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'Great Homer St market row could scupper entire project'

Malcolm Kennedy defends Dryden St move and issues dire warning against delay

Written by . Published on January 23rd 2014.

'Great Homer St market row could scupper entire project'

GROCERY giant Sainsburys' could drop a scheme to build Liverpool’s biggest supermarket if Project Jennifer is delayed. That was the warning today from city council cabinet member for regeneration Cllr Malcolm Kennedy.

'Everybody should simply tell them to sod off'

In a 10-point bulletin, posted on social media site Facebook, Cllr Kennedy defends the decision to switch the long-established Great Homer Street market to a new site in Dryden Street, on the fringe of the Jennifer site.

Here’s what Cllr Kennedy has to say:

"Let's get some facts straight: 

1. The original Great Homer Street proposals for Project Jennifer were put forward many years ago in different economic times when it was possible to deliver a much bigger scheme.

 2. The Liberal Democrats failed to deliver Project Jennifer despite those better economic time.

3. Labour took control of Liverpool City Council two years after the banking crisis hit but despite that Project Jennifer is being delivered.


Great_Homer_Street_Market_Project_Jennifer %2811%29 

4. The developers can no longer afford to deliver the size of project that was formerly proposed.


5. As a result of this the proposals for the market in the centre of the scheme were simply not big enough for the number of traders.

6. I joined the board of the Market Partnership last May not a decade ago and have been responsible for regeneration since 2010.

7. After consultation with stakeholders including market traders a new proposal to invest over a million pounds in a new market facility right next to the main development were put forward and agreed by the stakeholders which also include representatives of local community organisations and residents

8. The indoor market traders will have to leave their present location this year as work starts on the project and their current home is demolished.

9. A majority of traders are already signed up as wanting to go to Dryden Street.

10. To make any major changes to the scheme now would lead to further delays and might even lead to Sainsbury's pulling out and the whole project collapsing."

Malcolm KennedyMalcolm KennedyHe went on: "So instead of believing the garbage that people from outside the area of Everton are putting forward in their unaccountable drivel of a blog the reality is that Labour is delivering a major regeneration scheme in difficult economic times and is investing a further million pounds plus in a market facility to which the majority of traders are already signed up. The alternative being proposed would put all of this at risk.

"I think everybody should simply tell them to 'sod off'."

The Laz Word: 'I still can't see why there can't
be a linear market on Great Homer St'

Malcolm Kennedy’s 10-point communique comes after an outbreak of ‘civil war’ over the issue on Twitter (writes Larry Neild).

It’s quite clear there are many different issues to take into consideration over the fate of the Greatie (as carefully explained in Liverpool Confidential's first article and also here).

Looking at the latest proposals it does seem a new enclosed market in Dryden Street is a gamble, and as it is costing £1m, it could be an expensive flutter.

I still can’t see why there can’t be a linear Saturday street market along Great Homer Street, in the same way that Portobello Road Market or Spitafields have become a world-famous tourist attractions.


The Greatie could do likewise for Project Jennifer. It could act as a magnet to attract people from a wide area to the street, adding the same colour as it has done  for almost two centuries.

I can’t see many people visiting the epicentre of Jennifer (ie the supermarket and the same-as everywhere else multiple stores – and then making their way down the road to the market, either by car or by the long hike on foot.

There may be some who support the current plan, but clearly there is mixed opinions. A Portobello-type market will add something special to Jennifer and make it a regional, and, who knows, a national attraction.

The council could well be missing a trick here.

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Another ReaderJanuary 23rd 2014.

Well done liv/conf. Thanks Larry

Nuff SaidJanuary 23rd 2014.

How reassuring it is to know that our elected representatives are susceptible to threats..........Frankie Howard ......

AnonymousJanuary 23rd 2014.

37 mails in total in 24 hours David. Hardly the hundred in a few hours. Your usual attention to the facts? Regards Malcolm

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 24th 2014.

There was me thinking you are supposed to represent the interests of the people of this fine city, but no, us deluded fools haven't got a clue. You know best that's why you are forever taking the side of the crew that think they hold the whip hand. They don't, tell them where to get off, we'll get Aldi instead, at least the stall holders will be an integral part of their scheme. Regards Nuff

John BradleyJanuary 24th 2014.

No fan of Malc's but there is even less evidence you speak for the city.

Peter SainsbuddyJanuary 24th 2014.

I fink Joe shud get a new Rottweiler.......dis one has lost it's bite....

Jim FitzsimonsJanuary 24th 2014.

Why is it assumed that problem would be people failing to go to the market after visiting the 'epicentre?. Why would people simply not go solely to the market as at present ? Have I missed a trick and over simplified the situation ?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Mrs. MalapropJanuary 24th 2014.

Hear hear Mr. Fitzsimons!

Philip CoppellJanuary 25th 2014.

I have always found Malcolm Kennedy to be untrustworthy and I see nothing here to change my opinion. He uses the usual threats that unless this development is given the go ahead it will fail and the developers will pull out. He bleats on always about how wonderful Labour are delivering this project, when previous councils failed. There may be a reason for that Malcolm, people weren't and still aren't happy with the development. Do what the traders want, not big business.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Casual observerJanuary 25th 2014.

Philip, whether you like Malcolm Kennedy or not, the Great Homer Street traders on their own are not going to bring prosperity to one of the most blighted districts in Europe. They have done it their way for 180 years and look at the result. On a weekday it is completely and shockingly grim on Great Homer Street Nobody likes selling out to big business and supermarket giants have been the ruination of many an independent grocer and trader the land over. The traders ARE happy with the development, they just don't want to move to Dryden Street NOW because their buddies in the two or three shops that still exist in the ugly Great Homer St concrete precinct won't get any Saturday trade. They were happy to go in 18 months time until very very recently. Sainsbury's pulling out of the scheme is a very real possibility because of irresponsible individuals who have never been to the north end and never will. They promoted just one side of the argument - then decided to shoot their load with no other purpose than to kick up a shit storm on their blog. If Project Jennifer does fold, it will be a disaster for that neighbourhood. No knight in shining armour is going to pour a pot of money into L5. We will all know where to look.

Reader DewhurstJanuary 26th 2014.

I'd take any talk of anyone trying to compare the likes of London's Spitalfields, Portabello Rd or Camden markets to something that could eventually emerge in Liverpool with a massive pinch of salt. Not being pessimistic but any thing with the slightest trace of potential in our city just gets cocked up through the very nature of the people who have "our interests" in hand. Just hope the Churchill flyover and Baltic Triangle prospective schemes come to fruition. Think it might if the local politicians are kept out of them.

AnonymousJanuary 27th 2014.

The market hasn't always been at Great Homer Street. Originally it was at Cazneau Street and moved to Great Homer Street before I was born. Areas always change.

AnonymousJanuary 29th 2014.

Let me put you all in the picture here especially casual observer with your conservative twist of the truth...here goes!!!....The traders have always been in favour of the project and still are but just want to be involved in the centre which was first promised...investment needed in that area yes it does and don't the traders and local residence know it because they are the only people who have kept that area going without anyone investing a penny in that area in decades only them and the custom the market attracts from all over the country and beyond...another point made by c/observer that its the shopkeepers who are stalling this again let me put this straight....the traders reps and the shopkeeper reps are the same committed and let my just make this clear NO TRADER on the main side of the market wants to go to a back street market which is Dryden street by choice, they are getting forced and bullied to the point that today they got told that the licence would be pulled from under their feet and they would be trading illegally from the pitches they have been on for years including me,....I will certainly agree the area needs a facelift and maybe a boob job which project Jennifer will deliver but lets be proud of this new development with the added ingredient of our world famous market making it more appealing than Speke /Aintree...some of the statements I've been hearing coming out of these meetings and what I've seen through Twitter, I've not seen since the days of Norman Tebbit with the GET ON YOUR BIKE comment....A Liverpool Labour council stuffing the working class is something I didn't think I would see... because of these stupid statements this is also going to the T.V and radio now as well with keeping the local media who I think have been fair and have just said it as it is....P,S Casual Observer ( which your clearly not) if you want to have this out and start going into all the facts all over the social media, Liverpool con and SevenStreets Im more than happy to carry this on and let the public know what's really going on....Ill know more tomorrow when I see the people who was at the meeting today.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 29th 2014.

So which one of the traders is you then?

AnonymousJanuary 29th 2014.

Somebody who as just been stuffed by the people who run our city and markets...who are you ? a Geraud yes man/woman or just a corrupt councillor.....one things for sure the heat is on and people are going to get exposed for what they do....Traders might not be the most educated people in the land but we have a good head for business and life...I think we all believe we need to not be bullied any longer.

AnonymousJanuary 29th 2014.

That's a interesting comparison, Malcolm Kennedy the Norman Tebbit of the city council, a man who clearly speaks before he thinks and again leaving himself wide open in saying the people who are standing up for them selves are not from the area when he's the councilor for the ward of Kirkdale who lives in Aigburth, In sporting terms you would say Norman had scored a own goal there.

AnonymousJanuary 30th 2014.

What is crazy about this situation is this- surely it is not beyond the wit and competence of the council and the market traders to sort this out so everyone is happy. It seems to me the traders opposed to the 'social cleansing' of Great Homer Street are seen as the bad guys, and the traders who (for whatever reason) appear to back the council proposals are the good guys, Joyous even. It seems you are only 'the enemy' is you stand up for what you want. Democracy? In Liverpool? My Arse!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 30th 2014.

Great Point, its clear from the way Councilor Kennedy is speaking above is that he's trying to say if this Dosent move and the traders don't shut up this might not happen trying to shift the blame in a lame blackmailing way, this Gordie must think Liverpool people just won't fight their lively hoods, wrong and out of touch if he thinks people will fall at his feet with this frail blackmail attempt, Tory Councilor imposter we have let in our city, I wonder what the mayor thinks of the lack of support of this man, trying to pass the blame onto the traders what a very sad man he is.

AnonymousMarch 2nd 2014.

The Tesco juggernaut has come to a halt, they have decided to abandon any further retail building projects! They have looked at their market share declining and seen the rapid rise of the once less fashionable supermarkets Aldi and Lidl. Now taking a large chunk of the trade and expanding with smaller cost effective compact units selling cheper lines. As such Tesco are now going to concentrate on price wars to compete on price a\nd turnover in an effort reduce further losses! A similar trade downturn has also more severely overtaken Sainsburys. Like sheep the supermarket giants mimic each other for custom, therefore don't be surprised if a Joker card is placed on the table. In effect saying forget about further involvement with Jennifer were out. Of course the City councillors will prevaricate and look for a scapegoat to save face on more of their failed promises. The spin will point the finger at the market traders who will become the ones to carry the can..

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2014.

Hope this is resolved I can imagine the traders only want what is right and just. Look forward to hearing how this is sorted fairly.

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