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Exclusive: Parker Street trees may face chop

Stall holders’ complaints about bird droppings land them in it

Written by . Published on December 14th 2011.

Exclusive: Parker Street trees may face chop

SHOULD the Parker Street three be spared the axe?

That’s the burning question over the fate of a small group of trees that add a bit of real nature to the grey starkness of Liverpool city Centre.

The trees could face the grim chainsaw reaper following complaints from street traders about being dumped on by bird droppings.

Traders, led by their leader Brian Gould, cited the problem of aerial bombardment as reason for switching their stalls from Parker Street to, erm, Church Street (nice one Brian), from where they have been banished.

Img_0990The Parker Street ThreeLiverpool Confidential exclusively revealed a war of words over the arrival of the Christmas Market stalls into Church Street, while the local Cinderella-type local street traders are forbidden to work on what is considered the city’s premier shopping street.

If Liverpool’s own version of Hitchcock’s The Birds was a ploy by the traders to gain a foothole back into Church Street it seems to have backfired.

Street Trading Committee chair Joe Hanson listened to the woes of the street traders and came up with an alternative remedy – having the trees, believed to be the roost of pied wagtails, chopped down.

And this in a city centre where the number of trees can be counted on a few hands.

Meanwhile Brian Gould is closer to a meeting with leader Joe Anderson to discuss what he says are double standards, verging on a form of “ethnic cleansing”.

Gould told Liverpool Confidential: “The (Labour) council keep citing the fact we can’t go back to Church Street because it is a “prohibited street” for trading. They say as the Christmas Market is a one off event that is ok, but it isn’t. 

“In any case, when Mike Storey and the Lib Dems declared war on us and dragged us through the courts, the Labour opposition were supportive of our plight. The remedy is simple, scrap the order prohibiting street trading.”

Brian GouldBrian GouldAnd the problems for the traders continue: the council is likely to impose an increase in the licence fees they pay for their stalls, a move that the traders say will force some of them out of business. An increase of around 5pc is on the cards.

Furthermore, some stalls will have to be moved from prime spots in Whitechapel when work starts soon on the demolition of the building at the corner of Whitechapel and Church Street, currently the offices of legendary lawyer E Rex Makin.

The fate of the Parker Street trees is likely to be decided early in the New Year.

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AnonymousDecember 14th 2011.

We need not only to save these three trees, but plant more. If push comes to shove the traders should move, or put up with the so-called problem. Surely other cities have trees and birds and things, and they seem to get by.

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silver tiaraDecember 14th 2011.

YES! the traders sell a load of rubbish anyway!

ObserverDecember 14th 2011.

Somebody quite high up in the city was heard to say last year that there was not enough green space, like London, so we should demolish Lewis's and put a square there.

AnonymousDecember 14th 2011.

No, save Lewis's and demolished St John's precinct, or transfer it to London Road where it belongs.

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silver tiaraDecember 14th 2011.

yes! i totally agree! why cant these silly stall holder get a canopy iver their stalls or wear a big hat!

AnonymousDecember 14th 2011.

So what if the starlings are cacking on Brian Gould's In-ger-land flags and his pencil portraits of Bill Shankley! Let the wooly-backs take over Church Street - that market's shit an all! let's be honest, they'd find SOME fukkin thing to moan about on Radio Merseyside even if they got back onto Church Street. Bird power! er, tree power! or summat

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Lilian ChapmanDecember 14th 2011.

surely this is a job for ENVIROMAN!!!!

Lilian ChapmanDecember 14th 2011.

these stall holders sell loads of badly made rubbish, we have far too few trees in the centre of Liverpool as it is! who do these guys think they are! they are the ones who make the mess in the city NOT the Birds! may be the birds are trying to tell us something! lol!

Nathan HDecember 14th 2011.

Draft Swampy

Clayton SquareDecember 14th 2011.

They weren't interested in taking any of the Christmas Market stalls when they were invited to, they won't clean up their act and go into St. John's Market and it's not as if they pay their rents and rates anyway. Send them to Great Homer Street where they belong.

Parker Street-Elliot Street needs trees far more than it needs scruffy sellers of tat.

call my bluffDecember 14th 2011.

It's not the traders who want the trees to go. It's the council being arsey

Green (very) Cross ManDecember 15th 2011.

The Council ought to concentrate on clearing up the mess they've made of the road system.

Our city's roads have been narrowed and had chicanes and speed bumps put all over them making them a headache to drivers and bus passengers alike caught in the gridlock.

These roads are now a deathtrap for any cyclists who dare to try to use them. Such 'cycle lanes' that exist are a joke.

The pedestrians don't escape either, it takes longer and is more dangerous to cross the roads, the central refuges have been taken away and the pedestrian crossing signals are pointed at the traffic to confuse dim motorists rather than at the pedestrians (for whom they were intended) who can't easily see them.

Heads must roll over this!

AnonymousDecember 16th 2011.

In Hanover Street the traffic lights outside the Hub restaurant (great food there by the way) are dangerous. Traffic heading from the bus stop or from Liver Street towards town often just sail through the pedestrian lights showing green in favour of pedestrians. I don't blame the motorists are they cannot see the little, and I mean little green man now facing the pedestrians. Bring back the old style green man crossing lights which were clearly visible to motorists and pedestrians.
Also so many cars (and especially taxis) come down Duke Street and illegally do a right hand turn into Hanover Street, again sailing through the pedestrian lights showing green for pedestrians. Why can't one of our traffic managers leave his or her office for a few minutes and just stand at this junction to see what is going on. perhaps we should transplant the Parker Street trees here to stop any traffic and then we pedestrians will be safe.

AnonymousDecember 21st 2011.

Does anyone actually buy anything from the traders? How many phone cases and novelty sunglasses can one actually own?!

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