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Ged Fitzgerald speaks in wake of Rotherham scandal

Overseas holiday over for council boss as the homegrown questions begin

Written by . Published on September 3rd 2014.

Ged Fitzgerald speaks in wake of Rotherham scandal

LIVERPOOL City Council boss Ged Fitzgerald this afternoon made his first comments in response to the child sex exploitation scandal in Rotherham.

Mr Fitzgerald was chief executive of the under-fire Rotherham Council between 2001 and 2003.

He has returned to his Dale Street office after returning from an overseas holiday.

Mr Fitzgerald was responding to the publication of the Alexis Jay report into the events in Rotherham during which at least 1,400 young females were exploited by organised rings of men in the town.

In a statement, issued through the City Council, Mr Fitzgerald said: “My thoughts are with all of the vulnerable young people who were exploited and let down by the care and protection systems in Rotherham, across the council and South Yorkshire Police over a long period of time.

“I abhor the actions of the perpetrators of abuse, both those who have been caught and those who have not yet been caught.

“The publication of the report into child sex exploitation, and the media coverage which has followed, has raised questions about my tenure as Chief Executive of Rotherham Council between 2001 and 2003.


"Given the comments that have been made, and the associated media coverage, I will be discussing this matter in some detail with my current employers at Liverpool City Council in the coming days. I endorse the calls being made for a public inquiry and will continue to assist voluntarily and openly any investigation, review or public inquiry into this extremely serious matter.

“However, until the next steps are clearer in respect of any formal or judicial processes set up as a consequence of the Rotherham report, and discussions to be held with the Mayor of Liverpool, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further at this stage.”

Mayor Anderson has already indicated he will be discussing the situation with Mr Fitzgerald as well as with Alexis Jay.

There is no indication when the chief executive and Mayor Anderson will be meetinG.

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RichySeptember 5th 2014.

Ged Fitzgerald is typical of the executives and leaders of Liverpool City Council - happy to take the huge salary (Ged Fitzgerald -almost £200,000 plus expenses), happy to play the council game for their own benefit, but unwilling to take responsibility for their their own failings and neglect. Ged Fitzgerald should resign now - though I doubt he will - he will be thinking of the money. He is a disgrace and has no credibility.

AnonymousSeptember 5th 2014.

By not resigning its pretty clear the Ged doesn't think he has done anything seriously wrong. Lets hope if we find otherwise he will have the decency to resign rather than take a payoff.

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John BradleySeptember 5th 2014.

or he doesn't think he will be found out, or he thinks he will paid up until the last minute or ....

Clive MaySeptember 5th 2014.

Let's hope that Mayor Anderson who is a family man tells this guy to politely but firmly take a walk. No pay off's or deals under the table. Let's face it, in the private sector, if you made a huge error of judgement (one is trying to be kind), you would fall on your sword and await your day of accountability. Will it happen? Will those that lied so blatantly over Hillsborough face their day of judgement? Who knows for sure but one thing is certain, we all need to be more vocal in our condemnation of people who just take the money and do nothing to earn it, or for that matter, do anything at all apart from turn up. Shocking waste of council tax payer's money. Come on Liverpool Confidential subscribers, get on here and get this appalling arrogant person removed, Liverpool deserves better, not some scrounger who is only here for the money and who doesn't care a jot about the people he is paid to serve.

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AnonymousSeptember 5th 2014.

well we might do that when we know if he has done something wrong.

Katie54September 6th 2014.

Actually, Anonymous, the Jay report makes it clear that he has already done plenty that is wrong. What isn't clear is the degree of knowledge he had when he did it. It makes it crystal clear that the HO report was suppressed, and states categorically that the researcher bullied and threatened with dismissa. Under under his watch. Quite apart from the fact that as CEO he is responsible (that's what the money's for) for what his senior managers are doing, whether or not he knew the details, it's pretty clear that he knew and approved some kind of suppression operation, because he had several meetings about the report with the police and his senior officers, in June 2002. He has said he doesn't remember much about it, and there appear to be few records at the Council, which is convenient, isn't it? But for the Jay report to be so specific about the meetings, it looks like the police retained documentation even if the council didn't. And if this is the case, since when is it OK for council's to destroy reports, minutes of meetings, etc. ? One way or the other, he has a lot of explaining to do.

AnonymousSeptember 7th 2014.

If only there was someone responsible for running Rotherham council at the time the people of Rotherham were paying Ged all that money. Then they could have prevented all this from happening.

RobertSeptember 8th 2014.

He'll go on sick citing stress, and end up retiring, with a full pension - all paid out by his current employers Liverpool City Council... and WE the local population will end up paying for it all. That's how it works.

AnonymousSeptember 12th 2014.

bingo...youre spot on robert...there's no way he'll admit to having dirt on his hands..he'll get a massive pay off and sign a confidentiality agreement about LCC...the pay off will of course be OUR money.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 12th 2014.

just like the bobbies, firemen and a host of other feather bedded twats

AnonymousSeptember 30th 2014.

Is Mr Fitzgerald, still performing his duties concerning Liverpool City Council, or has even been given paid leave, while he answers very sharers questions concerning his tenure in Rotherham. Or is Mr Fitzgerald just ignoring his duties to the residents of Liverpool, while still being paid a very very generous salary.

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