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Kick-off at the Hilton

MOBO official after-party ends in violence and chaos

Published on October 25th 2010.

Kick-off at the Hilton

BLOOD on the dancefloor, glassings, girls pulling each other's hair out, police dogs.... And it was only Wednesday.

The MOBO awards official after-party at the Liverpool Hilton Hotel was called to an abrupt halt just three hours in, last night, adding a whole new unfortunate meaning to the term “red carpet” event.

Police and ambulances were called to the bash, attended by Alex Curran, Jason from Corrie, Callum Best, the usual Hollyoaks crew, and what appeared to be dozens of gatecrashers, when a series of brawls reportedly spiralled out of control.

It all left puzzled legitimate guests shivering outside, and those inside fishing for missing teeth in the bottom of their lager.

Here at Liverpool Confidential, we were among the many people denied entrance to the bash when we strolled up at around midnight.

Affable police officers had already formed a cordon around the revolving-door entrances after being told not to allow anybody whatsoever in, and that included guests staying at the four-star hotel on Chavasse Park.

“The party is over-capacity,” one PC told us. “The reason so many legitimate ticket holders are out here , we are assuming, is because so many gatecrashers have got in. We have been told that nobody goes in for the forseeable future. “

Lee Davies, there with his girlfriend Danielle, was among the angry and bewildered: “What are we supposed to do now? Nobody is telling us anything, it's a disgrace. We have paid £120 to be in there.”

Inside: what a how-do-you-do.

Guests had shelled out to watch MOBO nominated artist Professor Green perform live, as well as U.S R&B star Omarion! Girl band Husstle, Chelcee Grimes and DJs Jermain Defore and Choice FMs Woody.

Instead, according to reports, they were “treated” to the spectacle of others being pelted with glasses and catfights on the shag pile. Altercations are also said to have broken out when security operatives attempted to stop individuals without the correct wristbands invading so-called VIP areas.

Had they succeeded in getting past, they would have been able to touch the clothing of the A-List which, on this occasion, included Wayne Rooney's fragrant young friend, Jenny Thompson.

Away from such rarified company, other guests were said to be covered in blood and witnesses said up to 40 people were seen rushing into the venue at one stage during a missile-throwing exchange.

“As one brawl stopped, another one would start,” said one after the event. “Other people were running out of the place to get away from the fighting.”

“It doesn't give out a very good impression, does it?” another lady shrewdly observed.

The Hilton event was one of a number of starry MOBO after-show parties around the city; the ceremony itself, which was hailed a great success, was televised earlier from the Kings Dock arena.

Merseyside Police say nobody has yet reported any offences to them. A statement read: “This event became overcrowded and there were some disorder issues. As a result and in conjunction with the management, licensing powers were utilised to close the bars in the hotel at around 1am today (Thursday, 21 October).

“Police will be speaking to the event organisers and hotel staff to seek to identify those involved in the incident and if any members of the public wish to report any offences. Any offences reported to the police will be investigated thoroughly.”

A Hilton spokesman said: “Unfortunately there were two incidents reported during the event which the hotel's security team worked closely with police to resolve in a swift and effective manner.”

The fashionably late, left outside, last night, had spent up to £60 on tickets for the bash and a lot more on the outfits, hair-dos and tanning for the event. There is no clear answer, as yet, as to whether they will be refunded.

However rather than the cost, this morning they may well have been only counting their good fortune.

We know we were.

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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Jade GoodyOctober 21st 2010.

What were the DJs playing when all this was going on? The last train to chav central....

Phil McCrackenOctober 21st 2010.

Is Professor Green a real Prof like Professor Chucklebutty or is it just a stagename?

london roadOctober 21st 2010.

I like the little dude in the fur coat at the end.

LiverpolitanOctober 21st 2010.

What an absolute shocker! It's things like this that gives our city a bad name. When that Hilton opened I had hoped it would attract a better class of riff-raff from the South.

Barney RubbleOctober 22nd 2010.

Yes it looks very common indeed, like a heavy night at The Grafton.

I'd have expected something rather more upmarket from The Hilton Hotel.

Erik DerojaOctober 22nd 2010.

Let's face it. The MOBO Awards party will never be a classy event. So many people trying to look like gangster rappers and not being able to pull-off the "I'm too cool" attitude without looking like a d*ck.

Moon UnitOctober 22nd 2010.

Songs of peace and love, you get Woodstock; raps on crime, homophobia, misogyny, you get the Mobo punch-up.
Surprising, isn't it?

DigOctober 23rd 2010.

People actually paid to be in that party with that sort of clientele? Gotta say even though it's not meant to be funny I laughed a lot at the article and laughed louder at the posturing on one of the pictures.

Barney RubbleSeptember 30th 2011.

What happened about this? How many were arrested? How severely were these thugs punished? Who paid for the repairs to the hotel?

We've heard nothing about this story since.

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