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Full council meets!

Larry Neild books a ringside seat for Woolton baths, calorie-controlled beer and London calling

Published on January 21st 2011.

Full council meets!

LIVERPOOL'S very own live performance of War and Peace will be played out on Wednesday in the splendour of Liverpool Town Hall.

Yes, the City Council holds one of its increasingly rare meetings with a cast of 99, aided by an ever decreasing army of extras (the officers).

As well as officially being the most deprived area in the country we've had the biggest percentage of income reduction than any other English city. Well Liverpool Is a Tory desert so what do you expect

It seems the warring political parties have declared a temporary ceasefire as they draw up the spending plans for the coming financial year. Bit like the troops playing in No Man's Land during World War I before returning to the trenches.

That gesture of comradeship won't stop a volley of attacks on the Coalition Government.

Former leader Warren Bradley sets the scene by calling for all councillors to sign the civic equivalent of an ASBO. Warren is concerned about the cross-floor conduct between our elected members to stamp out unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour and personal attacks on each other during public debates.

Slagging off political foes behind their backs is OK, but please, not in front of the public. So Warren is calling for all councillors to re-sign the council's 'naughty step' charter.

Welsh Street champion Nina Edge will be addressing the throng, making a plea for wide-scale housing demolition projects to be scrapped. Good old Ringo, thousands of miles away, will be thrilled his Toxteth two-up-two-down birthplace may be spared.

The tweed set from faraway Woolton will be making a plea to stop the plug being pulled on the village swimming pool. Brookie's Simon O'Brien is involved in that campaign, along with local children.

Political differences will be put to one side for a brief interlude during which tributes will be paid to Pete Postlethwaite. Somebody should have given him the freedom of Liverpool years ago.

Leader Joe Anderson is calling for an all-party delegation to head to London in search of a better financial deal. As well as officially being the most deprived area in the country we've had the biggest percentage of income reduction than any other English city. Well Liverpool Is a Tory desert so what do you expect?

Husband and wife Paul and Jan Clein will have plenty to write about in their Lib Dem Focus leaflets. They want to controls to prevent communities being overrun by students. But just to show they have the best interests of students at heart they want to see booze cans labelled with the calorific value of the contents so they can opt for the less fattening party-packs of pre-night out fuel.

The Cleins also want litter bins close to fast-food outlets. Consumers of food from takeaways do not discard the packaging close to the premises – first they eat the offerings and chuck away the empty packaging when they have scoffed their scran.

They also want want to see much bigger penalties for owners allowing their dogs to poo in public places. That will make the dog wardens popular in Sefton Safari Park where wild canine beasts roam freely.

Liverpool has links with places all over the world, notably the twin-city of Shanghai. Now Anna Rothery and two of her Labour colleagues want to see the city form a link with cities or countries in Africa.

Labour's Louise Baldock wants the council to publish a yearly profile to show how each council department is responding to equality and diversity issues. She wants the data to give info on the gender pay gap as well as detail the proportion of staff from ethnic minorities and those people with a disability.

I hope this doesn't mean the council will ignore (as many do) the biggest 'ism' of the age, ageism. People are losing jobs at an alarming rate (particularly the over 50s) and, with the gradual increase in the age when state pension is paid, we could well have a forgotten army of middle-aged people languishing in a new nowhere-land for the unwanted.

*Seats at Liverpool - The Council Meeting are free, but limited. The meeting starts at 5pm.

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ObserverJanuary 17th 2011.

I've been to a few of these high-drama performances. Definately not suitable for children. Of course any decisions are taken in advance at the caucus meetings so there's hardly any point in a debate. This, as they say, is democracy in action.

99 red buffoonsJanuary 17th 2011.

I wonder how long it will be before the name calling starts?

CityPeasantJanuary 18th 2011.

With Eric Pickles localism bill laying out the law to force an elected mayor on Liverpool, should we start referring to Councillor Anderson as Mayor Joe. We won't need a council then, just a small room with Mayor Joe acting as a civic busker singing I'm A One Man Banned. Sorry Band.

AnonymousJanuary 18th 2011.

The Labour council haven't got a hope of running this city properly. Look to the past! Mr Ando with his Liverpool Embassy and all the usual suspects and acolytes jumping on the Virgin gravy train. At least under Lady Doreen and Mike Storey Liverpool received goverment money. Now that is all over and there is no future. Liverpool, singled out by TORY cuts.

AnonymousJanuary 18th 2011.

If you want a view on the Welsh streets from someone who actually knows what she is talking about read Mary Huxham's letter in today's Daily Post.

AnonymousJanuary 18th 2011.


ToumanJanuary 18th 2011.

Dear Anonymous,
If you think that Mary Huxham is an unbiased opinion you must be a friend of hers. She took the money on offer and ran. Now she has set herself up as a spokeswoman for the Welsh Streets when she no longer lives there and represents no-one. It is time that she kept quiet and allowed those who know the TRUE facts of the Welsh Streets scandal to challenge the Council and honest Joe in particular.

Honest JohnJanuary 19th 2011.

Tourman, you would be wise to keep your careless comments to yourself.

TourmanJanuary 19th 2011.

My comments are true honest John. If you know which, if any, are not lets hear it.

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