertree Wednesday, Tuebrook Tuesday and Morons Monday as well. If you want to build the city's reputation and improve our image as an "international city" whatever that means then stop behaving like it's a the bloody village fete in Emmerdale. This is a good city with great people, But it has some terrible deprivation and some awful people as well, just like lots of other cities, so stop trying to make out we are something extraordinary. We have an interesting history, repeat history, and we hope a bright future if it is not wrecked by the world economic collapse, for which we are ill prepared with no solid infrastructure or industry left. Geographically we produced a lot of famous distinguished people of great achievement and I mean the likes Gladstone, Dr Duncan, Jospehine Butler, Eleanor Rathbone, not bleeding Eleanor Rigsby and the sodding Beatles. None of the politicians who spout this celebrate Liverpool Day crap or who will bang on about it actually believe any of it, but ecpect the dimwits to buy into it because it does them good, raises their profile but for the city, and disguises the fact they have done nothing for the poorer areas of the city. And while it makes them look good and more scouse patriotic than anyone else, to the outside it makes us look like self obsessed provincial pillocks. No wonder this site gets lunatics spouting anti Liverpool venom from up the M62. it is crap like this that invites it. Lets get on with working to help those deprived areas of the city that capital of Culture did nothing for, which is pretty much everywhere outside of the city centre, where the real events and money was focussed.Or shall we tell the people of croxteth and Norris Green and St Domingo vale etc not to worry because we are going to have a special day to tell them how special they and we all are. And by God they should be proud to take part. Grow up! If we want a stupid bloody parade we can save up and go to Disneyland, although i think our local politicians think this is Scouse Disneyland. They are certainl a Mickey Mouse outfit.

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

Don't be stupid, there were no buses. We lived in a side street.Like most working class people my family were renting from private sector landlords, which even in the sixties meant no electrical ring main wiring and only about two 13-Amp sockets in the entire house.My mum used to iron in the dark because the iron had to be plugged into the overhead light! And we thought we were doing OK. There were many times more smaller, much more cramped houses than ours. You obviously never lived in the real 1960s.You know, you tell these kids today and they won't believe you!

BeatlesGuruMay 12th 2009.

I agree with you there, Dig, I would love to see a flag with a Liver bird on it flying from Basingstoke town hall. The only thing is I don't think many people regard Basingstoke as a main town because we are fifteen miles from Reading, and with a Reading post code. But all the same I would still welcome a flag with a Liver bird on it flying from Basingstoke town hall -once all the scaffolding is removed.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

Free parking, transport ect soundsgreat, but a Matthew st festival-typeday would go down a storm!

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

Why is it that when anyone disagrees with Dig, he/she insults them. If it's not having a go at spelling, it's questioning their mental state, education, georgraphical position or anything else that springs to his/her mind! Pathetic.

DigMay 12th 2009.

You will find I only do that if people insult Scousers or Liverpool for no good reason. If they don't like Scousers or Liverpool there's plenty of other websites they can visit other than one full of Scousers and Liverpool. Would these same people walk the streets of Liverpool telling Scousers to their faces what they thought of them and the city? Nope, they do it on a website hiding behind anonymity. In my defence, I'm a nice guy normally. I just can't abide people being a***holes for no good reason. Can you?

Johnny ToddMay 12th 2009.

What has Bob Dylon got to do with a Liverpool Day? He's not even British, let alone local.

KnowledgeableMay 12th 2009.

No they weren't. Lennon was the only middle class boy. McCartney lived in a corpy house in Speke and Harrison similar. They all passed the scholarship (11 plus) which gave them an educational advantage, but they remained from very working class backgrounds.

Stanley StreetMay 12th 2009.

McCartney's family house wasn't in Speke, it was Forthlin Road in posh, leafy Allerton.Top-hatted toff Derek Nimmo came from Speke.

Bog offMay 12th 2009.

How about a Debenhams Day?

Dicky SamMay 12th 2009.

"We could, for once, forget the gory headlines about death, misery, misfortunate and concentrate on the positive."The only way to do that would be to suspend publication of the Echo on that day and close down the Liverpool radio stations with their depressing and predicatble fare, for the day.

Secret Policeman's Ball sketchMay 12th 2009.

Oh and I suppose you lived in a cardboard box and counted your blessings every time you got run over by a bus. Don't be ridiculous, Gaz

Secret Policeman's Ball sketchMay 12th 2009.

Actually, I was brought up in exactly the same conditions and only got out of it in about 1983.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

A day? Wasn't there just an entire year and it didn't go half as well as planned?! I'm sorry but let's be honest, if international exposure and masses of funding over an entire year can't help then what's going to happen in a day?And no more Bealtes please, it's embarassing!

Put That Light Out!May 12th 2009.

Dried egg powder?

MattMay 12th 2009.

Typical small town mentality....do you think Beijing has a Beijing Day, or New York, or Buenos Aires? No but Walmington-on-sea, probably does. Or some other hicksville somewhere. The poverty of aspiration is not surprising from the lib dims. Pathetic.

LazMay 12th 2009.

Professor, a panel game, perhaps called Liverpool Confidential Live, would be great on the telly. I learned my skill from my dear old mongrel Barney. He had a knack of inciting every dog in site to bark and howl and sometimes scrap, and whilst they were getting stuck in to each other, teeth snarling etc, he would just sit on the sidelines and enjoy the spectacle. I like the way my columns meander into something quite, quite different, so I see myself as a peacemaking catalyst. Oh, I can't dance so Strictly Come Dancing is out.

Curtis WarrenMay 12th 2009.


Houdi ElbowMay 12th 2009.

Is this like Beatles Day?

DigMay 12th 2009.

I agree 100% Prof, sorry, erm, Rolf.

juliaMay 12th 2009.

AngieMay 12th 2009.

How do you manage this Larry?

Hooray HenriMay 12th 2009.

Congratulations to all. This must be the longest exchange of views I have seen on Liverpool Confidential. Anyone would think that we have nothing better to do. Keep it up. As for The Beatles, I understand that Bob Dylan has apologised for adding to their fame by visiting Mendips, John Lennon's former home, a couple of weeks ago on a National Trust tour. He also apologised for finding it fascinating. However, he failed to apologise for saying that Colin, the custodian, delivered a superb commentary which was an example to anyone who represents this city, whether or not they like The Beatles.

Eleanor RigsbyMay 12th 2009.

A Beatles Day is a great idea. Thousands of international tourists head here every year to viewBeatle haunts. All I can say is that it#s a good idea William Shakespeare or even Mr Elvis Aaron Prestley were not born in our neck of the woods. There's more to Liverpool than the Beatles (possibly) but that does not mean we should not cash in on John, Paul, George and yes even Ringo.Roll on Beatles Day.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Could be worse Angie. Remember the nonsensical rantings that used to sprout from Laz's articles? Where are you Prof? Come on. This rant needs The Prof, not Rolf! Where's Ken the feral moggie these days? Anybody know?

Stanley StreetMay 12th 2009.

Hear hear! I think there should be a Liverpool Confidential float in the Lord Mayor's Parade this year! It would be ironic if in order to stop the rot that LivConf, the Council's least-favourite news disseminator starts the revival of the Parade's fortunes!

Funny Foreign AccentMay 12th 2009.

Always I am loving very much the Liverpool and the Beatles and football, and of course the very funny Liverpool sense of joking - 'Gaz Chambers' so funny name (but then I am Jew so I get it), and am very much looking forward to Mr Dig giving me big verbal kick in my foreign pants for not being from Liverpool so of course don't know anything, and not even having Scouse accent so hardly even deserve to be breathing!

Cliff Edge-HillMay 12th 2009.

We used to have The Liverpool Show but it was run into the ground by the criminally incompetent dopes in charge of it.A Mathew Street Festival day of drunken loutishness and mass-vomiting would look very good on the news as it always does.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

A bank holiday for the people of Liverpool would be a good idea. We could all get a sharrer to Soithport for the day, like the Orange Lodge.

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

As anonymous said above, to many people Liverpool is the poor place that the humble Beatles escaped from the instant they had the money. They seem to have forgotten that the Beatles were middle-class boys with a much higher standard of living than than most people in the country.

Anita BurnettMay 12th 2009.

For the Liverpool Day Stevie Wonder Gerrard And Paul Mc Cartney Should Unite ! Pauly Play The Beatles And Stevie Display His Ball Skills What A Combo!!!

pearl necklaceMay 12th 2009.

That's absolutely true actually. I HATE the Guardian with something approaching a passion,as should any right thinking person (and I don't mean right with a capital R)

BeatlesGuruMay 12th 2009.

I like the idea of people heading to Liverpool for free, for Liverpool day. If I could be sent a special offer code that I can take to Basingstoke railway station for free rail travel to Liverpool, I would jump at the chance. Although I don't suppose it will go to that extent.

AnonymousMay 12th 2009.

Dig, Dig, Digger Dum Drops, no-one is questioning charities. Gaz just thinks it time Liverpool moved on from them I guess, and they didn't stay around long anyway. None of this makes him an a***hole as you put it. Just accept people have seperate views rather than scribbling your insults and accusations all over the website. If you want to question those views, do it in a way more befitting of an adult and not some tanked up guy taking on all comers in a social club.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Prof reading. Very clever and funny. I still haven't been paid in all these months working for you. If you're skint I would happily accept another poem from Reggie McCough. Can I have a poem just about me please?

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

I'd rather celebrate more lasting contributions to the world than some dismal old pop groups. In so many fields Liverpool was first, or best, or biggest. Many Liverpolitans occupy positions in high places NOW in broadcasting and the media, in the arts, sciences and technology. We don't have to dredge up 1960s nine-day wonders - leave that to the Philistines in Liverpool City Council!

RevoltingMay 12th 2009.

How about Liverpool Day in May 2010, the day after the local elections when we can all celebrate the removal of Mr Bradley and his gang of Lib Dems. It really is time for them to move on as the city is suffering from a weak and dysfunctional administration.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Why is it always 'Anonymous' people that can't spell? I know mine isn't always perfect but...... Joke or no joke, have heard the saying 'people in glass houses?' Nobody is upset and if your attempts at humour and offence were actually funny or witty you might find Scousers do laugh at themselves. So, until then.....

DigMay 12th 2009.

What has The Beatles moving to London got to with Liverpool having a Beatles Day to raise money for various local charities?

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

Dig, I think you are a good egg really. As for my Liverpool credentials: born here, lived here all my life, worked here all my life after a long period on the dole. I never cease to be amazed by the great things that I find out came from this city, but they are always ignored in favour of dreary old footie and the Beatles, neither of which are particularly representative of the place or its people. Like the dullards that run this Council.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Nope Gaz I'm not kidding. What has them going to London got to do with anything? The day is primarily a charity money raising day based around The Beatles. Similar to how a red nose is used for Comic Relief. I guess you're another out of towner parading your ignorance.

Pearl necklaceMay 12th 2009.

It wasn't Fat Git who was yanking off, was it?

GuardianMay 12th 2009.

Of course they do! heir own paper is unreadable tripe.

ian jonesMay 12th 2009.

what about celebrating the best of liverpool; the beatles, cilla black, gerry and the pacemakers, jimmy tarbuck, craig charles, scouse butties, chlamydia among children, teenie pregnancies, drug addiction and car theft. these are what the citys famous for.

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

"Beatles Day"? You're kidding!Is this a celebration of the day that as soon as they started earning money they shot off to London?

KnowledgeableMay 12th 2009.

Liverpool DID have a Beatles Day last year, unfortunately.

smoke if I wantMay 12th 2009.

Its not fair everone always having go at liverpool. everyone has chip on there sholders about liverpudlians. they are just jelous like thatcher was jelous before she ruined the docks and the shipyard.we are really the greatest in the world and dead funny.no cokney can tell jokes like liverpudlians and we have 2 cathedrels in hope street but london doesnt. and manchester doesnt.

Stanley StreetMay 12th 2009.

In 2010 I expect to see a Grotty Cash Chucklebutty float... It's all for charidee remember!

Professor ChucklebuttyMay 12th 2009.

Liz, if i may be so familiar Larry, I wouldn't worry about not being able to dance look at all the fuss last year over Sir Malcolm Sargent. People love to vote for the underdog, you could even bring the dog. But if you don't like the idea, there are plenty of other celbrity shows we could go on. Celebrity Wallpapering with Sir Lawrence Llewellyn Froggett or Celebrity Midwife, with Ricky Tomlinson, (birthing pool my ar**)come on they are all at it, we have already missed out on Celebrity Postman, I am sure you could have beaten Steve Hurst and won that.

Mungo LloydMay 12th 2009.

Yeah. It's a grate idea.

DigMay 12th 2009.

Hub cap stealing? Vomiting contest? Is that the best your imagination can come up with to offend Scousers? Your limited imagination needs nurturing. Come cack and try again when you leave school and have developed an adult intellect. By the way what does 'offical' mean?

Secret Policeman's Ball sketchMay 12th 2009.

Don't forget the bucket on the landing!

Paddy S. MarquetMay 12th 2009.

The anniversary of King John's Charter might be a suitable date, but when the cack-handed council spent a fortune on Liverpool's 800th birthday in 2007, it was crap. It took place on a weekday when everyone was at work (apart from teachers on half-term like Storey) and the procession was a load of bought-in professionals; there was no involvement from local communities or schools, and that big ugly head.I booked the day off work to come into the city centre be thrilled and I was frankly disappointed with a very damp squib.It was worse than the Lord Mayor's Parade which in recent years has really plumbed the depths. They even allow scally cars in the parade now!I hope we can have a street party when Thatcher dies.

Tricky WooMay 12th 2009.

I didn't know what a banana looked like until I was 23

DigMay 12th 2009.

I would echo your last rant Gaz. You clearly have your eyes wide open. I'm not paricularly a Beatles fan but a big Liverpool.F.C. fan and I must admit I did spend 13 months working in Rochdale. To make up for that lapse I do now work in Toxteth.

samMay 12th 2009.

let all scallies and hoodies that roam the streets of liverpool a hance to burn there tracksuits and hoody tops and if they are feeling really brave their guns and knifes!

Charlotte StreetMay 12th 2009.

Centrepiece of the day could be the public lynching and stringing-up of those responsible for squandering £265,000 of local taxpayers' money on personal indulgences, i.e., trying to tell the football industry where to play its games. If only the Council had the nerve to tell the property development industry where to shove its eyesores...

Johnny ToddMay 12th 2009.

That's called throwin' a sickie and would not be a novelty around these parts.

Three Cheers CheesemanMay 12th 2009.

Hooray Henri this is indeed a long exchange of views for LivConf and nobody even mentioned Dyslexia.As for your man at Mendips he is a fine ambassador for the city and a thorough professional. I know i couldn't keep a straight face showing people around a semi detached house. "And this is where John did a poo." Imagine there's no paper!

EditorialMay 12th 2009.

Thanks Stanley Street!

Gaz ChambersMay 12th 2009.

Hop it Dig! My Liverpolitan credentials are impeccable, probably better than yours! As I am well under 65 the doings of a long-dead pop group mean very little to me and my fellow-citizens.

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