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Exclusive: Ringo in “couldn't make it up” shocker

Outrage as talk show remark continues to be talked about at length

Published on January 22nd 2008.

Exclusive: Ringo in “couldn't make it up” shocker

Ringo Starr was in the doghouse last night over comments he made on a national TV show about Liverpool not being the Capital of Culture.

In a sometimes heated and tearful interview with Dr Jonathan Miller, Ringo, 92, also said he "seriously doubted" his new single “Liverpool 8” was any good, sparking shockwaves of unanimous agreement across the city.

But only a week ago, at the CoC People's Opening, it was all so different as Ringo, 35, a successful mime artist but better known to the under 40s as the voice of Fireman Sam, was whisked to the roof of St George's Hall in a box marked “Unprofessional Scousers”, along with Herbert the Hairdresser, Councillor Paul Clark and the cast of Hollyoaks.

“I thought he was an absolute disgrace and I am disgusted by the way he mocked Liverpool,” said one shivering bystander afterwards. “He can take one of these purple bins back to his house in Monte Carlo if he likes it there so much.”

But zany scouser Starr, who once famously ate a hamster during the Beatles' heyday, was unrepentant: “They tried to make me go back in the box, but I didn't want to go back in the box. Not with that lot, lar,” he told the nodding and sympathetic Poofs, adding his hilarious catchphrase, “Peace and love”, to the delight of the studio audience.

Jimmy Corkhill was unavailable for comment.

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60 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Yassir ArafatJanuary 21st 2008.

I object strongly to the photographs in this article. I am much better-looking than that old has-been Ringworm Starr and I resent the comparison. I dress much better too!

Ringo StarrJanuary 21st 2008.

Fab gear, fab gear, peace and love. Its all been taken out of context. What I mean't to say but couldn't express meself properly on the show was that Liverpool, Well its a dump isn't it I couldn't get out fast enough and haven't been back for 45 years. I only came back to promote me single and collect a few bob to boot. Gear fab, peace and love.

Pete BestJanuary 21st 2008.

It would never have happened if I'd been in the group.

JESSJanuary 21st 2008.

Very dissapointing comments and attitude from someone who would not be anyone without Liverpool

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

can someone tell me HOW much Ringo got paid??? I have been hearing silly figures that I won't even mention!

Manesty S. LaneJanuary 21st 2008.

The thing is, Mr. Spock, that Russell, Bleasdale, Redmond, et al made themselves very rich by promoting a cheap and negative stereotype of Liverpudlians. We are all light-fingered, feckless, Irish-Catholic, lazy, slothful, workshy, criminal good-for-nothings, apparently. This stereotype was so successfully promoted that Liverpudlians became pariahs (particularly in the job market) and I am quite sure that countless numbers of innocent people have had their life-choices and range of opportunities diminished because of the baseless prejudice against Liverpudlians caused by these clichéd and offensive stereotypes.

John Lennon AirportJanuary 21st 2008.

There were no anthems at St George's Hall nothing to engage the people. Perhaps Heart As Big As Liverpool "wasn't edgy enough"

Pauline AJanuary 21st 2008.

Whichever member of Liverpool City Council decided to pay talentless Ringo to open CoC should be ashamed of themselves. There are so many brilliant scouse performers out there who would have done us proud.What a waste of our hard earnd money (council tax) we deserve a refund.

laohugongJanuary 21st 2008.

"Ello der Jonathan lar....You look like that Echo feller Peter Grant, or is it Oscar Wilde? Oh,yeh, Liverpool like. What do I miss about Liverpool like? Oh, yer know, loads like. Me 'art aches to be back in de Pool with real Scousers who are de salt of the erth, like. Y'know what I mean, like. I bleed for Liverpool, lar, bleedin' bleed for it. I miss the Dingle so much it brings tears to me eyes, lar. I'd be back like a rat up a drainpipe, lar, if it weren't for me commitments all over the werld, and me big 'ouses whereever they are. Hey up Liverpool, thanks for invitin' me to revive me non-existent career as a singer and all round good egg. I've always needed a little help from me friends." What Scouse wit and all round buffoon Ringo meant to say to that increasingly greasy and over weaning vulgarian Jonathan Ross. Sadly Ringo forgot to learn the script and now needs a good PR wallah to show him the ropes, like his mucker Macca.

MaccaJanuary 21st 2008.

Graham Bandage has got it about right, as usual.

SherlockJanuary 21st 2008.

Er yep. It's a joke.

Sir Thomas StreetJanuary 21st 2008.

Looney, I think you'll find that 'The Beatles' 'died' in 1969. It's the 'former' Beatles that we constantly have rubbed in our faces by the Echo, Post, Council, Culture Company, etc., etc. as if it will suddenly make us interested in ye olde pop group. Funnily enough, until recently the City Council remained dignified and aloof from the Beatles and the compulsory hysteria surrounding them. Unfortunately now we have a right shower who think they'll get in 'with the kids' if they worship a fifty-year-old pop group! Then they wring their hands because the under 35s can't be arsed to vote! Bright lads, eh!

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

I heard it was £400k actually - astounding considering how shockingly crap he is, never mind the fact he should have done it for free, along with Macca. Just further justification that Liverpool should look to its future rather than rely on its past to back up its deserved CoC status, especially when the wrinkly old arses go out of their way to remove themselves from the city - physically and mentally, as though they're ashamed! How rude.

A. E. ScousemanJanuary 21st 2008.

Stage name 'Ringo Starr' makes for poor anagrams, however Richard Starkey (which I believe to be his real name) produces such apposite gems as 'Hayricks retard' and 'Cad, arty shirker'.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

Ringo is an ungrateful/ungracious talentless fake! How gullible of the powers-that-be behind Capital of Culture to think that he would promote our brilliant city and the people in it. He couldn't get away quick enough! Bottom line is - how can you trust a person who hid behind his sunglasses [indoors and on TV] for 3 days - the answer: he couldn't look anybody in the eye because they would have seen how useless and so.......up himself!!!!!

DONNA BURKEJanuary 21st 2008.

Shame on you Ringo - my Mum always said you were 'nothing to write home about'. But then, she remembers you from before you had your millions and your dodgy accent - good riddance!

JimJanuary 21st 2008.

Scouse wedding to me translates as have a fight and end up still paying for the party for years after the divorce

'Nettie HawkinsJanuary 21st 2008.

People born and raised in a particular area often leave for other climes and don't want to return to their roots. In an everchanging world this is now the norm. But Ringo could have kept his trap shut, and not slighted Liverpool.

Rusty SpikeJanuary 21st 2008.

Ringo, Ringo, Oh, RIngo, me old sparrer. You need a good PR fellow. Try that Jon Brown chap who works for Liverpool City Council...well not until Friday as he's busy painting the 'factory' red. He might be up for a few extra bob if you get in quick.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

Yeah I agree, let's start a campaign for Pete Wylies "Heart as big as Liverpool"....all together now (sorry that's the FARM)by the way, will the FARM be busking outside the new arena this week, coz they've had a gig there the last three weekends..no insult intended they're mighty fine.

CillaJanuary 21st 2008.

Ringo is a disgrace to professional scousers everywhere.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

Well..it lived up to Phil Redmond's prediction of it being like a scouse wedding, with the 'kick off' re: old ringlo- lots of 'leave im ees not worth it' ringing 'round the city..so let's just move on shall we! Give the C of C their due - if they hadn't got 1 of the remaining Beatles to open the year, they would have been fully cursed for that too wouldn't they? come on admit it!

Ken DoddJanuary 21st 2008.

Big G is right. I could have done with the money - but I had to turn them down, missus, because I don't take cheques.

Tony PJanuary 21st 2008.

Have we had our 15 minutes of fame now then?

PR FirefighterJanuary 21st 2008.

“It’s not helpful on national TV.“But we saw at the press conference he did in Liverpool that’s Ringo’s style, to be flippant.“He came to Liverpool and did a PR job for himself. And what we got from him being home paid dividends for us here and abroad.“I’m not going to get hung up on it.”

Ringo StarrJanuary 21st 2008.

You should have heard what I said about Whitby

TarbyJanuary 21st 2008.

It's a disgrace to real professional scousers, this sort of behaviour. And he didn't even do any jokes about the "precious cargo" container being left on bricks. I would have done if they had bothered to ask me to go in that box.

Johnathan WrossJanuary 21st 2008.

Who'd have thought that an old fart like Ringo would give me such publicity. Everyone a winner!!!

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

he,s not worth mentioning

JonathanJanuary 21st 2008.

It's only weird coincidence and an unfortunate lack of similar letters that means Ringo Starr isn't an anagram for 'talentless but lucky fool'.

ZannieJanuary 21st 2008.

The Zutons should have opened the ceremony. They are the real heart of Liverpool today. They are what Liverpool is all about now and have their finger on the pulse of the place and the people of Liverpool. COC should be ashamed of themselves for even inviting Ringo Starr who is a true hanger-on if ever there was on!

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaJanuary 21st 2008.

Oi! You gentiles! You really crack me up!

John Lennon AirportJanuary 21st 2008.

No he's Freddie Starr's hamster

buddy hollyJanuary 21st 2008.

Who was that awful singer with that crappy song on the roof of St George's Hall. I thought I inspired Liverpool- John and Paul took note - but not that drummer - he missed out. Did he not see my show in 1958 at the Philharmonic Hall?- Pete Best did.

Bi GJanuary 21st 2008.

Ken Dodd should have opened the 08 ceremony - he has far more talen than Ringo EVER had, and he stayed around !!!!!

Liverpool ConfidentialJanuary 21st 2008.

We are honoured that the performer/composer of Where's Captain Kirk is reading this site. There's life out there....

moriartyJanuary 21st 2008.

Wasn't it that 'Freddie Starr' what ate the hamster?

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

He should have kept his trap shut, particularly as the city was paying him 35k to stand on the roof and shamelessly promote his crap single1

Angry ScottJanuary 21st 2008.

I don't know why on earth they even considered Ringo, when there is lots of famous scousers who live in and love Liverpool. Mecca (a more talented individual and also visits his home town regularly) should have been asked to opened the C.of C. show if it was a Beatle they wanted.I moved to Liverpool from Scotland and love the city and the people.

LooneyJanuary 21st 2008.

The beatles are dying in the wrong order.. :(

Graham BandageJanuary 21st 2008.

We should have got in George Harrison's new incarnation. He should be big enough to hold a guitar by now, assuming he was born on the day the old George died.

Graham BandageJanuary 21st 2008.

I know what'll get Ringo's goat. Henceforth, we should all refer to the Beatles as "The Fab Three". And all those fellows like Billy Preston, Stu Sutcliffe and Brian Epstein shall hereafter be known as "The Fourth Beatle." GRRRR! Then he'll suffer, oh yes. Damn you to hell, Starr.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

Forget Ringo, he shot himself in the foot. Silly, arrogant fool. Who wants to buy his L8 CD now?!Let's have more promotion of Pete Whilie's 'Heart As Big as Liverpool'.A brilliant song from a passionate scouser, - and he still lives here!!!

MargaretJanuary 21st 2008.

Couldn't agree more about " Heart as big as Liverpool" I couldn't understand why that wasn't used as an anthem over the opening week-end.

WatsonJanuary 21st 2008.

'Alimentary', my dear Holmes, what!

Mr SpockJanuary 21st 2008.

To Spizz: Nobody has asked Willy Russell or Alan Bleasdale to do anything either. Join the queue you young whippersnapper.

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

I had the 'pleasure' of listening to Ringo's single at the 08 celebrations in the arena, what a shambles he was, not just that had the council not shelled out for him, we could have got much better bands at the event, The Zutons etc rather than have to listen to a tone deaf drummer! Typical old git trying to get a little cash for his retirement.

shell lewinJanuary 21st 2008.

well where do I start!!! what a waste of humanity ,a total fake and patronising,smarmy and quite talentless gormless creep! It was obvious that he dragged his sorry ass back to the tune of a HUGE cash sum,and as the other talented Beatles are dead,we had to put up with that crock of %%%%! Go home to your other life Ringo, Remember,Pete Best did it better,u were a sad substitite! From a proud,realistic and genuine Scouser.

Lord StreetJanuary 21st 2008.

Dear Doddy,If you can't take cheques I'm sure the Council can sort you out, they can be remarkably flexible. For example, under local government law, public money can't be spent on alcohol, even for entertaining V.I.P.s like Mr. Starr, the Sun reporter and Colin Hilton’s mum, but they still manage it without a thought for the auditors!

Big GJanuary 21st 2008.

Tarby, word of advice - leave off the old jokes about cars/buses/containers being left on bricks - find something new!!!!!!!

Oboe RickJanuary 21st 2008.

My arse

AnonymousJanuary 21st 2008.

Shameless showboating and self-promotion from an ignorant, arrogant, talentless idiot. What would it have cost him to show a little pride in the city and big us up in front of a national audience in what is after all such an important year? Very little, I think, in comparison with the whopping fee he received for the opening weekend. He's a disgrace."Liverpool I left you," he nasally intones, "but I never let you down..." Well, you have now, Ringo, la, and the only pity is that you ever came back. Oh yeah, and yer song's crap n'all.

AnnabelJanuary 21st 2008.

I am not a Liverpudlian but lived over there many years ago,I am a Wallasean but Liverpool people are great hearted Ringo is a big head and should be ashamed at least his comments have shown him the way Liverpool people are united and stick together unlike him. Was'nt it Elvis Presley who said "Never forget who you are and where you come from"shame on you Ringo to upset these lovely people who have supported you over the years with your music.

leon kayJanuary 21st 2008.

Bingo was paid £35,000 a small price to pay for a load of ****e . it's all bollocks, all together now Penny Lane is in my arse and up my flue, ,we alll live on a coucil house esate ,dingle dingle we love you (oh sorry that's the granddad tune) I want to be in a crackheads garden ,and other forgettable tunes .......

Sir Howard WayJanuary 21st 2008.

Ee! Spizz Energi? I remember 'em when I were a lad as 'Spizz Oil' and 'Athletico Spizz 80'!Whatever happened to Mr. Spizz?

Scott E. RhodesJanuary 21st 2008.

Is Ringo Starr Freddie Starr's dad?

spizzenergi.comJanuary 21st 2008.

SPIZZENERGI performers of Where's Captain Kirk? who also played Eric's in 1979-1980 (once with The Frantic Elevators supporting) would love to perform this year in Liverpool for a fraction of Ringo's fee. No one has asked us. C'mon Liverpool put us on the bill! contact through http://spizzenergi.com/spizzcontact.htm

that's mr bollocks to youJanuary 21st 2008.

Wossy: "Say, John, is Ringo the best drummer in the world?Lennon: "Hey mate, Ringo's not even the best drummer in the Beatles. He is the biggest wanker, though.

leon kayJanuary 21st 2008.

and the epitaph of the coc shall read we came ,we saw and we went out not wth a bang but phwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt and that was just day one what a waste of money and I blame the freeloaders the council and all those chasing the next European cash cow .Book your tickets now for the Eastern Bloc.£££££££££££££.Trouble at till

Rob Roy FingerheadJanuary 21st 2008.

Ringo Starr IS a very poor anagram of 'Origins Rat'

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