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Ice rink for Kings Dock and revamp of rotting row

£1.5bn regeneration plan includes Lime Street TV studio, music venue and cinema

Published on May 16th 2014.

Ice rink for Kings Dock and revamp of rotting row

PLANS for the transformation of run down and rotting Lime Street and an Olympic standard ice rink were unveiled by Liverpool City Council today in schemes totalling £1.5bn. 

It says the initiatives will bring 12,000 construction jobs and 4,000 permanent jobs to the city, as well as safeguarding a further 3,000.

New key projects being developed for Liverpool include a new television and music venue which will be housed, it is widely rumoured, in the ABC cinema whixh has sat empty for years.

The next phase in the regeneration of Kings Dock will bring the first ice rink to the city since the Silver Blades in Kensington was bulldozed. Also planned is an extreme sports complex, restaurants and family homes. 

A hotel, cinema, family restaurants, shops and accommodation for mature students are among proposals for the revival of Lime Street and Mount Pleasant. 

Phase 2 of the Edge Lane Retail Park will begin in three weeks’ time.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson said:  “Lime Street has been an area which was forgotten for far too long. It is one of the first things visitors to our city see when they step off the train and I am committed to transforming this into the gateway our world-class city deserves.

Ice-RinkSilver Blades, as was, in Kensingron

“These schemes demonstrate there is a vibrant, exciting future ahead for Liverpool. The projects we are developing for Kings Dock and Lime Street will make the city an even greater place to live, work and invest.

“Crucially though, they will bring thousands of jobs into the city which will ensure we have a sustainable future. I promised our best days are ahead of us, and these key projects are evidence of some of the things we have planned for the future.”

The council says the new plans, announced today, are in the initial development stages and are expected to progress into firmer plans by the end of 2014 or early 2015, when planning applications will be submitted.

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Mad MitchMay 16th 2014.

mmm new tv studio just in time for bbc3 lol liverpool had 3 tv studios at one time now all gone

Mad MitchMay 16th 2014.

ice skating yep available now from the icy councilors

EmanuelleMay 16th 2014.

They ought to try preserving the façade of the former Futurist cinema – it would be perfect for a prestige building because it would be too expensive to be built again from scratch. Of course that is unlikely to happen. What I expect to happen is that the site will be given away to developers who will knock it down and replace it with yet another cheap cardboard and glass shed.

Katie54May 17th 2014.

The vision is wonderful, but needs a huge amount of investment. When they announced these plans yesterday in the Echo, there was no mention of where the 1.5 billion needed to implement them would come from. There's nothing on the Council website either (no documents or reports to Cabinet). According to bbc news, the Council stated that "The way the project will be funded will be decided once the plans are finalised". It's all very well thinking up things like ice rinks and television studios, but unless they have developers prepared to invest in all this, it's actually just pie in the sky. Or, worse, that the Council - in the guise of the Mayoral Development Company - will be borrowing to do it. But times have changed. Most of the regeneration projects completed in the early 2000's were co-funded by the EU because at that time we had Objective 1 status. The economy as a whole was doing well, and bank funding was easier to come by, etc etc. None of this is true any more. So what are the funding options? What backers have they actually got?

5 Responses: Reply To This...
John BradleyMay 17th 2014.

I think the main point of this is to say to developers here is an opportunity rather than waiting for them to approach the council. If nothing comes of it, then very liittle has been risked. If the economy is recovering this is the time to do it.

Katie54May 17th 2014.

Fair point, John, but it just seems slightly odd to be talking about finalised plans at this stage - won't developers have their own ideas?

DerelictMay 17th 2014.

Developers like Peel - which is sitting on prime land it has no intention of developing, but just holding onto it for a profitable sale in the future - you mean?

AnonymousMay 20th 2014.

Peel are not fools if it was profitable to devlop the land they would do it.

John BradleyMay 20th 2014.

Some examples of this prime land?

John BradleyMay 17th 2014.

I'm sure they will. There do seem to two bits, 1 the docks dev which seems detailed and the bits in town. But the less imagination developers have to use the better. A few years back we had the design a penguin, the winners got a 500 quid "honorarium" I would have thought a far more productive way of doing it would have been to offer small prizes for concept designers for various sites in the city. Perhaps more than 500 but not much more. Encourage the design & architecture students to come up with some ideas. Out the on a website PR for architect students and city. There are tools to do the design on the Web. Perhaps something like www.crick.ac.uk/… for drive.google.com/…/edit… As artcitects like Medals the winner gets the Anderson Medal. The city needs to crowd source more things. For lots of regulatory reasons that cannot be final designs etc but the people are around and the technology makes it possible. Which land is peel holding on to?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
I Farkin-RonicMay 18th 2014.

I just hope they have the wisdom to reach out to all the expertise that is available for free on this site when it comes to master planning and running a large budget. Sadly I suspect you'll all be up to your eyes with important internet priorities and the search for truth

John BradleyMay 18th 2014.

You are a little ray of sunshine.

ScousexpatMay 18th 2014.

Hope they keep the heritage facade (at the very least) as part of the new development on Lime Street. Most heritage conscious cities in the world do this. e.g. www.savills.com.sg/…/capitol-development.aspx…

AnonymousMay 18th 2014.

This compilation smacks of electioneering by the Labour Party. Lets show the people of Liverpool what the Mayor and his are bringing to Liverpool, if they continue to vote for the ruling party. By the way it seems the people won't have a voice in this, well they will have a voice, but it will largely be ignored. So the beautiful Futurist will disappear and we'll be landed with a dollop of the usual Liverpool-style 'regeneration' tat.

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