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Exclusive: New Brunswick home earmarked for Heritage Market

Protests from luxury apartment dwellers over all-weekend trading plan

Written by . Published on February 14th 2012.

Exclusive: New Brunswick home earmarked for Heritage Market

OUSTED Stanley Market could open all weekend in a new south docks home as early as the end of this month. 

City Council planning officers are recommending the go-ahead for the Liverpool Heritage Market, displaced from Stanley Dock because of redevelopment plans.

And the people behind it are so confident of getting the green light that they are already advertising it on hoardings. 

Market4The site of the new market with a mix of indoor and outdoor stalls

Many of the new Heritage Market stalls will front onto Sefton Street, right opposite Brunswick Station, giving the market a much higher profile.

But the application has generated objections from residents living in luxury apartments near by.

The traders will be a blot on the landscape, says one local resident. Another argues that the market would reconfirm outside perceptions of Liverpool and its people.

The building earmarked as the new home for the market is a warehouse block with a large overhanging canopy facing the street. That will provide cover and shelter for the outdoor stalls.

Stanley Dock MarketOn the move: Stanley
Dock Market
Even if the council's planning committee approve the plan next Tuesday, it will have to be referred to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, to decide if the proposal should be called in for a Government decision. This is because the empty warehouse building is earmarked for business use rather than retailing. 

Permission is being sought for a market operating between 9am and 4pm on both Saturdays and Sundays, with stall holders allowed access from 5am to set up their stalls. There will be around 80 traders with a total of just over 200 stalls, and parking at the rear for more than 300 cars. 

A 76-seater cafe is also proposed, but this would open seven days a week. 

So far a number of comments have been submitted to the council, suggesting there will be opposition to the plan. 

These include comments from residential City Quay where there are 400 apartments, expressing the view the market would affect the physical environment and the lifestyle. 

Objections From City Quays ResidentsObjections from nearby City
Quay residents
Another protest is that the creation of a low-budget market is not in keeping with local culture or community. Fears have also been expressed about increased traffic along Sefton Street and existing weekend parking in Jericho Lane, Aigburth. 

Local Labour councillor Steve Munby has told the planners he strongly supports the market application. 

The Health and Safety Executive has told the council there are sufficient safety grounds for refusing permission. This is based on the nearby gas holder, though that is unlikely to be used in the future to store gas. 

Meanwhile Merseyside Police fear crime could migrate to the market and car parking area, saying site security is paramount.

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35 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Rag tradeFebruary 14th 2012.

Well I think it will bring some life to the area. I can't think why folks are complaining. An all-weekend market has got a chance of becoming a real Camden-like phenomenon because people will travel from far and wide to set up stalls. It will be worth their while, rather than just tat on Sunday. If only Harry Ramsdens were still open.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2012.

I agree with Rag Trade. It's about time there was some activity in the area. But that branch of Harry Ramsdens wasn't much cop.

Frank Lloyd WrightFebruary 14th 2012.

Those ugly flats are the blot on the landscape.

AnonymousFebruary 15th 2012.

This could become Liverpool's very own Camden Market, so let's hope it is properly organised and run. I hope they smarten the front of the building which is in need of a little TLC, making it look more attractive as part of the street scene. Can't understand why some residents are objecting though. The site is quite a way from the nearest homes and in many ways is an ideal spot for this kind of market. Bring it on I say.

AnonymousFebruary 15th 2012.

Camden? more likely it will continue like it does at the moment selling knock offs and Fakes. Yeah we should look to keep it but lets not kid ourselves its some sort of potential Jewel in liverpools crown.


2 Responses: Reply To This...
RojeansFebruary 15th 2012.

Potential is the key word here! As to Knock offs and fakes, I understand that the traders who are on the list for the new location are genuine small businesses looking for a break.

RojeansFebruary 15th 2012.

BTW The 'barra boy' Mr Tough was acredited with the makover of Camden.

AnonymousFebruary 15th 2012.

Let's all forget the previous Heritage Market at Stanley Dock, this is a complete new venture, £450,000 is being invested into business, over 700 traders applied and 200 were hand picked, will offer fresh produce, bespoke items, furniture, salons, men's wear, children's wear, party planners, arts and crafts, electrical goods, hats, wedding and occasion cakes, etc but with zero tolerance on any counterfeit or "fake" goods.
No casual traders, only traders whonare signed to contract will be allowed to trade, which will build consumer confidence, all traders will work from purpose built units and will be inspected and monitored to ensure that they are correctly displaying goods and complying with regulations,
Set in prime location, fantastic public transport, Brunswick train station 150 yards away and C4 bus passes every 10 mins, free on site car parking for upto 400 cars.
But will not be open until April/May due to narrow minded objections that need addressing.
Once open it certainly will be a Jewel in Liverpools Crown.

Amanda GrayFebruary 15th 2012.

So we get rid of the hidieous stalls from Church St and move them near the waterfront - one of Liverpools most popular tourist attractions. Typical move from a Labour council. Another backward step!!!

Rag tradeFebruary 15th 2012.

That's silly, Amanda. When have a bunch of flats or Brunswick station been a tourist attraction?

There's clearly an appetite for retail in Liverpool or Liverpool One's shops would not still continue to trade briskly.

There could be a chance to make this a destination event every weekend. Never did like the Stanley Dock Market.

RojeansFebruary 15th 2012.

Amanda. IMO the waterfront has been desecrated by the new flats and buildings that have sprung up like weeds in the past few years, some of which are occupied by one or two of those who are objecting.
Provided all the terms are met and concerns are dealt with, what's the problem? Read this report and digest!


RojeansFebruary 15th 2012.

Well said RT.

Amanda GrayFebruary 15th 2012.

I would say the flats have improved this area attracting lots of new business and is a mojor road into Liverpool town centre. This market will surely 'desectrate' the area! eg. litter, traffic' etc

RojeansFebruary 15th 2012.

No Amanda. Not lots of NEW businesses. Just further outlets for big brand names with designer labels. Small businesses have been forced to close because of it! Have you complained about the increased traffic which is inevitable from the soon to be opened festival garden or the traffic generated from Liverpool One? I doubt it! It might be worth noting that there are some very large businesses that had humble beginnings starting from small markets here in Liverpool, Broadway market is credited with two that I know of and ‘Paddies’ with another.
Traffic……….. If the warehouse was to re-open in its past form, there would be more HGV traffic (Mon-Fri’ included) than what will be generated at weekends by a market, don’t forget, the roads will be less congested at this time because offices and similar businesses will be closed. BECAUSE IT IS A WEEKEND.
Read the link that I posted earlier, it’s a report by the well respected TV critic ( Mary Portas ) when you and anyone else has done that who wishes to comment, come back and argue your case.

AnonymousFebruary 16th 2012.

This will be great if it happens

1 Response: Reply To This...
RojeansFebruary 16th 2012.


Sensitive MindsFebruary 16th 2012.

This is a great new venture and a great way to start our new small business. We completely support the market and would like to ask why people are referring to it being a blot on the landscape u miss the fact the building to house the market is standing derelict. Surely any trade to the area is good trade. STOP looking down your noses at the market open your minds this IS going to be something unique. The issues of fake and knock off are irrelevant to trade we all must carry liability insurance and be under contract. Traffic well no more or less than rush hour weekdays.

Fed upFebruary 16th 2012.

Now that the Collins family have once again been booted off their fruit and veg pitch on Bold Street by the owners of the sports bar Ludus, perhaps they will be able to permanently sell down here.

RojeansFebruary 16th 2012.

Will they be doing fake fruit and veg' as well? >joke<

1 Response: Reply To This...
Sensitive MindsFebruary 17th 2012.

Tut tut rojeans lol it will all be plastic lol

Fed upFebruary 16th 2012.

Tell you what, if it stops people shopping in Tesco and Asda after their appalling slave labour policies were revealed today, I'm all for it.

Out of town shopping with free parking? They could run this seven days

Sensitive MindsFebruary 17th 2012.

Fed up I completely agree lets make it a 7 day market if u read this Kate am seriouse Hun it will work lol

RojeansFebruary 17th 2012.

Sorry, I think the market would lose it's attraction, and would attract a lot of dross Monday to Friday (I've seen this happen in St Johns and Broadway markets)

Paul WardFebruary 17th 2012.

A jewel in Liverpool's crown, writes one person - presumably a market trader. A blot on an increasingly-sullied stretch, say I. No matter what good intentions it starts with we all know how it will rapidly end up - selling nylon tat and pirtaed crap to chavs and idiots.

AnonymousFebruary 17th 2012.

Your use of the word "chavs" suggests to me you are a bigot of the worst sort. Shall I do some unfounded presuming of my own and suggest you live in these buy-to-let flats?

RojeansFebruary 17th 2012.

Every site has one..
Trolling is trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. However, trolling statements are never true or are ever meant to be construed as such. Nearly all trolled statements are meant to be funny to some people, so it does have some social/entertainment value.

CherryMenaceFebruary 17th 2012.

Bad idea. Like many have posted it will attract scallies looking for knock off Uggs and trackies, bringing litter and increasing crime and traffic. Keep your tat in the North please! Otterspool promenade and Brunswick don't need this.
Oh, and what a surprise Munby not listening to his local residents....

AnonymousFebruary 17th 2012.

Rojeans, you do sound pompous coming out with your opinions dressed up as judgemental definitions.

1 Response: Reply To This...
RojeansFebruary 18th 2012.

I'm not the one casting defamatory remarks about all traders or all those who like to frequent markets.
Quote from Paul Ward, (who at least has the balls to put his name to a comment and not hide behind ‘Anonymous’)
“A jewel in Liverpool's crown, writes one person - presumably a market trader. A blot on an increasingly-sullied stretch, say I. No matter what good intentions it starts with we all know how it will rapidly end up - selling nylon tat and pirated crap to chavs and idiots”
I AM a market trader at weekends; I am also ‘surviving’ in Liverpool One, as a small business / trader…Just! The Heritage market for me has made the difference between going bust and survival. Pompous? No! Just defending my right to trade and make a living as are others in the face of adversity.

Darth FormbyFebruary 17th 2012.

How many times do you think these grubby working class people will return to a market when they don't find jarg uggs etc? Are you afraid one might ask directions? By the way, in case you havent noticed... you live in the Proddy Dog Dingle. It's a North End enclave. Shut up already!

Ma BoswellFebruary 17th 2012.

Cherrymenace won't consider herself as living in the Dingle, she will imagine that she lives on the south quays.

Darth FormbyFebruary 18th 2012.

A ponce from a place called the Dingle
Could simply not manage to mingle
with lesser outsiders
and clothing providers
or those who mixed plural with single

Dilettante DickFebruary 20th 2012.

Dingle? Surely you know that it’s pronounced 'Dinglé' these days, darling!

Bernard ReynoldsMarch 11th 2012.

Liverpool was founded on Trade, buying and selling,
what a wonderfull idea to bring it back to our waterfront.

People who have bought property in an industria and trade area should expect day to day trade on their doorsteps, most property is for investmenat and rental, not for local people, who cant afford the inflated prices being charged.

The market is a privatley funded venture, at great risk to themselves, It is about making money,,of course, but unless it isnt well run it will fail.

A market may not apeal to people who can use on line shopping, expensive high street stores, but for me, my family and friends, living on a tight budget its a god send, specialist traders offering everything, from fresh fish, fresh fruit, baskets, all goods that you cant buy on the high street, Traders who care about quality and price.
and they care about liverpool,

Stuart ColemanMarch 11th 2012.

I agree. The market has a lot more substance than Peel's north end fantasy and will be a lot more relevant to the people of the city

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