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In pictures: Thatcher - Liverpool's final farewell

Conga lines, burning and a flag flying high at St George's Hall

Written by . Published on April 18th 2013.

In pictures: Thatcher - Liverpool's final farewell

 Pictures: Dave "The Pap" Evans

It's the little things that mark you out: the BBC big screen switched off by a Labour council - "A LABOUR COUNCIL", to recall Kinnock - for precisely the running time of the funeral. 

Then there was the Union flag flying, defiantly full, straining on the poles of civic buildings in 50 knot winds.

Among the death partygoers shuffled the young men in their uniform, but not that of the docker or the shipyard worker or the matchstick men at Lowry's factory gates

Winds that howled ever more balefully as the night wore on, wreaking havoc across towns in the north, just as the Iron Lady's policies had indisputedly done a generation ago. If you believed in the wrath of wicked witches, it was enough to make you think.

Earlier, as the state of Liverpool turned its back on what was a State occasion in everything but name, there was nothing on the quiet plodding streets of the city centre to mark the morning out from any other.

However, as those who still have jobs poured from workplaces, it was at St George's Plateau that they converged with the leathered and the weathered.

Several hundred people united to rejoice in conga lines with their "Thatcher is no longer" refrain, many too young to have enjoyed the moment when she really was no longer, deposed from power 23 years ago. Meanwhile, her twin-setted effigy burned undecorously, flames fanned by the whipping gales. There were few arrests.

Among the death partygoers shuffled the young men in their uniform - not that of the docker or the shipyard worker or matchstick men at Lowry's factory gates; instead, the snapback, the American Apparel hoodie and the North Face jacket. Likely these will never become the baseball players, American high school musical students nor the rock climbers that their attire suggests.

Instead, thanks to a first-world industrial base dismantled during 11 years of the PM's  rule - when the Finchley MP unflinchingly took her own baseball bat to the knees of unions, the baby sons of the redundant fathers may never know the heavy work and sense of place and purpose that thousands of years of evolution has built their physical frames and testosterone levels on.

That is the sadness of  the day that Margaret Thatcher died. 

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AnonymousApril 18th 2013.

nice to see such an impartial piece of writing.

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Absinthe & TurksApril 22nd 2013.

Yes! It is almost as biased as the BBC's bum-sucking coverage!

AnonymousApril 18th 2013.

The other sad thing about the Thatcher legacy is that after all of the pain and bitterness of those years, all the fighting and the hurt of 18 long years of Thatcherism (under her direct leadership and then that of Major) it culminated in a landlside victory for Blair and New Labour. And look where that took us and where it got us today.

It seems we learned nothing from that struggle and now we face worse to come. Is the answer to vote for Miliband -be betrayed all over again with their turn on the see-saw?
Labour had the power, the majority and the opportunity, like never before, to make changes and legislate to protect the most vulnerable. Instead, we got Cool Britannia, PFIs and a devastating continuing war. If only Labour had the conviction of Mrs Thatcher to support the poor and the working class the way she supported the rich and powerful.

AnonymousApril 18th 2013.

I detested Thatcher, her policies, her cronies and the legacy of greed she left in her condescending, patronising wake

However, the actions of these buffoons are an embarrassment in my view, and stand in sharp contrast to the quiet, proud dignity of the Hillsborough families who triumphed over all that was put in their way, and did that in a way that made the rest of us proud too

I really doubt that some of these jokers have the first idea of what they are protesting about or what they'd like to see instead

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 18th 2013.

And they are her ultimate legacy

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